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  1. funnily enough i just had a game 4 hours ago with a 0.2kd swiftblade, a 0.5kd nighthound and a 0.4kd flint on my team. and i went mid with monkey king and got bloodbath and 700 gpm vs a panda. and i was the only one that was actually even actively warding and dewarding with an average of 1 ward every one and a half minutes or so plus revs every minute. and i am maybe 17xx on my support mains. so either you are picking wrong, or you are in the end maybe better than your team, but still not actually that much better that you could rightfully complain about them losing the entire match for you. and before someone complains what i am doing on 1400, thats TMM for you after losing 2 of my placement matches because we had 2 dcs due to people attempting to manipulate their stats which we reported and succesfully got perma banned (someone please again tell me how reports dont work, kappa).
  2. what about allowing mk to attack his target during vault with staff?
  3. yeah there is the one for ideal midlane vision + rune and many others, i decided to report the two most obvious ones as those are the two that people on all brackets go for. plus i am not back at a health where i felt like providing you with easily 7-12 screenshots of marked positions, including pathways for a problem where 2 most accessable ones suffice sorry to disappoint if you expected more from me :x
  4. With the recent patch, the bot rune spawn got shifted further down. The problem is that this spawn location now ca not ne reached anymore by certain warding spots. one only barely minimally scratches it even with a ward placed as close to the edge as possible. Since these are the ideal midlane warding spots PLUS one of them anti kong, this is a major sacrifice for Legion, whereas Hellbourne still can palce the same toprune/antikong ward. Referring to the obvious ones, not the more strategical and hidden wardspots. I attached a screenshot for better visualisation. Either shift those warding plateaus too please or consider moving the rune up a slight bit again.
  5. he is a "either you die or i die within the next 3 seconds" hero.... flint is a glass cannon. why would they have lifesteal that translates to you if they deal no damage? if 1hp/s is what you are looking for, get a trinket. thats literally not gonna solve him. what i was referring too and this should have been very obvious is immunity on a 0 second cooldown spell that also grants mobility. thats just... no just no
  6. thats the last thing he needs, that would just make him absolutely broken. at this point his shards from q deal 0 damage and are at most just annoying as they break potions/bottle/regen and trigger some abilities but have no actual proper benefit other than stacking maybe 1 additional or if you are lucky 2 additional dread stacks onto an opponent. for the most part their huge attackrange is just extraordinarily annoying to deal with and allow adrenaline to crete a shortlived wall against certain heroes, other than that they are actually horrendously useless whereas picking up their falling bounce is an insane boost to his abilities. this needs some heavy revising to make shards even considerably useful while also allowing opponents to counteract them. increase their base damage (drastically!) and reduce the amount of mana received for adrenaling for catching them. simultaneously HEAVILY nerf their attackrange (400 should be by far enough!!!!!!) and remove their truesight of the target, if they still ahve that. also allow heroes to kill them in 1 hit and give a bit of xp and gold. this would not only benefit adrenaline as they suddenly actually serve a proper purpose, but also opponents as they can engage them and kill them, even using hatchet only or as ranged by hitting them, without having to deal with the annoyance of the lanepresence that a level 3 adrenaline is compared with the annoynce of counterhealing mechanic in early game, they currently hold. tl;dr: embershards suck big time and need heavy rebalancing. additionally add to his passive to deal a certain amount of flat damage to neutrals/creeps with all abilities as they pass through them. for example 20/40/60/80 damage versus creeps and that amount +40 to neutrals. this allows adrenaline to actually catch back up while farming and incentivizes picking up his passive earlier instead of skipping it or only taking it once for pure damage. simultaneously also puts him at risk for unwantingly pushing a lane while using abilities to harass so he now actually also has to consider positioning. (numbers for display, dont get hung up on them). ps please forgive me for not formatting this in any way i really dont feel well but i needed some brainactivity so i decided i might aswell check the forums and respond here since adrenaline is a hero i find both interesting but also very cancerous to both, opponents and the player xD the hero simply has To MANY pitfalls for EVERYONE to make any sense, which is why i made above suggestions to both buff but also hurt him.
  7. agree with diabetis. she can spiral out of control so easily, and her ult is part of what makes her so insanely strong. its a safety not a single other hero has, being able to instantly teleport across 100% of the map out of combat. its good that it has a short delay so opponents have appropriate time to react to it. her q could be reworked to be 4 blades at all levels with adjusted damage for consistency reasons as i had stated before because at lvl 1 its just not any good on decent mechanical skill levels. it literally forces you to delay it and against a properly morving opponent it might take you full 10 seconds before you finally manage to use it with maximum efficiency, or you use it regardless for your passive. but other than that, dont touch that hero pls.
