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  1. Jah_sEx


    The name of this post basically tells everything. Hon has been the most fullfilling game for me, im 29,and im been playing since i was 18. Many nights, many days, many hooks, many jukes. I've learned some russian with this game aswell. I won 3v5 games and i lost 5v3 games. I've played Pink and Blue wars. My first heroe played was Witch Slayer. My favorite heroe these days? Magmus, Devourer, Bubbles, Behemoth. Sometimes my friends went for a night out, and i was not in the mood, but for Hon, ohhhh man i was always in the mood. Videos on yout
  2. Helllo. As we know, when Empath uses ultimate, he is one with the heroe she selects. This suggestion might be overpowered, but if Empath uses Shrunken Head while "one" with a heroe, that should affect the heroe aswell.
  3. Hiiii. im not being able to update the game. What happens is that the update is complete, but then, when the small box appears when it makes the final check for updates, it just stucks there, and if i click it , it only says that it is not responding. does anyone is having this problem? thank you^^
  4. That's would be a nice suggestion. Sometimes it is just dumb how people waste the activation ?. There should be an option for this kind of report.
  5. Jera's ult works for buildings? ?
  6. Well, I mean, that's why once would be enough to not abuse. You could also abuse buybacks, but you only have two ?
  7. This is the actual implemented suggestion: == Original Suggestion below == Hi. So here's my suggestion. What about having an item which you could use once (just once) to refresh the cool down of the invulnerability of the buildings? Like a restoration stone for buildings.
  8. Well to be honest, I didn't know you can toggle off his ult. I haven't play tb for years lol. But I think you clearly understand what I've said as a suggestion.
  9. A suggestion doesn't have to come with a suite and a tie, it just starts with an idea. About having electricians stun with a smaller radius, we can grab thunderbringers ultimate staffed, it goes from global to a defined area, that in my opinion makes his skill less valuable. Which it wouldn't be in this electrician case. But there is always a sacrifice to make. It is not about comparing the stun with the aoe skill, it is bringing the ideology of one and implementing in another. By the way, giving an idea is not about finding problems in the solutions, you are the one who came on my comment an
  10. LOL, is this an argument of I win or lose for you? Or am I just making a suggestion? I mean you can give your opinion, but remind yourself that you are not the one in charge in making any changes?. Vodoojester can use his ult staffed and use another spells, and doing whatever he wants, so does succubus in her staffed ult. Electrician wouldn't be broken with this suggestion I'm making since the radius is as small as leggionaires taunt.
  11. Exactly. I think it would make electrician a bit more interesting, a more challenging heroe to use, more dinamyc as well in teamfigths. The radius could be something like legionnaire's taunt. I believe it would be fair and not overpowered.
  12. Well man, if vodoojester and succubus can do it, why not electrician? It is basically the same about moving, casting, using items and "even" auto attacking ?
  13. Hi! So I was thinking about how staff could work on Electrician. Since his first skill stuns one target, applying staff could stun two,( max three I suggest) heroes in a defined small radius. That's my suggestion. Have a great one ?
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