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  1. great post to hide that troll in game persona of yours
  2. For a real 1v1 Matchup against another player, the benchmark I go for is 50 last hits by 10 Minutes. You'll improve more by playing against real players than bots in my opinion, but good luck regardless
  3. Why don't they implement a timed ban from queing if you disconnect from a game? Im sure HoN had this years ago if im not mistaken Or a leave limit threshold in CoN (E.g. Leaving 10 games results in a ban from CoN Matchmaking)
  4. Agree with the OP. I remember when I got this account to 1985 (immortal), I solo q'ed and had Gold 2/Diamond 3 Teammates against a 1900 stack which was probably one of the worst matchmaking balances i'd ever encountered. I also feel for lower rated players who have to endure games with and against 'smurfs' who are not playing on their higher main accounts because there is 0 incentive to climb the ladder, nor balanced games in the higher bracket. Furthermore, it is unfair for these lower rated players to be in higher skilled games, simply because the algorithm is s
  5. The root from his Q is like a second ultimate and I'm not sure why it was implemented in the first place. On top of the defensive bonuses from the spell; Extra armour, health regeneration etc, it now has an offensive aspect to it, why? Countless players are abusing it, and keeper can just purchase Elders and Ghost Marchers and 1 shot everything around the map which is quite extreme for a 'push bot/walking ultimate' hero as you just stated
  6. Was it intended for Grimoire to remove the effects of Legionnaire's Taunt?
  7. Ive downloaded and installed, but it keeps crashing and asks me to submit a crash report every 3 minutes?
  8. Good Patch. Please can we see some changes for Gold/Xp to remove the benefits of pubtraining from early? It's completely killing the flow of the game
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