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  1. ``Luishas

    Gemini Bug?

    When Hellbringers uses Demonic Wave (W) into gemini's ultimate, the 2 dogs; they can attack eachother even having 100% hp. For me it's like the behaviour when you try to deny ur ally, since when the Debuff from Demonic Wave expires, they stop attacking each other.
  2. Yes but u need to ask for it in costumer support, u need to have whole URSA collection tho
  3. It was put when the second collection of 8-bit made it to the game, just to have some fun with it :? idk
  4. You should select bot match, then you should be able to select the bot you want and the difficulty.
  5. They actually wanted to have a healthier TMM i think, making a season this long should put players where they belong overall
  6. You can face an arachna with a nitro if you want to be even in the lane vs her, both does the same mechanic with his Q so depends on ur gameplay not on the hero at the end :B
  7. Cant create a prophets match atm i think, dunno if they will fix that
  8. U can play with ur friend in practice mod if you Untick the Verified account box in match settings :3
  9. 28/1/44 pretty enough stats to have all awards of the match
  10. Maybe when u try to invite people, you are doing it on public matches, instead of ranked or mid wars, try to check that before inviting ppl.
  11. Just play the 32 bits client then xD
  12. Hubo mantenimiento de los servidores, nada mas :#
  13. No, es el mismo cliente, asi que puedes logear tu cuenta ahi sin preocuparte, espera que acabe el mantenimiento.
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