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  1. ??????? You are aware that Flux's ability is an actual spell right? Vindicators and Arachna's are attack modifiers that are being applied with their autoattacks. So what on earth do you want Flux's ability to autocast on? Plus, common non toggleable abilitie's double activation will just cast it on self which does not work either with Flux. So what exactly is it you are asking here for?! €: 100% NOT a bug, actually not even a thing to begin with
  2. is there any difference between the english and the chinese one? voicelines aside.
  3. I'd honestly rather have her on 600 units range on all levels with rescaled cool down times, as suggested by @rezziedahl. she is one of my most beloved heroes but i rarely pick her as she is actually quite circumstancial with the current meta. there is by far better suicide options currently (even deadwood could be more beneficial in alot of situations rofl) and her kit is not really made for shortlaning or properly laning mid. she does perform well in dual long lanes, espcially with a combo but then again that is kinda boring to me. thus i often don't pick her plus there is too many hardcounters tbh and her current staff is in my oppinion actually boring. it's GOOD, but boring. much rather see her get leap charges and maybe charge based ultimate similar to vindicator, or a buff to the ult, rather than a buff to the stun. altho I would have to agree that having multiple charges on her Leap would be too good for her unless their range got nerfed drastically (instead of 900 units on level 4, each leap is only 300 units max for example). i do however 100% agree that she is a good hero and in a good spot. i still think tho that alot of heroes have better mobility or more recently updated mobility tools at hand. Regarding the comparison to other blinks, someone else drew earlier in this thread, do keep in mind that either of those is neither direction- nor distance-bound, only radial, thus justifying the different mana costs. underline is that the hero as it is, is terribly difficult to actually balance as any minor change can have devastating outcome either direction. nonetheless certain parts of the hero just feel non rewarding mechanically. or rather i never feel satisfied after leaping or prismarizing idk. like it's missing SOMETHING.
  4. pro tip: dust! ALWAYS bring it during midgame, regardless of invis heroes or shrouds, if you don't carry dust, you deserve to get juked
  5. AR and SD are way too imbalanced, not a chance in hell they are gonna make it back into CoN.
  6. I agree that her Kit alltogether performs decently well, However I strongly disagree that her level 1 Leap needs no changes. In it's current form, the 40 seconds cooldown for a few seconds of minimal speedboost, a short disjoint window and 200 units jump is just too much. that is ultimate level cool down!!!! can we rescale level 1 and 2 cooldown of that ability please so level 3 stays close and 4 stays the same, but 1 and 2 aren't such horrendously high cooldowns? to be honest, i'd even agree that her q could use an additional second or two cooldown, rather than nerfing it's damage (as it does provide a tool for clearing waves). but the 40 seconds are just a joke, no offense. i often even wanna skip it due to the high cd but find myself unable to do it because it is necessary to her entire kit and role (she is damn squishy) and ebcause i'd have to eventually pick it up anyway. @doctornik not sure whether you misunderstood, i actually dislike removing the factor of faced direction, as it does somewhat reduce the intended skillceiling for a hero, if the ability get's enabled further than initially.
  7. When looking at recent buffs and changes in mechancs to alot of heroes, I wonder how that ability always gets forgotten or ignored. Initially when the hero saw it's light of life in HoN, she was absolutely fine, as a matter of fact even very well balanced. devastating if played really well, unnoticeable if played really poorly. however lately with alot of abilities being buffed or tweaked, and alot of abilities that related to the direction your hero was facing (Gauntlet, Kane, Rally), hers remained untouched and unchanged. As a matter of fact, I perfectly like it the way it mechanically works as it requires a bit of skill. However for starters, it has an initially ridiculously high cooldown. something that made sense back in the old days but not anymore, especially after portal keys cooldown was changed years ago, she should have received a buff to her cooldown times. There are other mobility abilities, that are far superior to it in every way. when it comes to terms of disjointing, compare it to Drunken Master. when it comes to terms of Cool Down, compare it to every single other one. Now there are alot of reasons to apply different cool downs, some abilities only provide a blink (which is already more flexible), some deal damage (bubbels) and so on. Valk grants a small movementspeed buff to self and allies within radius of where you land. thats neat. but doesnt justify 40 seconds on level 1. i CAN get behind the 20 seconds on level 4 i guess but still that does feel weak compared to bubbels who has less, higher range and deals damage. oh and can decide where he wants to land along that range. sure it doesnt cost much mana but then again... blinks dont do either. i would like to request for it's cooldown to be tweaked and maybe apply an additional attackspeed bonus (not a big one) as it does with movementspeed, to actually justify picking up the ability earlier, and providing more than a run away or jump to cast Q after hitting W tool.
  8. i am heavily against nitros R providing vision and turning into a free-kill ability. she is supposed to be annoying but you are supposed to be able to outplay her. I suspect that was one of the main aspects revelation was removed from bushwacks ult. Altho it was simultaneously one of the few reasons the hero actually could excel, wish that they had kept it around for his staff as his current staff effect is really situational even AFTER pickup (you need a chain of targets to maintain your selfbuff, considering how instantly it expires). if nitro now gains true vision with her bonus attackspeed, bonus movementspeed, and grenade shells, you will be facing the exact same issue as pre-rework: no escaping her. except that this time you don't need to be a skilled nitro player, just a rightclicked. 2 apm would be all you need (1 to press R and 1 to richtglick) and then you sit back and wait. currently it leaves room for counterplay which i find is perfectly fine. i do agree tho that her e seems a bit underwhelming in it's entirety. however buffing it too much would render abilities such as Corrupteds passive, or valkyries leap weak (an ability i think does need updating with recent chain of buffs/changes).
  9. merryhonmas


    you created two identical threads, for real?
  10. Usually this means that the player in question has an already pending suspension that is currently in queue, waiting to be executed by the system. However there have been rare occasions where that was simply a bug (confirmed in the past but that was long ago so I couldn't tell you whether this has been resolved 100% over the past years). It is possible that for that reason the ticket also got rejected by the system (I am somewhat sure that the system blocks or closes tickets against players with pending game suspensions, however until today I was rather certain that the message displayed is a different one...). also leaving a [.] tactical dot.
  11. That's a lie! I literally reported one such guy yesterday or the day before, can't remember, and he was handled and permanently banned within 5 minutes. I suggest pming a SGM here on the forums. Include a screenshot from their stats page ingame that clearly shows the match history, the player name and all the included information (aka just screenshot that page and don't alter the screenshot) and message either for example @hegelsohn or @`Shattered as they are both regularly active on the forums. ofcourse there are other active sgm too, just used those two as prime examples (and liked them so you can directly pm them by clicking on their names). Alternatively and I believe that is the official route: go to rap.heroesofnewerth.com, log in there and navigate to inquiry. there just write down your message, upload your screenshot to imgur.com (remember to set it to private) and post them a link to the uploaded screenshot (do keep in mind that even if it shows on the imgur page, it might still not be fully uploaded, its best if you wait a minute before fetching the link!). Good luck
  12. Not sure if we are missing each others point so let me entirely rephrase this It used to be the case that if you got Immortal during your ranking matches, the first time you'd acquire one you got a huge MMR boost for that. that is what I am referring too. It might be gone but I don't think it is, I am a bit confused now tho.
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