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  1. 1 hour ago, Manu311 said:

    My assumption was, that you argued against my comparison. And you just stated that you can't smurf if you have to physically appear at a place (like for old-school-chess). I guess the assumption was my bad.

    Actually at least what I wanted to do, is to support the comparison.

    1 hour ago, Manu311 said:

    Also, fun fact: Magnus Carlsen smurfs a lot - he always appears in online tournaments with different nicknames and a bunch of people try to guess who he is.

    Didn't knew that.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Manu311 said:

    So your argument is: "because we can't prevent smurfing in general, we should just make everyone a smurf"?

    No, why would you think that?

  3. 10 minutes ago, DemonicRuins said:

    that wasn't a "true" quality of life change made though given it was at the expense of the Latino player base.  My whole and only point is give players the ability to "choose" what kind of game they are going to have.  Look at it like this...  What is Heroes of Newerth?  The answer is HoN is a Team of 5, Fast Paced, 3rd Person, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  When you have a team of 5 it automatically implies that each member of that team needs to contribute to the team to outplay and best your opponents who are also a Team of 5 looking to do the same to you, now hold onto that thought because we will be circling back to it later.  Now there is one singular thing that is needed in every game to win, that thing is "STRATEGY".  Now if we break down the definition of strategy it is summarized as "The PLANNING and DIRECTING of actions".  Those two words are profound.... "Planning" & "Directing".  Both those words are very different yet require the same, what they require is "Communication".  Now if we do the same for "Communication" as we did for "Strategy" then communication is summarized as "The MEANS of sending and/or receiving INFORMATION".  Again think about those two words being "Means" & "Information".  Again both words are very different yet they are required in tandem for "Communication" to exist.  Now it is already established both in empirical and historical data that in a contest between two or more parties that the one with the best "strategy is likely favored to triumph.  So strategy is everything in a MOBA, for strategy to happen we have already established that communication must be present and paramount.  I can't help but reflect on a scene in "Game of Thrones" where Robert Baratheon the King was conversing with Cersei Lannister the Queen.  In the scene he asked her which was the greater number, 5 or 1.  He then held up his hands and one hand he showed an open palm symbolizing 5 individual fingers and in the other hand he showed those same 5 fingers clenched into a fist to represent one. He then went on to say "One army, a real army, united under one cause with one purpose" (granted I did paraphrase there but the speech is profound none the less especially in regards to a MOBA like HoN).  Really think about that scene and how well it can be applied to HoN.  You can have 5 individual players just doing their own thing or your can have a team synced together working towards a goal.  Which one do you think will win?  The easy and correct choice would be the 5 players working in unison.  Now circling back to the "Team of 5" concept.  When you have 5 individual players if 1 or more of those players are unable to relay or take in information given by the team due to a language barrier than out the gate "Communication" is lost.  With "Communication" lost then "Strategy" is lost with it since we can not have one without the other.  Entering into a match without those two "ESSENTIAL" components will guarantee a loss and furthermore will breed "TOXICITY".  Now I have never been a big fan of tyrannical actions made by a game developer/owner forcing it's patrons into situations they did not consensually agree to be in.  I have always been an advocate for players having the "FREEDOM" of choice.  When the Developers/Owners of HoN say to me as the player "You have to play this MOBA void of all strategy and communication, a MOBA that ACTIVELY tracks and records your stats because we are too lazy to implement the simplest of choice selections" then I as a player use what little freedom I have to not patronize them and give them my hard earned money.

    Now it's not hard to realize and understand that some games it doesn't matter if everyone on your team is able to communicate with each other.  In some games you just have a troll that for no apparent reason just wants to make the team suffer to satisfy their own sadistic wants and/or needs.  That is one thing that spans across all races, creeds and nationalities.  I can admit it as I'm sure all players can admit it. We have all endured those suffer games with that one select player who makes it their sole mission to make you lose.  I'm sure we can all admit that those games while enraging are few and far between and pale in comparison to the number of games where there is just no communication because of a vast language barrier.  For me personally it's "EASIER" to accept a loss when my team was just truly outplayed than it is to accept a loss because my team was unable to communicate with one another due to aforementioned language barrier.  It's one thing to lose a horse race because the other horse is just faster as opposed to having your horse hobbled at the starting gate sort of deal.  For one being outplayed is a "learning" experience and a chance to get better where as being gimped at the start there is nothing to learn from it.... you were DOA (dead on arrival) sort of speak.

