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  1. Hm. I too suffered from this for 1-3 weeks. This is just my own personal thoughts, and by no way official support, so use at your own discretion, but perhaps it can be of some help, or lead you in the right direction. It was only EU, but also only some of the servers. When tracerouting the server, there was a network in Germany that was exceptionally slow for me. I was always the only one, and I thought maybe it was a problem with my ISP, so I just left the issue alone, until 2-3 weeks and it was gone by itself. If this would happen to me again, I would probably consider this
  2. Hi, There are unfortunately numerous errors with that page For instance, when signing up with an email that already exists, you would be told that your password must be 6+ characters. I have attempted to correct some of these issues, and the site will no longer get "stuck" when you actually manage to get all the inputs right. Please give it another go and let me know.
  3. There's currently a power outage in one of IBM's datacenters that's hosting some of Heroes of Newerth infrastructure. IBM onsite engineers are currently working on remediating the issue. This issue is affecting many companies so IBM is prioritizing a quick fix for it. Until this is solved, many features in Heroes of Newerth will be disabled, such as clans, friend lists, and match making.
  4. This is correct. The subject must be at least 3 characters, and the body must be at least 10. I'm not sure about the maximum rules (but I know they are in place). I have applied a long overdue fix so that the website will tell you what is wrong, instead of just displaying a red box with no content inside.
  5. All the matches you provided works on my end. If you encoded your token already it does indeed sound strange, but you can try sending me the token as a PM here on the forums, and I can look up if the token is still valid and working. Due to the low usage of the API keys, the pages to request and recover tokens will likely not get fixed, until the need for this is at an level where it justifies the amount of time needed.
  6. Works fine for me. Match 89520672 produces 404 though, not sure if that's intended, if it's a valid match (it doesn't look valid to me) Did you URL encode your token?
  7. Budrick, Could you give me a list of the functions that you use? I tried to fix some of them, and some without luck.. Would be great if I knew which ones were most important to you.
  8. Hi, Can you give provide me with the full request you attempted? Make sure to remove the token.
  9. The concept of "RAP Score" doesn't really exists. There's no such thing as you having x amount of reports, or x amount of guilty decisions, so your report gets a certain priority. This is true for nearly all reports, except those created as "top priority" (which is the highest tier a player can reach). I don't remember the exact rules for reaching this tier. For all other reports, there are many things that influence the priority of your report. Among them is the guilty rate as you already discussed, which is a major player in the calculation. Other things could be if someone from
  10. Hi, A very short version on our migration policies is that if you didn't migrate, your data is now lost, and it cannot be recovered. That being said, I have written a more throughout answer below, so you can get the understanding of why that is. For better or the worse it was decided that the LAT community should have their own servers, driven by a third company called Axeso5. When this was decided, all the LAT accounts were automatically transferred to their corresponding game region, and access to NAEU was cut off. When it was decided there should no longer be a
  11. Hi, We strive to respond to such emails within 24 hours, and I've not seen an instance where it's more than 48. We are however aware of some people not receiving the responses from us via email. I have a feeling such emails may end up in your spam/junk folder, as I cannot seem to reproduce it on my own end, nor with the group of people I have tried to reproduce the issue with.
  12. Try pinging rap.heroesofnewerth.com from your console/terminal. ping rap.heroesofnewerth.com Alternatively try pinging the server's IP address:
  13. Thanks for the feedback. It is correct that the faulty servers have been removed from TMM, which results in a longer queue time as there are no "free match slots" available for your game. We are closely monitoring the situation to make sure everything is stable, however such report is only available once per day to us. Once we know everything is stable we will investigate if we can fix the broken servers, or if we will need to acquire new ones.
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