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  1. If possible, please consider implementing a instant message relay system so that you can send messages to offline players. While this could be used to spam or harass, limiting this to the ones on your friend-list would hopefully neglect any abuse.
  2. Allowing for self-voting simply boosts the egoism of the average player. Let's face it, we've all done it, because we can. A small silver reward for the MVP together with 9 player voting, excluding self of course, could potentially make it less greed-focused. Or opposite team MVP voting, creating a more friendly post-game chat and perhaps better community. Effectively removing the ability for a 3-5 man queue to vote for thoir team leader (or pre-decided MVP). This might cause the same result as hidden/non-self votes did.
  3. If a GM would enter a match to moderate, direct measurements would have to be taken, such as in-game mute of chat and voicecom (that would of course extend for a given period depending on severity). Or if a player is for example handing out eyes/doombringers etc, eject the player and take whatever action you normally would on item abuse. This would tinker with balance in a way that allows the outnumbered team to stand a more fair chance of winning the game, rather than having their griefing teammate working for the enemy, 4v5 is considerably easier than "4v6". Also since suspensions can t
  4. Wouldn't it be nice if GM's could jump into your game upon request, as a form of spectator - to do moderation work? This could easily be abused of course, and waste precious GM-time. So to deal with that, make sure that at least three (or four) people issue the "call A GM" request, as a form of live RAP. I understand this would require some pretty radical redesign of the game, but it could deal with issues where a sole player decides to be arrogant and throw the game over some minor controversy, or simply go bananas with bad language, -phobia, racism or any other disrespectful manner
  5. The text announcing the action could be moved into the centre of the pentagon, freeing up space for a 5th menu. Or the whole pentagon could be redesigned to a hexagon or bigger, this would of course take more effort than just branching out on the 5th side. I like the ward-ping idea a lot, we need more ways to increase support efficiency and encourage players to buy and place wards. Edit: [slightly off-topic] The cancel button could also be redesigned to the centre, releasing your ping-key (ALT by default) while hovering the cursor in the centre, allowing the dialogue/menu to close, causin
  6. It runs perfectly fine under Gentoo Linux (gentoo.org), I've had very few issues with it over the 8 years I've played HoN on Linux. Your X issues can probably be solved if you ask around in the Ubuntu forums or on their IRC chat on #freenode. I think it's either distro-specific or some permission issue. I install HoN in /home/<user>/HoN though, and that's also where the .Heroes\ of \ Newerth/ directory goes (for settings and other game-specific things such as screenshots). Please tell us the permissions on HoN/game/hon-x86_64 and also the ldd output of it.
  7. Ophelia Ravenor, or Ophelia with any carry. Given that Ophelia can micro of course...
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