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  1. Hello, I feel the barrier to entry ( Gold 3+ ) was possibly difficult to achieve, at least to welcome people into the tournament. I know some may roll their eyes at the idea of bronze teams joining in, but honestly it's the only community we got, and everyone who wants to compete in a tournament definitely should be allowed ! In addition, I think awarding teams a PSR / MMR boost would be cool, especially to teams who make it far along. Why shouldn't tournaments affect the rating system of players? If anything it should give a higher rating than playing on a random day with rand
  2. Also, "15. Only players with max rank of Gold 3 or higher can register to this tournament." Does this mean if your rank drops below gold 3, so long as you had at one time been Gold 3 you're ok? That's what "Max Rank" means?
  3. What does this rule mean? " 5. You need to be part of our discord and have a role Heroes of Newerth Reborn in order to register. "
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