    What it all boils down to is the simple concepts of being "FORCED" and there being a "CHOICE".  One fosters a bad experience and toxicity and the other fosters a good experience and growth.  A long long time ago when HoN first came out I posted my suggestion of setting up a "Language Filter" (within the first 3-4 months of HoN's release, was during BETA on my true main account that has since been lost to me).  Even then I could see the coming storms that would shatter this great game.  Some called me racist, some called me moronic, some called me "Chicken Little".  What eventually happened as I and many foresaw.  The thousands of posts of angry gamers complaining about not being able to "Communicate" with their team.  S2's unwillingness to even acknowledge the valid complaints and then finally the mass exodus.  Now many back then called for regional locking.  I can't honestly remember if I joined that band wagon or not.  I knew a lot of LAT players that genuinely just had worse ping/lag on the LAT servers which is why they flocked to the NA servers and honestly I can't blame them for I would too if in their predicament.  Which is why I suggest the language filters.  It would allow the LAT player base to play on NA servers and be able to have "Communication" & "Strategy" with their team while also allowing NA players to have the same.  All would prosper and nothing would be "FORCED", the players would have a "CHOICE".  It's no secret that nothing "meaningful" was ever done and the game has suffered both population and toxicity wise ever since.

    Now you can sit there and say "Why is this such a big deal for you?" and that question would be fair. Firstly part of it is a big deal for me because I was a huge Dota player going all they way back to Aeons of Strife on Starcraft.  Arguably the first edition of what would be come Dota Allstars on WCIII RoC.  Seeing as HoN is the only MOBA that has stayed true to the original concept of Dota more so than even Dota2 it's no secret that HoN would always hold a special place on my hard drive.  Secondly I am one of the few players it seems now that actually "BOUGHT" my account.  When HoN first released it was a "B2P" (buy to play).  I believe it was $29.99 or near that and all my sub accounts.  So I have a capital connection with my account since I payed for it, not like the tens of thousands of "freebie" players.  While millions flocked to the "F2P" (Free to Play) League of Legends, thousands of us bought into HoN because we believed in the original vision of Dota.  Now that does not mean my opinion as a paying player should trump another's who hasn't put in the capital.  It does however mean that I have more "skin in the game" if you will.

    To end this what started out to be short respond which has turned out to be a long one I would like to say that I still believe that HoN could be the best MOBA on the gaming scene right now.  A few "SIMPLE" alterations to matchmaking and HoN would reign as the "go to" for true competitive play.  As it sits now HoN is nothing more than a cesspool of toxicity and trolls.  With absentee developers/owners who aren't willing to ruffle a few feathers for the greater good of this beloved game.  The excuse can and will be made that there isn't enough money to implement some lines of code to remedy the issues plaguing this game.  In which case I reply if you honestly put up a kickstarter or gofundme to remedy these issues I know I will gladly commit to it and seeing as how no one is unique then that would mean there are many more just like there who would as well.


  4. 1 hour ago, Manu311 said:

    To take a look at an older game with a similar skill-development, look at Chess and the ELO-System. Would you suggest just resetting the ELO of everyone every other month? Of course the Elo-System works better since you're playing 1v1 and gaining rating based on the skill-difference (HoN has this too, but it's worse).

    With the difference that you can't really have multiple accounts. (Higher players would be recocgnized by their physical appearance if they would participate in a beginner tournament)

    And the implementation of rating floors. (You can not drop below a certain rating once you achieved it)

    People could not play anymore if they got banned. (They could use the time to think about their wrongdoing though)

    It's close to impossible to smurf with those mechanics in place.

  5. The only thing which scales into late is her Agility gain.

    The abilities (Q,W,R) don't justify her being classified a carry anymore. (As with Emerald Warden now in my harmful opinion)

    The only passive she has boosts her movement speed, which is not that useful in a lategame team fight since it's nerfed if enemies are around.


  6. 45 minutes ago, merryhonmas said:

    b) the constant stat reset encouraged smurfing and made it too easy to constantly derank or maintain low ranks (speaking from experience here sadly have to admit that);

    You can smurf ridiculously easy even without CoN.

