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  1. So I was just in a game with a player who I assume is either the leader or prominent member of one of the biggest clans in HON Clan Main. He told everyone in chat (particularly a martyr on the other team) that him and his clannies use what they call a "troll list". So since this guy dared to pick a character he deemed bad him and his clannies would make a point to troll any player on this list by going codex and purposely trying to ruin his game. He claimed 45 people currently used the list. Normally I ignore these types of threats. But judging by the guys name he's probably the clan leader. And Clan Main is everywhere. This is the sort of thing that warrants swift/harsh punishment. This game has been getting better in regards to the toxicity. And this type of stuff is terrible. P.S. Sorry if revealing the clan's name was against the forum ToS. I avoid using other players account names in posts like this but I figured it wouldn't be a problem if I was just referring to a clan name. If a MOD would like the name of the player that said this please let me know and I will DM the player name. And please allow me to just edit out the clan name if you deem it inappropriate as I believe this is a worthy thread.
  2. Feeding is one of those things that's incredibly hard to get a ban for though. Someone constantly "initiating" when in reality they're just trying to make the game go by faster rarely gets banned. Unless the person is literally running into the tower over and over again, they almost never get banned.
  3. This has been a bane on the existence of mid wars. But it goes through phases of being really bad. And lately I've noticed A LOT of people quitting mid wars or just afking in the fountain. Or just feeding constantly. Players don't even get leaves a lot of times because teams will just push the minute it turns into a 4v5 and then the game is over. Is this a fixable problem? Some ideas for how to fix it... 1. Stricter bans on egregious feeding/afking in tower. 2. Quicker kick vote in MId Wars (less than 5 mins). 3. Disconnect timer when games end with you not in game. Any other ideas or suggestion on how to address this problem?
  4. I'm pretty sure you can screen shot it and send it in to their email
  5. Every time someone goes on a tirade now about how "their teams brown skin is causing them to lose" or starts using ridiculous racist verbage I report them and they get banned within 20 mins most the time. I really appreciate it. I'm tired of this ridiculous over the top racism. And the bans have been swift and firm. THe last 3 guys I reported look like they got around a week ban. Anyways thanks again.
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