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  1. Actually garena support can't help you at all with that xD S2 sold HoN's IP to Garena for moree than 40 Million USD! It's IP only increased in worth with every product added and even more so as it's assets are being used in Arena of Valor, THE most played MOBA world wide (although most players are from Asian Regions xD). You can easily double those 40 Million (even if HoN itself is not worth that amount any more).
  2. Apparently I got "demoted" to Discord Mod and now just promoted to Staff?! @ElementUser please confirm xD
  3. Flint Beastwood Hollowpoint Shells Money Shot (uncertain whether identified as Ministun by the script) Pharaoh Hellfire The Chipper Rocket Barrage Thunderbringer Blast of Lightning Prophet Persecution (uncertain whether identified as Ministun by the script) Draconis Dragonflame (uncertain whether identified as Ministun by the script) Ravenor Ball Lightning (uncertain whether identified as Ministun by the script) Apex Armageddon (without Burning Ember debuff) (uncertain whether identified as Ministun by the script) Monkey King Wan Jin Slam (uncertain whet
  4. When controlling a dc'd Empath and casting her ult, you will instantly lose control of her the moment she jumps into her target and there is no way of reacquiring it unless you happened to have her bound to a control group, until her ult ends.
  5. My problem with your suggestion is, that this only incentivices to tryhard on whatever rank you land on, since you are playing on your main and you badly want that +0.1 mmr you are effectively ruining the match for 9 others even more so than when palying on a smurf. As with the latter, you will care less about it's rank.
  6. When controlling a Lane creep, Ophelia can not use her [W] Ophelia's Judgement ability on the controlled creep. I noticed this at the stage where opponents had large creeps due to us losing a full rax set on a lane so I took over some of their mobs and when they dropped low I randomly tried to send one back to base. It wouldn't even let me target the creep. This would make sense for allied lane creeps to be disabled (though tbh with heroes being able to at level 1 denie allied creeps, why not let Opheia send one back for lane control, as it would eventually show up at the lane anyway unlike
  7. I also just realised that they sounded somewhat passive aggressive. But I was really just in the middle of a match and wanted to be quick about posting them, so please don't judge my underlying tone too harshly, it really wasn't meant to sound like that.
  8. Actually, a while ago I made a sub account solely to see how well soloQ matches go and, not even joking, 50/50 with 70% of the losses actually being due to someone sabotaging the team on purpose (accumulated more positive reports in those two weeks than I usually get in 6 months). So OP is not completely off base here. I really don't midn losing to a better draft, better organised team or generally better players. But those "I do what I want, fail, sabotage and leave" incidents are not as rare anymore as they used to be two or three years ago. So unless you tryhard has a smurf and ruin every
  9. I have a few Kinesis related questions that I would like some input to, ideally even from EU if he bothers: a) why can Kinesis not activate his W and then travel a large distance for example via PK, without losing it, to set up better for a gank or even react to a gank, when Bomb can do it with an aoe Stun? It just makes no sense to me that on Kinesis, the lifted objects have a leash range.(edited) b) Why can Kinesis not remove Nullstone using his W? it passes through Null, which is neat but also VERY frustrating because it forces you to expand your Q to remove it which is even worse
  10. Toggeling your Steamboots attributes will still interrupt actions. It for example cancels/breaks/interrupts attack animations, occasionally hold command and the likes.
  11. Will respond later, but still, you are aiming too high to begin with.
  12. are you high? xD All of your suggestions are just so broken lmao. Besides NH ult already has an activation, you can disable it...
  13. you guys realise this would just further promote smurfing, right? would accomplish exactly the opposite of your goal.
  14. single draft was pretty much everything but balanced, if at all was the most imbalanced mode to have ever existed lol
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