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  1. Today I woke up and I was still tormented by this question in general it turned out thanks it really was [redacted]
  2. I hear about all 4 players including me well bless them lord and forgive them their sins I probably did something wrong ... lol
  3. how to find out who controls the hero who is disconnected? match [redacted] killed Deveaux on purpose from Kongor I think this is [redacted] but not sure, so I didn't send a report
  4. I understood you, but here the point is different, everyone does not care that someone will send a complaint about them and none of the players really complains, but if your game does not go why destroy your items, even your own, just leave the match I want to say that a new reporting system is needed, this simply disconnects the player from the game for a while, he logs in to a new account and continues to do the same thing that he did before, that is, deliberately spoil the game You need a punishment so that he would play in public and win necessarily, for example, 10 matche
  5. as far as I understand this system works, so the guilty person destroyed the items and left the match, but if you are the one who reported the violation, he will not be punished
  6. I offer this punishment doing nonsense in the rankings? You feed or harm the team in some other way 4 votes against a player and access to rating games is blocked for him and he plays 10 games in public 3 to choose from against other such players and must win 10 matches, which is not so easy to do those who violate on purpose they create new accounts and deliberately harm the team needs a system of instant punishment!
  7. I did not say that in public games to play with bots, namely with people, special matches of type 3 to choose normal
  8. it’s all possible to discuss the punishment in the form of account lockout is absurd from my point of view
  9. I suggest introducing new fines for certain violations. I don’t support violators and try not to violate it myself, but sometimes I violate it non-specifically I hope you understand and do better for everyone introduce punishment to play public games and be sure to win to clear the penalty; say 10 games you need to win so that you can play in the rating again there is no need to completely block the account, since the user does not have the opportunity to buy items or things in the store. those who violate on purpose they will violate it regardless of the punishment
  10. This would be more humane in relation to the players without depriving them of the opportunity to buy avatars, announcers, etc. from the store.
  11. I wish there was an opportunity to play in public games, it seems to me that this is too severe a punishment in DotA 2 who violates the rules must win for example 10 games in the public lobby
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