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  1. so you want nomads ult ontop of being aoe (altho conditional) to deal the same amount of damage pyros ult does to only one target??????????? for your information: the purpose of staff is to either further explore the strength of a hero or to open up new pathways for the hero. nomads ult IS conditional and easy to counter but it is neither his strength nor his concept. not even his weakness to be honest. what nomad could use a staff for in my oppinion, and much more desperately than for his ult, is his q, because after alredy 4-5 minutes its already terrible. if you are playing
  2. The most reliable way to reproduce the "no chat window" issue on the new UI I've found is when you for example click on Ladder and then instantly before the ladder opens click on Play Now. Ladder takes a moment to open so the Queue Selection screen comes up first and dominates, apparently tho the ladder is still loaded in the background. If you then START the queue and find a match, it will connect you to the match and to the Picking Screen, but there will be NO chat windows! I sadly forgot to take a screenshot of that stage. Disconnecting from that game will then bring you back to the
  3. oh you are right, its the SotM, disregard my comment please.
  4. They did add an additional buff to the ult tho i believe, where it also proccs if you re long enough within his ults range. but i agree i want cthulhu to be more viable again, only fun thing about him rn is midlaning on lower brackets which i believe should not be his only strength, or any strength at all, lol.
  5. So Flints niche kinda used to be outranging everything but then MoA happened and later Artillery happened and Flint kind of fell into that not really bad but not really any good at all situation in which in my oppinion designwise he is stuck for quite a long time now. While his Staff apparently was ment to introduce a new playstyle to him in my oppinion it did not really benefit him at all as it forces you to pick one way over the other which makes you really unflexible on a hero that heavily relies on exploiting it's strength to not become just a toothpick that leaves a splinter in your gum
  6. so if it returns a deadwood ult, isnt that massive burst plus a stun? and that on a couple of seconds cooldown only... Nomad ult is super easy to circumvent due to the animation. And the ult already is considered "garbage" by alot of people due to how terrible it's circumstances are. If it now gets bested by a E that has not even 10% of its cooldown.... it may work for dota, but if this ever makes its way into hon, even on "10 seconds cooldown" thats the moment for me to realise that people still ahvent learned that hon and dota are not the same, never been, never will be. Moraxus
  7. So he still has nomads ult as a core skill with way less cd...
  8. he does slow you until you inevitably start moonwalking tho xD
  9. im not even sure he is being serious man this looks more like a post for the sake of creating posts potentially to apply as a volunteer somewhere.
  10. did you put that cast in a shift queue or cast it manually with the same frame your teleport would end or how exactly did you produce that
  11. For some reason Gauntlet Ultimate is counterintuitively being prevented by Void Talisman. I could not figure any reason why it's target Scheme would be Physical so I consider this a "bug".
  12. because its a mainly support item (altho i tend to get it in jungle or even mid aswell sometimes as i usually also ward by myself) so that's why the gold ratio is so much higher.
  13. just out of curiousity, mind sharing that match id^^
  14. that is true for early or midgame, lategame when he has 30 armour, 15 magicarmour and 3.5k hp he won't give much of a shit about his manapool anymore since punching him will just stack up spines passively. so that is only semi accurate. what does work somewhat okayish is madmage armour as it grants a massive amorbuff (dont use too early) and dispells his damage stacks on spines. but generally armadon is just one of those "ill sit here until either of us dies" heroes that don't have hardcounters per se (imo).
  15. but he is essentially 1.5 heros in 1 so i disagree with that statement. mana is a brutally well designed hero but due to the anture of the game her unique mechanics make her terribly difficult to balance. i personally feel like her forge has a high cd too but as someone who abused it years ago when it had low cd... its better this way.
  16. your first link redirects here instead of to imgur xD
  17. talking damagewise manu^^
  18. In addition to preexisting, confirmed and fixed internally thread: Sand Wraith - Desert's Curse Items: Sacrifical Stone - Sacrifical Gem spawned after hero death blocks camps too
  19. you don't seem to realise that EU does not speak or read russian, and i don't think he will go through the trouble of having it translated ?
  20. so its basically a free tp xD i dont really see the point of that, might aswell just spent the 50 gold like everyone else has too. there is alot of things wrong with this hero that should be a dressed at a baselevel, for example her commanding creeps should actually be an ultimate skill if i am being honest. it is just way too powerful in early game and that is what makes it way too obsolete in lategame on a baselevel, as by far too many counters exist for it, even if she has ancients. The only real way for her to stay relevant in terms of her units, is if she is ahead. The hero has a
  21. thing is, since this is all in russian, it probably won't help EU like AT ALL xD
  22. also in terms of scaling damage... Her Manasunder absolutely destroys a Dr. in mid and lategame.
  23. no, free tp home for herself, just no. its a utility tool and you have to make a cautious decision whether you actually send another player home. on low brackets this seems like a nobrainer, a mistake i used to make myself years ago until i queued with a 1900 ophelia that got me into actually thinking differently on that skill. you don't send someone home unless it is the last option or they are required during a push but also required during defense simulatenously. if you play with actually highly skilled players, even while they smurf, they often use sh to prevent you porting them ho
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