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  1. hello good afternoon, my accounts are all suspended and now I can not enter the game, the reason was because according to I prevented the rune from grabbing and blocking the passage of a companion to kill him and for that reason I was given 3 weeks of suspension when I have been carrying me for several months well and without any infringement. The only thing I did is play quietly and win the team I also had problems with my PC screen that would freeze for no reason and I had 250 to 300 Ping and the game crashed I never tried to lose my team I hope you understand my situation
  2. I have been unreported for several months and do not use a sub-account, they are different accounts and the reason for the report makes you fair? To be reported for taking away the rune and now also it comes out that I was trying to block a friend's path to harm him. Well I will not say anything else, hopefully this experience will help you and hopefully the SGM will continue to be attentive with the ban because I have already made many reports of people damaging the game and all were rejected, there is no one accepted but well this is the game
  3. sorry if this is not the right place to file this complaint but i have to do it. Now to prevent a companion from picking up the rune, do you receive 3 weeks? When the only thing you do is play and give your best in the game and now they come out with this, my 3 accounts are suspended for the slightest lack you even make to remove the rune of the kongor now they suspend you for 3 weeks. Just be careful that now the SGM have put the batteries and for the minimum lack that you do they report the account and give you ban and avoid insulting the microphone because it is not going to be because of that they also suspend you for 3 months this time, no longer Yes, stay in the game but it hurts that these things happen. well hopefully it will serve someone and be careful. no matter how much merit I do not think they will return my accounts. Thank you
  4. now all my accounts are suspended. 1: according to why I was trying to commit suicide to a friend and steal runes on purpose and for that reason they gave me 3 weeks when I have been playing quiet for months without harming my team and without committing any insults and I get away with this. 2: they gave me 3 days of silence but when I enter the game I get that my account is suspended, I am going to file my appeal and it does not come out because they suspended me, you tell me this is fair that I suspend you when there is no reason for suspension problem? 3: they gave me 3 weeks of suspension and 2 weeks of silence, when I have this account without using several days and without using it much and now it turns out that it is suspended? for abuse of mouth. 4: I suspended the account for abuse of articles and give me 3 days suspension? just for selling my items and disconnecting from the game when my team makes mistakes like committing suicide, doing ks, robbing a jungle farm? and now they blame me for the smallest detail. This is already incredible, now it turns out that the SGMs were put on batteries and the accounts are suspended for small reasons when I made many reports and received all the rejected reports. I no longer understand what happens with the game every day there are many errors and starting with the SGM that now suspend accounts for the minimum reasons they do when playing, I no longer know this game is going well every day I don't know whether to leave it or continue with the reports that come to me from the SGM. well thanks for giving me this space and listening to me
  5. When I am in the middle of the game and it kicks me like nothing and I try to reconnect, I get that I am banned for 1350 seconds, it is not for not playing but some have problems when playing and the same game disconnects you that happened to me, they should give a minimum time to be banned from the game for a few hours, some of us have problems with the fact that the game bounces us from time to time and that happens to me. please if there is any solution for my suspension. sorry if this is not the right place to deal with this issue, I just came to leave what happens in the game for some users just like me, I hope you understand
  6. It has been several months that we have been without an award event or something similar, my question would be a new or old event back? at least if it gives TICKETS or GC, it would be good for some old users returning to HON and for those of us who already have time playing, do not drop the game, I hope it will continue for many more years. Thank you
  7. I have a problem playing forest every time I play the FPS goes up from 50 to 70, and the lag on the server only US is at 200 when starting and after 2 minutes it goes to 250 to 290, and the game stops for 1 second when playing, is there any solution for this? and also when I enter my nick to enter the game it takes a long time to enter My internet is normally 20 MBPS and it is not fiber optic, it is by normal wiring. some tell me that it is the game that is going wrong, before when I was playing it was normal and the ping was from 135 to 170 normal but after the patch it started to rise too much I thought it was the problem of my pc or internet but I was finding out and everything is normal and the game graphic is in the middle, any technician who can help to solve this problem please?
  8. Uff, even if you report some GMs reject you and others do not, for my part there are too many trolls that make you say offensive swear words and they report you and so you are left with the account suspended and the trolls keep on increasing but the GM are not aware of that, they think that one insults trolls players for the pure but it is not so if they could put themselves in our position they would understand us. That is why I no longer report and I can only bear it and let it happen and always play no matter what happens so that the account is not suspended, because the reports do not work, I think or because they are purely to report, I have reported several times but I They take it against me and in the end it hurts me, so I better start playing with bots and it's better because it's the only place where they don't trolle the game. I'm just telling you not to stop playing if they trolling the game ends and then if you want to calm your anger play a while with bots and you will feel relief
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