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  1. After Upgrading to Pegasus Boots, the Minimap Teleportation Target Selection still follows the Logic of Post-Haste which follows the Logic of Teleportation Stone. It Targets the next Building instead of the next allied hero OR creep/minion.
  2. plus he becomes even stronger on midlanes or 1v1 scenarios since he does not have to take any risk anymore to silence opponents.
  3. the fact that you continue to dc is already telling on its own lol. but ceriss is correct. you do not get queuelocked when you dc for the first time, nor the second. i believe the third one or maybe only even the fourth is when you get locked from queue for x minutes.
  4. iirc there have been alot of requests in the past to even show the rank of sub accounts but if i also remember correctly those were shut down each time with the explanation that this would require additional server-client communication as in it's current iteration the client only has to remember the nicks which i believe it can pull from a local file (hence why you should relog to find it in said list), whereas it would have to constantly ping for the accounts rank too. something like that idk
  5. I updated my initial post as I came up with another pretty neat idea (or so I would like to think atleast) to make the heroes ultimate more interesting and also reliable when initiating from afar or comboing up.
  6. yep but the iteration i am suggesting also increases its aoe as it grows which the old one didnt
  7. As the title states, Geo himself is in a bit of a weird state where he rarely sees play due to his ult being too obnoxious to setup for it's "little" reward. I would like to suggest a Solstice Treatment of sorts to push him back into the pool of viable heroes. This would include the ultimate being "buffed" in total but also requiring longer duration to build up for it's maximum effect. Simultaneously also allowing to quickly break it if you just need it focused somewhere to interrupt an ongoing teamfight to give your allies a short breather, or to stop an opponents retreat or regroup.
  8. wasnt aware those specs qualify as "powerful" o_O
  9. Match ID: 160579050 Server: EU82 Time of the Attack: 14:53 CET (2:53 PM) Local timezone: CET (UTC+1) / Germany
  10. happened a moment ago in EU, sadly only have inconclusive details on the match as it crashed me straight into the main menu. i have a screenshot of what little info i could get from the console but since it included a cookie and ip i did not want to publicly share it. dm me please so i can respond with it or let me know if i should upload it anywhere else. PS: one thing i did notice is that ALOT of "skipped cached shaders" and "skipped duplicate pixels" were practically spammed in the console regularly, aswell as the red error message you can see below. this
  11. someone is more than a month late, i just hope you are not just trying to generate posts xD
  12. which applies to his current iteration of "damage based on damage", but with my proposed changes that is irrelevant as the hero is not about nuking a carry anymore but rather about shutting down or crippling carries during crucial moments, which currently he doesnt do. we have heroes like ws or polly that, regardless of their target, cripple their opponent, but with changing Qi's point of focus from damage to utility you can now contest those heroes in terms of utility when it comes to carries, without overwhelming supports or tanks/initiators simultaneously. thats where i am coming fr
  13. one of the reasons i am suggesting this change because that is exactly his problem, he is all about damage and damage that relies on someone elses numbers is factually impossible to balance and puts him into a difficult position in any case. damage supports exist but they are considered nukers and usually played differently. or that is my assessment atleast. obviously there should be a cap^^ 99 seconds disarm, scout gonna cry in a corner :'D not that i would mind *cough* @FireHam *cough*
  14. I'm going to make this quick and straight forward to avoid as little unessecary content as possible! Qi is currently stuck in an eternal state of balance limbo, in which he is either absolutely underwhelming or ridiculously overwhelming. This issue is caused by the fact that his abilities scale unlike most abilities, off of his opponents stats, their atk damage in particular. This in turn results in him being subjected to numbers he can not control which in turn means that he can not be balanced according to those numbers in a manner, that is not going toward either extreme.
  15. you realise you gotta be more specific than that, right? i doubt EU will be spending his time looking and searching for a Taunt bug, when you could have also simply discribed it to him (which btw according to the rules of this subforum is somthing you should have done anyway :P)
  16. except that it's purpose is to help you avoid damage, thus it's defensive. being a "wingbow" is just a design flavour, might have aswell been a helicopter hat it's about what attributes it contains (not the stat ones!) and they are of defensive nature.
  17. Booboo is a pet, it should NOT affect him. Mauser and Gemini ults are pets too, as is Boris, those would be affected aswell. I am highly against this ever affecting ANY pet because it would make two already extremely strong heroes absolutely broken.
  18. am not aware anything like that even exists for HoN .-.
  19. MerryHONmas

    Nomad Buff

    both of you are forgetting that Nitro wasn't changed because of her low Winrate. In fact I seem to recall it being mentioned just about perfect for her. She was reworked because the Mechanics she had were effectively not only absolute overkill but also gamebreaking. A hero that FACTUALLY consisted of two heroes, was able to melee you with increased damage while her ranged counterpart was lasthitting and dealing damage to you too, albait out of even your own attackrange as a ranged hero, being able to harass opponents she had literally no vision on, outrun them, slow them, deal burst damage
  20. Empath needs to be in possession of her Staff ult (in our case she had Staff through a boost by someone else). She has to ult Gemini at any point in the game, thus applying his Staff to him aswell through her ult, as she is boosted by someone else. This will result in her being kicked out of Gemini as soon as he remerges his 3 incarnations again. Give Empath Staff (in our case boost through someone else); Empath now ults Gemini (in our case this happened in both cases, as he was Merged aswell as while he was split, however the latter case has an additional circumstance:) - If
  21. he did not break any rules tho atleast from what was explained by OP. he did what alot of people used to do several years ago, multiboxing into itemclusteringer. none of these break the rules to my knowledge.
  22. This only happens if Gemini splits up with Staff buff! Upon merging back again, regardless of whether you remain "inside" of Gemini as Empath or leave and then enter one of his pet versions again, you get kicked out. This is only an issue with his Staff Ult but quite frustrating x)
  23. a) that is not even the "old" drunken master you are referring too and to be honest it was the most stupid change they ever introduced, removing his drink charges and make his ult passive. the hero turned into a braindead physical nuke maschine that required only the "skill" to properly combo it in 1 second and instakill almost everything, while you sit under your opponents tower and tank it and get out with half hp because of the passive regen... im sorry that you dont like it but ive seen plenty of DM players and i play him myself occasionally now that he has SOME form of skillceiling agai
  24. Nomad Staff of the Master: R: Upon succesful activation grants Nomad 1.3 seconds immunity. Upon unsuccesful activation reduces the cooldown by 25% and reduces damage taken by 15% for 3.3 seconds. Q: Now doubles the rate at which E generates charges for the duration, and grants Nomad 10/12.5/15/17.5% Evasion on all attacks from within the Storm and double that from outside (does not stack with other Evasion Modifiers).
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