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  1. Actually at least what I wanted to do, is to support the comparison. Didn't knew that.
  2. No, why would you think that?
  3. With the difference that you can't really have multiple accounts. (Higher players would be recocgnized by their physical appearance if they would participate in a beginner tournament) And the implementation of rating floors. (You can not drop below a certain rating once you achieved it) People could not play anymore if they got banned. (They could use the time to think about their wrongdoing though) It's close to impossible to smurf with those mechanics in place.
  4. The only thing which scales into late is her Agility gain. The abilities (Q,W,R) don't justify her being classified a carry anymore. (As with Emerald Warden now in my harmful opinion) The only passive she has boosts her movement speed, which is not that useful in a lategame team fight since it's nerfed if enemies are around.
  5. You can smurf ridiculously easy even without CoN.
  6. I don't think so. She can chase with her Q, has a little stun with her W, can run if nobody else is around with E and gains a lot of Attack Speed but with penalty to damage with R for 5 seconds with a 60 seconds cooldown. Q and W deal magic damage. Pop shrunken and you are safe. It looks like she will scale way worse into late than before. I am really curious how she will perform.
  7. He hasn't asked for help. Might as well not have responded, might as well responded. ?
  8. The people behind those two titles clearly have different philosophies.
  9. That's why decent people ask for understanding instead of assuming it.
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