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  1. I have same fucking problem. I play with 1 sec delay every 4,5 sec. I missing creeps and my hero wont do what i want most of the time. I see some people have this problem and some people dont wtf is this!?!? Servers are fixed all the time and nothing ever works. can u fix the damn game so we can play or what?
  2. After 3 - 4 hours, Im finaly on my account. Hope this problem is fixet as fast as possible or this low number of players will be even lower.
  3. Are someone gona answer this? I kinda geting sick of this damn game, now I cant log in and no one gona do anything about it? Not be able to log in is so beyond bad that i cant really explain it with words. We have bunch of problem's with this game, from griefing people to game bugs, but not being able to even log in is beyond everything. its just disgusting. Players who play game every day cant even log in.. Just what the hell is this?
  4. Hello!?!?!? I cant play a game, cant believe no one answering on this. ctrl + f8 doesnt work, I cant log in my account. This shitt has to be fixed what the hell? Im fine with bugs on map and every little thing that is going on in games, but this?!?! To cant even log in ??? Camon...
  5. After entering password and user name "log in failed" massage pop's out. It's few hour's like that, I need help. I basically can't play HoN.
  6. I having this problem 2 days now. I am from Montenegro and I still cant connect to chat server.
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