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  1. I agree, bring it back ! On Grimm's Crossing preferably
  2. You believe Frostburn will reply to this ? I am sorry, but they don't care about game modes other than MW and CoN
  3. Your idea is similar to what has been suggested here I really like that idea. It is the only way to reduce Q times and enable people to play the game mode they want without hosted games. However ElementUser said this is not possible. I am no expert in programming, but I think it is not something that would need that much work to get implemented. I would definitely donate a huge sum for making this happen ?
  4. What are the conditions to get Grimm's Crossing back to Matchmaking ? Either way 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 Blitz Mode. Or all Options available and you can choose which one you like on this map. Really, public games isn't a cool alternative...
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