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  1. Tigermonium, Artesia(bloodtide), Scout(Sniper), Legionnaire(Ultimate), Emerald warden(heavy set I think) ,Emerald Warden (dinosaur one), punk set, Silver Midas, Amethyst set, Slither ( I don't remember the name :P) and much more
  2. Blitz mode was initially an extremely fun game mode where a non carry hero could kill everyone (monarch, martyr, etc) due to abilities reduced cool down , reduced stun time, and more much more. the gamemode is still as a feature in public games but almost no one plays it due to the lack of players in public mm . I think that gamemode could give players a fun time and remember old times. What do you guys think? Merry Christmas xoxo
  3. Old riptide, alt 10/10 only OG's know about him The reason why this should be in the store: Old riptide was really impressive and all the animations look cool
  4. I do like the idea due to this reason: US servers for latinamerican are (130-160) ping, most of the games people complaining about speaking in Spanish, sometimes racism. On the other hand, US severs are still playable. If I would choose between and improvement for HoN(as war effort) or a BR server, probably War effort, only because US servers are still playable.
  5. Wow I wasn't expecting that, another idea I had was adding some buffs on the right side of legion jungle in mid wars, most of the time anyone gets there, (near the boss) or some canons as seen in songrank update a while ago. (Sorry for my atrocious idea xD)
  6. About mid wars. Maybe they could get all to lvl 25 after a certain amount of time, and the main structure get to the decay status which allows the game to end really quick instead of 30 min or 50 min games. About the BD if someone tries to do it unless there is a creep around any damage done heals the main structure. Just an idea (I don't want all of these ideas to be applied to the game, I just want the HoN team to get some inspiration of these)
  7. Everything was fine till I saw Mid wars, patch notes pleaseeeeeeee I wonder what you are going to change in mid wars. Can I have a little spoiler? ?
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