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  1. The root from his Q is like a second ultimate and I'm not sure why it was implemented in the first place. On top of the defensive bonuses from the spell; Extra armour, health regeneration etc, it now has an offensive aspect to it, why? Countless players are abusing it, and keeper can just purchase Elders and Ghost Marchers and 1 shot everything around the map which is quite extreme for a 'push bot/walking ultimate' hero as you just stated
  2. Was it intended for Grimoire to remove the effects of Legionnaire's Taunt?
  3. Ive downloaded and installed, but it keeps crashing and asks me to submit a crash report every 3 minutes?
  4. Good Patch. Please can we see some changes for Gold/Xp to remove the benefits of pubtraining from early? It's completely killing the flow of the game
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