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  7. 57 minutes ago, EpicPhilely said:

    Auto ban/pick nitro 

    I don't think so.

    She can chase with her Q, has a little stun with her W, can run if nobody else is around with E and gains a lot of Attack Speed but with penalty to damage with R for 5 seconds with a 60 seconds cooldown. Q and W deal magic damage. Pop shrunken and you are safe.

    It looks like she will scale way worse into late than before.

    I am really curious how she will perform.

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  8. 6 hours ago, merryhonmas said:

    Great neither of your responses helps the guy, might aswell not have responded at all.

    He hasn't asked for help.

    Might as well not have responded, might as well responded. ?‍♂️


  9. 2 hours ago, doctornik said:

    i dont know. i can see you thoughts behind this but as i said Chronos is fine imo. We have a saying in my coutry: strategy that works, never changes

    Same goes for Chronos. Im agaisnt twiking heroes that are already ok. The results of that change maybe prove to be good or not. Why to risk it, why to bother.
    Rng is part of everygame game. Hero is fine, people like him, he is often picked, has his unique place as a special hero in the overall pool of heroes,has his counterplays and counterpicks. 


  10. 3 hours ago, Garrote said:

    I think I am being influenced by Dota 2 where they clearly added the equivalent SOTM effect to all heroes clearly just because. The majority of the new Dota 2 SOTM are very simplistic and rarely used but if this is something that is not acceptable by @ElementUser this is perfectly fine by me.

    The people behind those two titles clearly have different philosophies.

  11. 2 hours ago, SARS_COV_2 said:

    That's not true man, S2 did the worse move ever made for HON, they move all Latins to Axeso5, losing thousand of hundred players on Americas. They they bring up Latins and Brazilians back to International HoN. What we need is stop being penny pincher supporting HON buying gold and doing free marketing on social networks.
    Because betters servers are translated to spent more budget.

    I will not even spend a penny just to hope things will improve.

  12. 24 minutes ago, ztt said:

    Yo, I'll start with an example as usual: Nitro 0/8/0 KDA 5 minutes into the game who start to ward the team jungle only to block you, the 5/0/5 KDA 700 GPM War Beast, from farming. You confront him but instead of owning up to the grief he starts deflecting: "fu wb trash u only farm u should have helped me", what do you do?

    Report and CC 15 unless miracles is the usual answer, this means that the current RAP system is broken since the damage is already done when GM's come with the banhammer. To fix this I suggest to make things more live via making it so when a player is reported X times in a game a (team of) GM's should be able to join as spectator(s) of the "live replay" with a lil delay to prevent maphax but with the abillity to pause the game as to discuss with players what's up in real time and solve the issue

    In order for this to work properly GM's should be able to kick, ban & replace griefer(s) with fresh respectable players instantly thru a replacement system like I suggested in this thread. With this in place griefers will get their shit rekt in real-time, not a few days or weeks after the incident, hopefully also making it clear to them what's cool and not cool effectively preventing further abuse.

    Taking things one level higher would be to build a next-level self-learning AI that automatically flags malicious intent for inspection with high accuracy. The closest thing to this atm (?) is Google Perspective, it's not perfect but could definitively be used in-tandem with a squad of respectable GM's to better keep things in check. This better be a thing in HoN in the near future ?.

    Also thank you GM's for doing the exhausting (yet somewhat interesting I bet) work of sorting out & dealing with toxicity ?

    tl;dr?????????????????????????????? read the bold text only


    Excellent ideas.

    I'm afraid that won't happen though. FB is comissioning their cash to balancing, getting cash through gold coins and keeping the hardcore players.

    They don't care about griefing in lower brackets, since it doesn't generate revenue.


  13. 50 minutes ago, DemonicRuins said:

    HoN has been up for what 11-12 years now?  In all that time when has S2 and now FB ever implemented anything that actually provided a "true" quality of life perk to the community?  Since the dawn of HoN the community has asked for regional locking, language locking and yes even ping locking, and never once did S2 or FB implement it.  QoL changes like these would have materially diminished toxicity and overall improve the health of the game but for some unexplained reason were never added.  Those issues caused the mass exodus where HoN's player base was caught by well over 50% (I don't have actual figures given S2 and now FB I'm sure would never release that).  I do know they did do region locking at one point but it was a case of too little too late where it was already after tens of thousands had closed the book on HoN never to be reopened.  The overall point is while HoN is undoubtedly the superior MOBA to those that still hold true to the original Dota the sheer fact it has been so poorly managed has led to this.


