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  1. as an answer to your response. it did NOT procc lightbringers attackmodifier not dawnbringers or for that matter even just icebrands slow during 159439032
  2. Despite the ability specifically mentioning that it "deals an extra attack", it does not actually do so as none of the attack modifiers or multipliers are applied, only the extra damage is applied. This is either a misleading Typo or not working as intended.
  3. can't even recount the amount of times i casted my ult on a puzzlebox creep was witchslayer or pyro, to protect my carry from being vaporized... I am absolutely against any such kind of implementation to be honest because there will always be niche moments where it would make sense. ontop of that why not just make the entire game outplay itself and we just get to watch and bid on the bots?!
  4. I am not sure this qualifies as a bug but since quite a while ago it had been mentioned that only abilities that leave behind interactables can block camps, I thought I'd report this here. If you grapple a tree and maintain the link, the camp will not spawn if the target is a tree that is within the range of a camp. Since I occasionally use this tool to engage with camps as it grants me attackspeed through Relentless Salvo AND grants vision on the camp when engaging with it from behind trees or a cliff, this mechanic I heel like has more downsides than upsides. I can not think of a single scenario where I would want to use that ability to block a camp.... Same as with Ra's Meteor I already had reported. (PS: I was not aware that the spyglass thing qualified as a bug and was unintended otherwise I would have reported it as such, I thought it was intended to work that way and simply been overlooked.)
  5. Only issues I have with Sand Wraith personally is that a) from a players perspective the hero is quite weak early until he gets his core items b) from an opponents perspective the hero becomes literally impossible to control one he has his core items. I'm gonna be honest with you I don't think that hero needs ANY balance changes whatsoever, has to sacrifice early game for lategame superiority, either accept that or also nerf his lategame presence if you buff his early game presence. What I could get behind is a tiny tradeoff tweak to make him slightly less of a unconvenience early game (aka less of a free harass target) but also less of a lategame one-hero-steamroll-team-army (his Q combined with illusions makes it impossible to determine which one is the real one and to target the real one unless he is severely outmatched skillwise and can't properly control his hero and illusions for diversion). Let's keep in mind that Adrenaline's Death Halo was changed to create Ember-Shards instead of Illusions for that particular reason, as it concealed the real one. Even tho that if you payed attention you could distinguish them from one another or track him. Whereas Sw stacking 6 illus ontop of himself is an entirely different story and if he has SH aoe won't affect him much either. aside the fact that a good SW circumvents opponents CC or melts them before they can react before he commits his illusions. Just my oppinion but I really don#t see why that hero would need increased early game presence with as brutal lategame presence as he currently has. On equal farm (gold and xp) and mechanical skill share on both teams, SW should still come out ontop toward the later stages of a match and his global presence ontop of rendering terrain and targetability invalid already is a benefit that can not be neglected when granting him a better early game presence. What i DEFINITELY could get behind is a slight buff to his core manapool! Because THAT is just a joke as it currently is AND it would ever so SLIGHTLY increase his laning presence too without actually throwing more rocks onto his opponents
  6. I know Spyglasses expire before the match starts, or rather, with the initial creep spawn. I know Spyglasses can be dropped from inventory. I also know if someone gives you their spyglasses, it blocks your slot because you can not activate them, so you have to drop them manually. "mimimi" ... well... no "mimimi". Because if someone is commited to trolling and it is more than one, you will be stuck in a continuous cycle of having to manually drop them and they will just put them back into your inventory. Either until they vanish or you manage to make your purchases quickly enough. May I suggest locking this item to a players inventory (soulbound) or shared item (like consumables) to combat that kind of "griefing". I've seen this a while ago so I decided to test this with a few friends and we ended up locking one of our peoples inventory for a solid 54 seconds until he slowly but steadily managed to fill it up before we were able to lock up his slots (one by one might i add).
  7. not sure why you are getting so triggered when there is a literal :derp: at the end of my post. having a stun prevents deadwood from advancing on you and will force him to use his second activation of uproot to either lasthit or counterharass you. it also denies him from getting an all too easy kill once he reaches level 6 and will also circumvent him from boxing most opponents out of their lane. the biggest mistake most people make when playing vs deadwood or pebbles (from my experience) is playing too aggressive on level 1 and overcommiting their ressources and then being forced to withdraw while waiting for their bottle at which point deadwood will easily retaliate and negate all of what you have accomplished up until that point. the easiest way to deal with a deadwood from my experience is to play semi aggressive without overcommiting and making sure you drag around the lane by abusing the creeps aggro mechanics. if you do that properly you can ensure deadwood sitting on minimal lasthits if any despite having superior attackdamage + hatchet, while simultaneously harassing him (orbwalking) and then starting to commit once deadwood has to make the decision of either falling back to only Xp range or start to commit himself in a disadvantageous position. at that point, if you don't play it too poorly, deadwood will be boxed into such an uncomfortable situation that he will either start looking for a pickup on another lane (if he has brains) at which point you should already have a tp to follow his rotation and ensure that a) he wont recover through kills and b) he remains supressed. if your offlane and shortlane communicate with you and play actively (shortlane includes jungle) you can easily control the rune too. deadwood IS a strong hero but only if you overcommit or are too scared early on. play strategically and a stun is actually all you need during the early levels to shut him down entirely.
  8. especially in laning phase he is easy to shut down tho, pick a stun and he is done :derp:
  9. While I do miss it myself at times, the amount of times it was abused exceeded the amount of times it was used properly which is why it was removed to begin with iirc.
  10. didnt realize its SEA forum xD fuck me my apologies and yeah i know sea has no GM but EU has no admin privileges on SEA either iirc so he could only forward it
  11. If this is SEA then you should have mentioned this in your initial report! I still don't think that EU handles it but regarding SEA he might be able to pass the information on idk, can't speak for him.
  12. this is not elementusers job?!?! this is gm job. you wanna report something like this, you go to rap.heroesofnewerth.com there you log in and file an inquiry and present those information and a SGM will handle it. elementuser got nothing to do with this and while he certainly has the power to handle stuff like that i doubt he will tell you anything different from what i just told you as he cares about other (mostly more important) matter. ps: what you just did is create a "call out" thread, which is not allowed either
  13. bots are no longer supported. they were only initially a s2/fb thing and after that quickly taken care of, coded, fixed and otherwise maintained by a group of community volunteers. that group no longer exists so noone is maintaining the bots anymore.
  14. which is precisely why i suggested it tho, to avoid buffing silence too much and if it works with being added to silence then why not clone the silence debuff and repurpose it and apply it to a new item which would then in turn not completely break silence on heroes or flower (which already is ultra strong) but also force a player to commit an item slot for the sole purpose of it...
  15. they can still nassert the cursors position when the command is triggered OR allow you to bind the lanes related commands separately
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