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  1. no im pretty sure you can get that bonus mmr boost once only. you can get the common bonus mmr for immortals plenty of times, but that mmr boost only ones
  2. ETA soon, usually takes a few hours.
  3. uhm, it allows you to move closer to cliffs or trees as a ranged hero for example, to still be able to attack someone on the verge of range. it allows you as a melee to lasthit an opponent creep through your lanewave without having to expose yourself too much. it allows certain abilities such as vor example Valkyries Courageous Leap to work in intended directions in narrow areas where you don't have the luxury of space or time to run around until you hit the corerct angle to cast it in. so this is actually vital ontop of allowing palyers to breach skill ceilings
  4. next time a more useful title would be just that, useful EU had mentioned that some of those were fixed to the best of his abilities for the patch tomorrow. i'd be curious to know too tho, whether those are considered exploitation of the map if performed on purpose to gain an unintended advantage, and whether those can be reported from this point forward. which would mean these officially are being recognized by the GM team aswell, and also being added to their manifest.
  5. it did not even take 5 days for another one of those threads.... this is getting beyond ridiculous at this point
  6. You only get one mmr bonus from immortals i know that for a fact, at least tahts what it used to be, getting more than 1 immortal wont grant you that heavy boost more than once
  7. If I remember correctly you qualify for bonus MMR for Immortal and Annihilation once during your ranking games. Also there is a hardlimit on MMR you can reach during placement matches.
  8. I am aware of current ressources allocation issues, maybe I should have pointed out this more being a QoL thing than anything else. So I was prepared to see this at the very end of any list, should it even make a list to begin with. Was just generally rather curious to see whether this would be looked upon favourably or frowned upon. Thank you for the response!
  9. I know, I had completely forgotten about this being a thing until a few days ago. But a few years ago, there was also that major change with which it was said that things one can not interact with, including abilities, should not block camps anymore (remember sols old W?). So I decided to rereport this. I really don't see why timing an ability should pose a disadvantage for the player, as the ability is valuable to block camps intentionally maybe 0.000000001% out of all times (I have not once met anyone knowing of this interaction and purposefully using it to block a camp).
  10. Casting Amun Ra's [Q] Path of Destruction onto a camp half a second of one second before it's respawn, will block the camp even if you do not follow it into the camps reach. The Meteor spawned by the ability seems to interfere with the respawn mechanism albait not being interactable with and therefor should not block it. I've spent a good 5 minutes now testing this after encountering it aa few days ago with the same results.
  11. Simply increase amount of placement matches required to 12 or 7 WINS instead of just 6 matches. As I pointed out before, this heavily eases up the conditions on finding stat manipulators and throwers.
  12. why would i as carry want to be disarmed? why would i as any hero using ghostmarchers be disarmed? i dont understand the idea of these boots. people buy these boots if they require flat damage or flat bonus ms for a short duration to deal damage. these boots typically are not build to run away from someone else... tablet is much more beneficial for such situations. feels a bit like you were trying to just find more t3 boot alternatives. would you kindly add your thoughts and general ideas and stuff to all of those suggestions, to make these easier to understand as to where your motivations are coming from, please?
  13. Is there any way we can update rap.heroesofnewerth.com to allow us to login and then switch through our sub-accounts (via dropdown maybe?) similar to how it is handled in the launcher? I have (like many others) a tendency to check in on my reports every so often but due to my sheer amount of linked subs, I often end up getting annoyed and frustrated, trying to find the ones I have recently filed a report under, as I tend to randomly pick different subs to play on. And I know I am not the only one xD
  14. Have we been playing different games bceause I've had the same shitty experiences on Diamond /mixed Leg ranked games as on Silver/gold. Out of fairness I would like to point out that I've also had a fair amount of satisfying games on either bracket. The only statement regarding this I would agree on with anyone, is that on Silver or Lower people way too often ragequit after dying once or twice.
  15. I do agree that the Q nerf was a bit out of nowhere. It's in alot of cases the only ability that actually enables the hero itself, by disabling and slowing someone else.
  16. What happens to the boots active? Also I personally really don't want to see a movementspeed aura!!! +5 MS, sure +15, go away
  17. One thing I forgot earlier is the mechanics on Nitro's new Q ability. I have a sense of impending dread that this might turn out to be a real clusterfuck ability. he-he. But no seriously, I fear that this is gonna turn her into a "I win 1v1 and 1v2 lanes by making sure you can't get anywhere near creeps and also block of your path of escape" ability. I haven't yet seen or abused it in action but wouldn't it have been wiser to Give her Bush's old passive (that split the attack into a cone of damage behind the target) on her [E] slot, while moving both other abilities up by one slot each? I'm not sure that in case this turns out as broken as I imagine it, waiting another 6 months for it to be balanced again will entirely ruin TMM FoC AND MIDWARS! When comparing this ability to Bombadiers passive I am genuinely shocked at the sheer damage utility/output difference these come along with. I know they are entirely different mechanically but I remember when boom dust took a VERY hard hit because it dealing 100 bonus damage on 2 attacks when maxed early was too strong, with a long cooldown to reacquire all charges. now seing this i wonder if that was forgotten...
