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  1. you guys realise this would just further promote smurfing, right? would accomplish exactly the opposite of your goal.
  2. single draft was pretty much everything but balanced, if at all was the most imbalanced mode to have ever existed lol
  3. Electrician I agree, Tort i am a torn about, idk, think he is more viable as an actual aggressive offlane support but that may just be me
  4. Did you just say Icon is better? There is exactly three heroes in this entire pool of more than one hundred that can USE icon: Parallax, Oogie, Dr. Repulsor, ARGUABlY maybe Armadon. But for each single one, there are better items to get, INCLUDING (with the exception of Armadon) Armor of the Mad Mage. Icon is probably the most useless item there is in this game. It offers NOTHING worth 3k+ gold. Even Stormspirit grants more value for the same price in terms of utility and flexibility. Armor does not get picked because it is a midrange item that is more or less useless in lategam
  5. idk tbh, I am not even sure. i THINK i may have seen it at some point but... i really don't know
  6. literally had that, literally everyone used it instead of chosing longer queue times, litterally everyone cried about it while using it cause they did not want to wait. If MM "loosens" up, you end up with people 200-300 mmr above you on your opponents team anyway, might aswell just deal with smurfs cause it makes no difference except that smurfs either solo queue or play with lower ranked friends, whereas 1800s usually play in their 5stack queue so they would trash you even harder... sometimes i wonder what's going on inside peoples heads, complaining about one thing and then asking for som
  7. can confirm the system works just fine if you actually maintain a decent RAP karma. So far almost every single one of my reports was successful with a few rare exceptions where my reports weren't accurate or the offenses were not fully warranting for any actions, but that is a failure on my part then more than anything else. have had incidents in the past where i disagreed with a ruling but those too were solved effortlessly through the help of the RAP portal or via direct contact with a SGM. sure the system isn't perfect and the GM are all volunteers so it's all far from flawless, but a
  8. be glad the game is still up and running at this point. even devs volunteer free time to improve it wherever they can. like seriously man, comeon, what is everyone supposed to do, garena literally cut all funds 2 years ago and fb had to let go almost all of their employees, they to this day have a skeleton crew remaining to maintain the game and perform some minor improvements... sucks that noone can help you but then again, attitude won't fix it either.
  9. first of all: as shattered already told you, this is not the place to report people. it can actually get you forum suspended if you do this multiple times. that aside, voice chat is not being recorded! it is not in replays and it is not something GM's have access to check on, cause as i said, it is not being recorded! I know this sucks but the only way around it is to mute that guy (put him on ignore) and move on. If they are abusive in text chat, report them through the ingame RAP function. But here is soemthing to keep in mind, if you frequently reported someone that was innocent, you ha
  10. Wasn't it at some point even?
  11. Customer Service are volunteers, technically they are community members too. But they can't assist you with technical issues. Tech support was disbanded two years ago so, yeah it's now the community too that tries to help if they can. And if they can't what are they supposed to write? "Sorry can't help" will just result in people yelling at them that they shouldn't say anything then. If they don't say anything people will yell that noone responds. Just a little something to think about. Change your HoN and emali account's passwords, see if that fixes it.
  12. No need to get personal. He clearly loves Shadowblade but he also apparently is not aware of the impact of numbers. those are two separate situations. He put effort into his porposal but the fact that it's just literally overwhelming and making the hero way too broken, that's an argument he won't ever listen too. Just move on and thank him for his time he spent. He clearly had no bad intention but... he also won't listen to any reason either, there is no winning in this for anyone.
  13. That's literally never gonna happen lol. Essentially you are offering people sub accounts at a price significantly lower than what they actually cost. If people chose to make new accounts, they will have to deal with the inconvenience of not being able to share earned products. Particularly since around 80% or more of subs created were for the purpose of either smurfing or circumventing suspensions. And trust, FB not gonna reward those people. I don't speak for FB on any capacity but this is probably the most obvious "NO" I have ever seen lol.
  14. except that we both know they won't pick one and stick with it. this kit is so loaded, it's so easy to abuse by just changing your form whenever necessary to just answer with whatever is being thrown at you...
  15. am not gonna lie, when i read this my mind just kinda emptied it self and it took me a couple of seconds to get my train of thoughts back. this reads like an attempt to create a single hero that can do whatever he wants and come out ontop from every single situation and turn into an untouchable all can do killing machine... i was initially going to give feedback on every single ability but when i reached the 3rd ability of only str form i already realised that this would take me probably 4 full posts... so instead i am just going to make a very simple generalised statement. this kid is l
  16. plus, to add to that statement, it is coming voluntarily as prior FB/Garena refused or even shut down any advancement in that department with the claim that it would create an environment of "unfair technical advantage" for those with better computers. pretty sure this would have been a thing many many years ago if they had been allowed to do it and received the resources in the first place, instead of being forced to yield it.
  17. and yet you are reporting players via forums which clearly violates rules. Ontop of that you report Garena/SEA players on INT forums, where GM couldn't even handle it even if they wanted and it didn't violate rules... Man, no offence, but you aren't very bright, are you...
  18. bruhv this is the BUG reports section... ontop of all that NEVER ever post your phone number publicly... you just opened all doors to people abusing it to harass you or worse.
  19. no that's not how it works lol. if you provoke people and cross lines, you eventually find yourself on the same side as the people you complain about. and when that happens, don't complain about if you get treated exactly the same way they are. by being suspended. it is NEVER a good idea to provoke people. cyber bullying is a terrible thing. but don't take that as means to become toxic yourself. be a better person, that's the way to deal with it.
  20. this is not the way to go mate. like why would you think it is a good idea to provoke someone on the forums?!
  21. i believe he is playing on Garena :x at least that's what i would assume, as he is using asian letters (not sure which language)
  22. Could even advertise it through our official discord if i am given required infos in time. unless ofc EU prefers to do that himself. Or Saph
  23. bruhv YOU were the one that mentioned mw, NOT me! that's why i even just brought it up, i literally don't play that mode ver, i don't care about it, in fact i even dislike it even while testing for RCT. It may make testing simpler because of accessability and availability of certain conditions, but it also creates a huge void for other conditions that usually only get met in FoC matches or even just suddenly show up there but you wouldn't think about during a MW testing game. don't twist this on me, your second post indicated a MW relation, THAT's what i was responding too cause it "righ
  24. if you are referring to voicechat, i have VERY bad news for you :'D if you are being sarcastic, i applaud your troll cause i fell for it
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