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  1. Never noticed that at first.. I would like to see it fixed as well.
  2. This, I always tell people that suicide is the next best thing to mid. Its a role they like to shun like support and stay away from when true veterans(dont like the word smurf) will know the power of being in such a position. If a person cant take magmus or grinex suicide everygame and be a major thorn, that's the first thing to learn. Sure some games are bad luck, but I can promise being in this position and being better than the opposition you will see a solo impact, it may not when you the game and others may not see it because they only see the carry with a lot of kills as the real deciding factor or the mid, but you personally will feel and see it if you try this out. Give it a go, you may enjoy the games more. Play flint is dead. When i solo shortfarm on my carry acc I only use ravnor, mk and gemini because these are heroes with burst and I can kill early with limited items, heroes like flint, silhouette, preda, all relies on a team. Dont follow that pick pattern until you get a 3 stack minimum to take every important lane and role. I am a competitive player, I cant really say I enjoy midwars a lot, but FoC has had its changes in quality over the years, but you can still be a one player impact at times.
  3. Tree change was much needed. I used to cut it all the time just for a more consistent pathing. Glad to see these changes, good job.
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