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  1. Good for you. I need further explanations to understand that. If I encounter a clear infraction in a game, report it, but the other players don't give anything about the offense, it won't get corroborated. I guess that won't push my positive report count either. How the heck am I going to submit a "good" report then, not even talking of "many"?
  2. I see your point, but have to disagree, because it's the point of a hard carry like SW to get out of control if left alone in early/mid. If a team lets a hard carry farm its their own freaking fault and getting rekt in mid/late is the proper punishment imho.
  3. Falk1

    Hag numbers

    I agree with Lenny. Hag is good where she is right now. Keep in mind that besides of her spells she has literally nothing. Add a resto stone however for nearly double the fun. Oh and wrong forum by the way. This should be moved to balance.
  4. Don't forget to educate your teammates about the ignore function and single reports never reaching an GMs screen. An Inquiry at the helpdesk should be the right thing to do for you since voice chat abuse isn't covered by ingame reports.
  5. If practice is set and can't be changed.
  6. I've to agree on the first point. Sadly that's where we are in my opinion. To the second point, I've to disagree. They can be very well abused by blocking the creep spots as i mentioned before, extremly harmful if the momentum has changed and you need that farm BADLY. Since single reports never reach a GMs screen and a lot of HoN players have turned masochistic by not reporting if it comes to griefing teammates, at the moment it doesn't matter if the buying process is kept in the chat. However I strongly agree on your last point.
  7. Some Russian speaking people play on EU servers. Sometimes they deny to speak English at all and just talk in Russian to their mates. In a team game like HoN which relies heavily on communication. Nobody has to claim jungle. I don't play LoL and have no idea what you are talking about. There is a much simpler way of getting rid of the bad reputation Russian speaking people have on EU servers. Don't play on EU servers if you have no interest in speaking English.
  8. I see your point not being able to predict the outcome because the player base is smaller than of Dota, though I have to disaggree on the ban percentage. Lets say I have to wait 10 minutes for a game because 10% of the players are banned but in just 1% of the games griefing would be present. I would LOVE that. There is a saying here "Good things need time." In this case I put quality over quantity. There is no point in playing a game you can't enjoy. Maybe a stepwise approach could be done? Like decreasing the costs and maybe implementing other stuff manu suggested. If it's well rec
  9. I forward that immediatly! Clan affiliation shouldn't matter imho.
  10. Is anything else behind this behaviour than something that reminds me of a narcissistic personality disorder?
  11. I am very afraid of the harm this change could cause. At a turning point of a game a teammate abused all 6 rev wards to block the own creep spots. Though reported nothing happened. Regarding the policy of not watching single tickets against single players due to personal shortage it would enable griefers to do it for free. However as someone who played a lot of support I would deeply appreciate the move. I already had big games in which I placed around 20 wards. 2k already could be a void or something else to at least delay my heros death. As I read in an old guide: wards a
  12. Didn't knew that, now I can understand! ?
  13. And what's the matter with playing on TH Servers? I'm afraid you're at the wrong place, if I'm right there's nobody from Garena here.
  14. Some Russians on EU servers... I have met extremly kind russian speaking people though. Funny it is the same on every other region! (not surprising if you think about it a second time)
  15. That doesnt matter. Mine is not detected either, but works fine ingame.
  16. Though I never played the hero Parallax in HoN, the description reminds me very strong of what I know if him!
  17. Falk1

    Quarantine sales?

    I am almost sure that it wont lead to sustainable growth. Plenty of comments from the staff point out that the game is marching to its winter. Due to economic structural reasons, the situation societies around the world are facing right now is very unlikely to change that, or even worsening it imho.
  18. I support that. All chat is abused to breach the code of conduct way to much. (Insulting the enemy, telling the enemy where certain team members are located if they hide in order to not get killed) If you want to say GG you can do it in the after match chat. The implementation of pings (Missing heroes/lanes, requesting assistance, attacking/defending heroes/towers) was gold. It emphasizes what this game is about, working together as a team. Therefore I actually do not give anything about communication with the enemy team and would probably never notice the absence of
  19. All right. If you remember I reported 4 accounts at the same time. Though my ingame report was dismissed, my inquiry was approved. Both "reports" were about the exact same infraction. I am kind of confused. I deem the deliberately conceding stat manipulation, the category in the game client calls itself "Feeding / Stat manipulation". Still I shall use the inquiry to get stat manipulation punished. Is it because conceding a game itself is legal but stat manipulation in a wider view is not and therefore i need to use the inquiry portal? From a recent inquiry i got the following answe
  20. Nice, just keep me updated! ? That is strange. I gave Linux Mint a shot today, guess what. The exact same bug. Pretty sure it has to be related to my hardware, not sure how this could be a coincidence.
  21. If I hover over the menu button in the top right corner of the screen it turns back into an arrow. Could be that I also need to click on it.
  22. Good to hear that. Thanks man, your awesome! I assume the plan is to create an environment which fulfills all the dependencies enabling HoN to run?
  23. Yup. I tried to remove/deinstall libcairo2 and ended up wrecking my operating system. ? After a fresh operating system, installing HoN confronted me with two more problems I want to document for the other linux using players. Problem1: ./hon-x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Solution: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 Problem2: ./hon-x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: libgconf-2.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Solution
  24. Thanks for your effort manu311. I installed the package through sudo apt install libcairo2 Get the same error trying to start the game. ? As mentioned before, the game starts if I delete libfreetype.so.6 in /HoN/libs-x86_64 with warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite. If I do this the graphics are still bugged however. Anyone an idea how to continue resolving the problem from here on?
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