  14. 2 hours ago, Xaviero said:


    warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite
    ****** Fatal Error: PNG header and library versions do not match ******


    I get the VAD replacement warning (no idea what that is actually) too and the game runs mostly fine. I don't get the fatal error though.

    Regarding the rest I'm afraid I'm out. ?

    Maybe @Manu311 knows something about this?

  15. 26 minutes ago, ztt said:

    Let me begin with an example: I'm in a game with 2000 GPM prodex Scout and has 25/0/40 KDA when suddenly a fresh wifi exploit is unleashed on darknet and my autistic neighbor hacks my wifi so I start lagging terribly, making the game unplayable.
    I normally don't use wifi and have a cable plugged in my PC but in in this scenario my ethernet card and all phones with 4G had also gotten fried by a lightning strike just before the game so I've got a minute pause and has to run like Usain Bolt to my neighbor and bang on his door hoping that we can resolve it in a timely manner...

    He doesn't open his door so I end up having to FBI my way into his house which takes a while and leaves my teammates in deep despair as the game is unpaused after a minute and I'm AFK. Luckily I'm not stupid so I've put a plan B in place where before I rushed to my neighbor I gave full control over my hero to the 2nd best guy in team: a Soul Reaper with 8/17/0 KDA so we may still be able to win the game.

    But then 40 minutes later when I get back to my PC after having solved the lag issue the game is lost and I've ended up with 26/35/40 KDA and 150 GPM, frustrating not to say the least...

    So, this leaver abandoning teammates thing is a real issue that could be resolved via simply letting someone take control of abandoned heroes via adding something like a replacement queue &/ the public games list but with a list of games that need a replacement.

    With this in place in the same scenario I would have simply called in a respectable replacement that would have easily won us the game. Stats can be split easily with me getting my 25/0/40 KDR part and the replacement guy getting his part.

    Also pls add votekick-replace on top of report with something like a GM having the final call if someone gets kicked or not joining live spectating if a idiot griefer teammate get a few votereplace votes, this would save a lot of games from being rekt by morons. 


    A bit too much text for the story in relation to your ideas. They are good though!

    The possibility of replacing players who left is a feature of an excellent game! However this will be soon HoN after corona.

    Suggestions on improving RAP will get rejected regularly. The studios point of view is that they are very proud they were able to improve RAP in the past. Don't expect anything.

    (There is a seperate RAP subsection of the forum here)

  16. 2 hours ago, DraganMej said:

     Hello everyone! 


    3 hours ago, DraganMej said:

     All of the stuff that I said is just an opinion!

    An opinion I share.

    In my harmful opinion the game is one of the worst for new players to get in touch with. Every other kind of big DotA-like does this better.

    However reaching out on the forums is a smart move on your side! In my harmful opinion the best way to get a better grip on the game is to have someone with you who knows. I have learned more through buddies, than I ever could on my own, not to mention my former toxic teammates.

    If you use discord, I heavily recommend to join HoN Reborn. (links provided in the signature of the following post) You'll sure find some mates, information and even a coach if your interested.

    See you! ?


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  17. 7 hours ago, cobaye said:

    Yeah, i guess anyone knows the point and it happens so often. Someone calls and picks a jungle, the Suicide / Solo Lanes loses and starts griefing the Jungler, rightclicking him and lasthitting his creeps. At the Moment every time this happens i report it to ability / item abuse, because there is simply no other real point for it and often got no Feedback on these reports nor they are getting punished. This is one of the most annoying and stupid things in the Game and should've taken way more harsh into Bans as this happens way to often (in Silver to Legendary Games).

    Following can be avoiding AFK detection if it is done long enough.

    Last hitting units somebody else has attacked before causes grief for sure but I can't remember an example in the griefing thread which would cover that.

    If something like this happens I ask the player to stop nicely. If he or she does not comply, I just leave the game. The player can farm jungle creeps all game and lose 4v5 then. 

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