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  1. There is no good answer for this Gucci. Every game will have an arguable Tier List that will change based on the parameters of the game. Some picks will be more viable for MW than FOC as well as Items. The is most prevalent in Fighting Games. So what they do is change up tweaks in each season. There was a time when Engineer was top tier in MW. Riot Games does the same thing but even more often. To get players to rotate between other heroes they significantly buff and nerf abilities and stats. I see two problems with Bans. #1 Lotta people fall asleep during this phase,
  2. Although true, Which is exactly is what practice mode is for. I thought of this, but you're also practicing at the expense of others. That is a Toxic Debate. Isn't that exactly the problem of all Mobas? The learning curve is steep, and you can't report someone from playing bad or playing not the way you want them to. Losing isn't a big deal if you get out played, but the feeling of losing games you shouldn't or going from huge leads to losing. You can't help but feel a wasted time investment. This post is about bettering your chances at winning. When the game starts is usually too
  3. If we can all first agree that essentially it is FAR FAR better to play a hero you are good with, rather than take a hero you're not good with just to prevent the other team from having it. That being Said, if you're Great with Devo, and enjoy hooking despite sometimes frustrating in MW. This is not for you, by all means play your pick. If you're are however, not very good at playing devo and you took it just to prevent the other team from getting it. Here is what you do. #1 You're going to put Devo back and then select a hero you CAN play. Hopefully not a commonly picked he
  4. And that's all I'm saying, A step in the right direction, Everything new under the sun will have holes in it. That's why version 2 version 3 comes out. what you don't say is. ITS NOT PERFECT SO LETS NOT DO IT. ITS TOO MUCH WORK SO LETS NOT DO IT. I don't even get why these morons are saying that, they don't even work here. They have no skin the game. If HoN is truly fine as it is, then why even have a suggestion area in the forums? It's because Forstburn cares. This is like I'm talking to a friend and a stranger comes over and says I DONT CARE! THATS A DUMB IDEA! Should I f
  5. I think you contribute nothing and this will be the last time I acknowledge your existence. The Hon Rap system is garbage, Ban an account for 5 days while they play on an alt account. REAL EFFECTIVE. None of you guys work at frostburn yet so quickly to help them say, lets not do this, lets not do that. The punishment system has been tried, and it's not working. The parking tickets on HoN is BS! So therefore try a reward system. EVEN IF people abuse it. As long as it is still better than yesterday then its good progress and we'll tweak it from there. Every Great idea
  6. how miserable is your life that you have to speculate on others? Not a single thing you said is confirm-able. Nest you'll assume I'm probably fat and I live in my mom's basement, yes? Keyword probably. Maybe some type of virgin joke? again keyword Maybe. I never called anyone out on being Toxic. you said that. You're the one trolling here. For whatever reason you took offense to what I said, That's your problem. It's like if I said hey douche-bag and you're the only one who responds. OK, I guess you're a it then. did that go the way you expected it? nope. "Oh the
  7. The first guy says it won't work so don't try. The Second guy says its too much work, so don't bother. Both of you are neither imaginative nor actually want change. I made a suggestion,. get that through your head. I'm not here to write the constitution for them. The idea is to incentives good behavior rather than the current punish system. Neither one of you want to try simply because YOU can't think of how to implement. That's like saying a hero sucks because you don't know how it works. I thought the first response i got was ridiculous, the second one ab
  8. Then why are you even here? You don't have a better idea, and by your logic we should do nothing. You're like the kind of person that if someone introduced a vending machine, you're going to say, people will just break into it. Do you know of more instances that people just pay or more machines broken into? The world will never be perfect but these are steps in the right direction. If you don't have a better suggestion, and either you don't see a possible fix or you don't care to help. Then refrain from replying. Anyone can post what you did, Can you offer helpful ideas? No?
  9. I've been on Hon Since 2009 Betas when you needed a Facebook invite to get on. When Icefrog was on board. Since then I've seen HoN go up, and then go down, and the problem is obvious and we all know it. The Game itself is unforgiving so people are hard on mistakes so people get mad at each other easily. RaP system doesn't work. Let's face it, HoN is hurting for more players so they allow new accounts to be easily made not to discourage new players. So if punishing people doesn't really work then why not a smarter REWARD system. You guys ever notice that most Trolls got the
  10. Isn't this answer obvious? All the early game heroes and a just a few select others. The question in itself is where the answer is. You said, most aggressive in lane right? This would suggest during the "lane phase" which is arguably the first ten minutes of the game. So whose Strong early? Clearly Early Game Heroes. What's an early Game Hero? A non item dependent hero. Such As? Empath = arguably the strongest level 1 hero in the game. You really wanna trade hits with an Empath early while being drained? Arachna = because web shot counts as a spell, and spells do no
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