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  1. Uff, even if you report some GMs reject you and others do not, for my part there are too many trolls that make you say offensive swear words and they report you and so you are left with the account suspended and the trolls keep on increasing but the GM are not aware of that, they think that one insults trolls players for the pure but it is not so if they could put themselves in our position they would understand us. That is why I no longer report and I can only bear it and let it happen and always play no matter what happens so that the account is not suspended, because the reports do not work, I think or because they are purely to report, I have reported several times but I They take it against me and in the end it hurts me, so I better start playing with bots and it's better because it's the only place where they don't trolle the game. I'm just telling you not to stop playing if they trolling the game ends and then if you want to calm your anger play a while with bots and you will feel relief
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