  18. Q: Why shoot normal bullets when you can use bullets in bullets?! W: Hey look, a Blue Frooo... nevermind... (newer players sadly won't get this one, and older players might find it even better if they understand where the referrance is coming from to begin with!) E: They see us rollin', they hatin'. R: I'm sorry, I can't hear you crying over the sound of my Big Calliber. / I'm soory I can't hear you over the sound of you feeding. / I can't focus on the road ahead, better turn down your shooting noise so I can see better. / Did someone say Drive-By? / Boomzinga!!!
  19. how have people after 2+ years still not understood that noone is left to on Frostburns Staff roster to create a new hero. Nor is there any money or time for the handful that are left to do so (aka ressources). How does this same question popup almost every other week? Do people not do a cross-check before opening a new thread? (stupid question, i know, ofcourse they don't!) Do they not follow the notes the dev's release regularly? (again stupid question where i already know the answer is no!) And do they not read the patchnotes where ofte those things are mentioned or explained too? (Hey again, same pattern...!) Please, if I as a common user am getting frustrated of seing the same THREE question being opened EVERY (other) week, imagine how the Devs must feel..... (the question being "when new CoN Season", "when new hero", "when new avatar/announcer")
  20. agreed. it hs been pointed out that this is intended to prevent people from simply being carried. which i also agree with. but it severely punishes people who play support on diamond or legendary level skill ceiling. as their entire progression will be severely slowed down. worse, they are forced to either cut down on their application of their support skill level on low gold, or play a different role and completely trash people (if they are even comfortable doing that), just to get to their respective level. there has to be a balance somewhere but all i know is that so far it has not been found. i remember playing support for 10 games with a friend during the last season (on a fresh account, never ranked before, created sub just for that purpose) and while my friend was diamond 1 after those 10 games i was gold 2 or 1 (dont remember) even tho i enabled the entire team by supporting on actually diamond+ skill level (we even had a post regarding this but we got shut down because it was "intended" to slow down supports rank progress). and yes i am aware that there are sufficent people here that think that my skill ceiling is reached with silver, but i know plenty of people that will tell them otherwise in an honest conversation. i favour support above all else but there is not much point in playing support proplery anymore in solo queue due to skill disparity even on the same brackets, (0.3kd gold 4 calling short farm, forcing 2kd gold 1 to support cause all other lanes are taken too, #honpride) so why even still play properly to begin with anymore. that has been my attitude these past 7 or so seasons and i know alot of people with similar feeling. and if you wanna queue for diamond or so as a group, youll sit there for nearly 2 hours before you might find a match depending on regions and time of day. so hell, screw it, i rather play hon on silver or gold and only put int 20-30% effort and still win my 50%+ games without actually trashing on everyone and meanwhile watch a series or movie, talk to friends and or even play another game in the background. lately found that playing anno 1800 while playing hon drastically reduces frustration factors... community wise. for sc2 i sadly lack the hardmicro skills to play both at the same time, tried and succesfully failed but yeah, this needs to be adressed in some way.
  21. I actually both agree and disagree on that. Lately I have witnessed a surprising and welcome amount of remakes when remakes were needed. not always but surely by far alot more frequently than all the other past years combined. That aside, I would generally agree that teamchat only would reduce the toxicity to a certain extend, HOWEVER in that case pause durations would need to be hit to be 3, 2, 1 minutes instead of 1, 1, 1 minute as it currently is. why? occasionally you need a bit more than that one minute. and while there are sufficent people that unpause after a minute, or even rightaway abusing a certain bug, there are also plenty who actually wait. and tell you what, those paused moments when everyone starts to chat actually hold the most memorable moments of chat interaction for me, i've ever had with this community. and more often than not in a positive way!
  22. I do have my oppinion on this and would generally agree tho the way you put it isn't the best to adress this. But since there won't be any future rank resets nothing of this sort is likely to happen. If it were to, everyone should have to face the same amount of ranking matches, even those that already are ranked. (CSGO for example only ranks you after your first ever TEN WINS!!!!, and even then only accordingly to your statistical performance (not as accurate as it should be, but moreso than the way it currently is a thing in HoN. The win itself does NOT contribute toward your final rank but the losses do, as does your performance throughout all games which i personally think makes things alot more accurate. which would also punish intentionally throwing games with high kd as the statistical performance will significantly outweigh the losses!)
  23. I apparently did not get notified of this from Youtube otherwise I definitely would have. I do agree with the statement that this was a cynical review, but in all fairness, if I as someone that may have some toxic personailty traits but stays very far away from griefing at any time, had that impression, rest asured others would have had it too :x Secondly it is factually the only Staff that rewards counterplay, none of the others do! I just find it a bit too heavy that the opponent receives the same permanent benefits he does. Kanes ultimate already has a high amount of attention during teamfights, with supports building items specifically to shut it down. Now they are being potentially rewarded double for him spending 4200 or someone else spending 2500. i just dont see the balance of risk-reward in all honesty. see above To use a common phrase: that would be like comparing Apples to Pineapple, they share a name but are not related :7 But no seriously Kanes staff ACTIVELY grants an advantage to opponents (potential factor but existing), geminis staff does not and in most cases gemini is played by people with SOME form of manual multi unit control skills, aka micro. ofcourse there is also the occasional "i never skill ultimate" guy but no point in divulging into that abomination rn
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