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  1. With the current resources dedicated to the game we do not have the time to work on "nice to have", as there are many "need to have" which needs to get fixed first. Currently much of the team is focused on handling problems such as (d)dos of game servers. It's definitely a valid request, but there are just some things that are considered more important.
  2. One of the colors (lime soda) can be unlocked during the event by purchasing the $50 or $100 package.
  3. Hi, I'm guessing you are using the old UI? - When using the old UI and selecting PVP, you must play mid wars. If you intend to play FoC you must select The champions of newerth tab. This is only a problem in old UI as this is no longer being maintained.
  4. Smilie

    Ownership of HoN

    You can see most of our staff here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/staff/
  5. You can download the linux client from here: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/linux/HoNClient.sh Note that it is unsupported as Ceriss correctly pointed out.
  6. Smilie

    New Forum Layout

    This was done because the old forums were simply that. Old. Lots of old and outdated information. Attempts were made in the past to try and migrate forum posts, but it simply didn't work due to how heavily customized the old forums were, and how many bugs were introduced.
  7. Smilie

    Homepage makeover?

    We would like nothing more than to give our main website a makeover. It's definitely not up to date, and there are also things here and there, which simply no longer works. That being said, we have many other higher prioritized projects we need to work on, so the main website will not receive a makeover for the foreseeable future.
  8. The new Heroes of Newerth forums The Heroes of Newerth forums have finally received a long overdue makeover. Why a makeover? There were plenty of reasons, some of which are: The old forums were very outdated, and did not offer features a modern platform should be able to The old forums became hard to maintain Key staff members involved in building the forums are no longer working with us The old forums were slow and inefficient The old forums have had some bugs here & there The old forums had tightly coupled integration with the game This means the game and forums were dependent on each other; this dependency has now been removed. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Features With new forums comes new features, such as: A new, improved & modernized look and feel A mobile-friendly interface and user experience Response times for web browser actions feel smooth and snappy (nearly instantaneous) Notifications & email notifications New forum banner to broadcast important news See Unread Content (via the Activity tab) View Original & Latest post in a forum thread simply by hovering over it with your mouse cursor Other new features like the Activity Feed, a Leaderboard, and a Staff directory _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Limitations & Going Forward That being said, the new forums are not a silver bullet. They are the foundation of doing something better in the future. As such, the following limitations currently apply: No longer has Custom Account Icon (CAI) integration with your in-game account. However, you can upload your own avatar picture on the forums! Nearly all of the past content from the old forums have not been carried over to the new forums. We are starting off with a clean slate! No more HoN-based emojis and topic icons. Not possible to apply for community/volunteer positions at this time. We will make this available to the public when we are ready! We are still in the process of configuring the forums to suit our needs, so everything will not be perfect right away. We kindly ask you to have a little patience while this work is being carried out. While doing this, we will strive to remove some of the limitations described above to make the forum useful and user-friendly to everybody! Thank you for your patience! - Frostburn Studios Staff
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