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  1. This is why I put the offer out I've got time to work with someone on it in the coming weeks if they wanted to talk me around the best way of trying to capture stuff for you. I can Wireshark whilst in a game, I can use Procmon / sysinternals / latencymon ect to capture whatever might help - I'm probably about as technical as you'll get for a HoN player Used to host your custom maps ect back in the day, fun times.
  2. Was kind of hoping that this issue would be fixed magically somehow in the x64 client - the spyglass still sorts it but just wanted to raise it incase HyperXewl has time to work with me on the issue to try and debug it.
  3. Match ID 160274802 I didn't want to do this as a RAP ticket as I believe this to be a bug with the AFK detection system. Vindicator was AFK from 12:54 in game time until the end of the game at 17 mins + and he did not get flagged by the AFK system, or appear to make any attempts at avoiding it. Is there a bug with AFK detection in the x64 client maybe?
  4. This can't be intended. I assume it's similar to the queuing issue of past. And even if it is, my stun from the leap should have stunned Devo out of his ult instead of him having some super inhuman long ranged no contact ultimate. His ult can hit me but my stun can't hit him because his ult got me mid flight 10 feet in the air? Ok game. https://streamable.com/dj8gts
  5. https://streamable.com/uff9zg?fbclid=IwAR0WJiT2Ic41x5ap2tv09_5R5LLuU_G5H1RkB3ybmhLr09DnoETc19oUKqM 10 secs in - I go to enraged leap over Pebbs who does chuck as I'm leaping, and it disjoints the leap, is this intended? I also land, disappear, then land from the sky again ?
  6. Security on the site is looking pretty grim right now. - Edit - I cant reply because the thread is locked but it does let me edit. This could be solved by putting the site behind Cloudflare, $200 USD a month. Literally takes minutes to sort out. Then you just IP whitelist the backend content servers to Cloudflare. Doesn't require a full rewrite of much.
  7. You havent purchased the guardian ring? Grave locket is Orb of Zamos (300 gold) Crushing Claws (150 gold) Mark of novice (150 gold) Guardian ring (175 gold) Recipe (25 gold)
  8. Nailzy

    gpu crash

    I don't have this on Windows 10 with a GTX1080. Suggest it's a local issue to you. ?
  9. Nailzy

    Item drop bug

    When a user disconnects completely, their items are cleared of ownership so can either be shared between teammates, or sold and gold distributing among teammates.
  10. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6728ea018f63468e8c87fd14dfef95f4dafd46c1c12e73cb3885d044a86878d8/detection No idea what you've installed.
  11. You do have the same issue, but with different items and such. I also get the same as you with loggers hatchet and several AoE abilities and Ults. The person who doesnt have the same issue is ElementUser ?
  12. @`Testiecles @ElementUser Would you mind sharing your console.log , game_settings_local.cfg and startup.cfg files? At least we know we have two people who get the issue, and then you that does not, to see if I can correlate anything. Just an ask to take up some free time of mine.
  13. Unfortunately not a fix for me. I've tried a clean install of the latest Win10 build from MS and the issue is the same. I'm trying changing a graphics / UI setting once per day in case it's something from my cloud save configuration options.
  14. @ElementUser Managed to capture another occurrence when doing a ward placement 2 mins into the game, much longer this time. Something I've noticed which is present in both videos - is that the freeze seems to happen when the AoE indicators are changing from yellow to green to indicate you can actually activate it? So for example in this video - the freeze occurred as soon as my mouse cursor entered the AoE circle for placing the ward. https://streamable.com/oic5t6
  15. Nailzy

    Support down?

    The links on the forum point at https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/26-customer-support/ however this redirects to support.heroesofnewerth.com that appears to be down
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