  8. When acquiring Staff on Zephyr, his cyclones will have an automatic refresh time of 4 seconds. Supposedly. What I have noticed however is, that this does not actually start applying until the last cyclone that was active by the time he received his staff, has been depleted or consumed. Meaning that if you had 8 cyclones, only after those 8 have died out it seems his new ones receive the refresh time of 4 seconds. They have to expire or be consumed for the effect to take immedeate place.I am not certain if this is intended but if it is, it feels really counter intuitive and confusing, to see your cyclone numbers dwindle when you just got staff, before it starts going up.
  9. i can not fully agree with this. alot of times people use vault not properly. you can wombo combo interrupt it for insane burst damage but in midgame it becomes more of an enabling tool which people fail to transition toward regarding their mindsets. instead of so much wombocombo it should be used combined with wanjinslam and dash to pull enemies together to enable easier followup by the team, or to space opponents if you are being overwhelmed. i would agree that the "50% less damage" is particularly hurtfull for the staff (3rd instances are 25% damage and i aint gonna lie, i rarely use the third vault in 1v1 fights, only in bigger teamfights or chases because of that). mk is among my top 10 most belove heroes but i am afraid that if he gets buffed he may escalate way too easily and turn into a ban or pick for 3 months after that. staff could do with a little love to bring the hero back to a more favourable position in mid to lategame.
  10. i straightup disagree, a buff is the last thing mk needs tbh. maybe we are having different experiences idk, but i never have any issues with this whatsoever, i even think vault (especially the second instance) might have slightly too much castrange. in any case what i find hillarious regarding vault is that you can actually double vault without touching the ground, if you vault two units that are standing close enough behind each other with only like 100 units space or 200. but thats more of a "aha okay" thing than anything else also, if you shiftqueue, you are likely gonna mess up! never shiftqueue with mk! ever! may take alot of practice depending on your mechanical skills, but its by farm more rewarding if you do it manually as it gives you more space and allows you to maximize your utility and damage. mk is supposed to have a high skill ceiling for maximum reward. dumbing him down is just... unreasonable imo also, what do you mean "clicking the e ability instead of a hero" how far off are you with your mouse for that to ever occure ._.
  11. for my better understanding, does this mean you might still apply a few those but only announce them next patch? or will any changes only occure in a future patch, cause it can be interpreted either way.
  12. please disregard this post in favour of this one
  13. Disclaimer: some of these following might be intended to do so, I just included them to make sure they arent missed in case they are not intended to do so. Disclaimer2: All of this was tested and replicated in test+++ multiple times before i posted it here, took me a solid hour to get through all heroes and theit abilities including staffs. Behemoth: Fissure. Bubbels: Kelp Field. Calamity: Sunder's Vault. The Chipper: Sawblade Showdown. Doctor Repulsor: Magnetic Contraption. Draconis: Cataclysm (likely intended). Ellonia: All abilities! Engineer: Energy Fields entire area blocks neutrals from spawning, even if the gadget itself is not touching the spawn zone. Forsaken Archer: Piercing Arrows' entity blocks spawns. Geomancer: Crystal Field entirely, Crystal Erruption inner circle. The Gladiator: Call to Arms' charriot blocks camps it passes through as it travels (tested with jade spire and portal key numerous times to make sure nothing else blocked). Klanx: B.A.N.G. blocks Neutrals from spawning before it detonates. Kraken: Release The Kraken. Lodestone: Rocket Drill. Monkey King: Wan Jin Slam. Moira: Arcane Vortex. Myrmidon: Kelp Field. Night Hound: Smoke Bomb. Nymphora: Volatile Pod. Teleport target location. Pearl: Preservation. Riftwalker: Cascade Event. Wormholes target location. Shadowblade: Soul's Sights eye entity blocks spawns. Shellshock: Sanctuary Stone after drop, probably intended but why, just seems a bit pointless as likely noone is gonna commit suicide inside a neutral camp to prevent it from respawning. Sir Benzington: Knightfalls target location blocks spawns. Skrap: Mouse Trap (unsure whether this is "fair"). Tempest: Elemental Void.
  14. MerryHONmas


    the thing is that tablet is sort of the only real counterplay for supports against pharaoh, so lets not take that away.
  15. as title states, replicated in test+++ multiple times. either ult blocks a neutral camp from respawning.
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