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  1. So.. i took some time to redo/finish my mistrunner scout:
  2. Q: Have you ever stepped on a LEGO? or Q: Almost as painful as stepping on a LEGO W: BOOM! Engineer taught us this one or W: And put on a mask! E: Get in loser! We're going to burn a shrine or E: I AM SPEED R: Artillery is still looking for his augments or R: MORE! MOOOORE! (Kylo Ren reference)
  3. First one is inspired by a dream i had a long time ago from which i remember seeing mist runner scout like this (yes i have the best dreams) second one is my real attempt at mist runner but i didn't have time to finish her
  4. Probably that is just the 1st thing that comes to mind but i guess it was a silly suggestion. Idk about other people's thoughts on these topics since im a baby in the forums but yeah I don't see many other reasons to make it available (the avatar)
  5. YAS and more importantly i bet people will spend gold on a good looking skin like this one which would support the game
  6. I see.. Its a shame that its unavailable now They should make him purchasable if the event is not comming back
  7. Hello fellow newerthians! I have a question about this avatar (mountain dew monkey king) How does one get the teal, red, yellow, blue and green balloons to unlock the avatar ?
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