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  1. if you dont use w for farming tripple stacked hardcamps, you are not playing legio correct :X
  2. You don't need whispering to stack unless you stack ancients with it and frankly truth be told you can generate more gpm for the entire team (just slightly less xp for yourself) by using your early pk to roam and take off the opponents core positions. it is about four times as valuable to increase your entire teams or just another allies gpm while simultaneously crippling your opposing team, than to spend an additional x minutes to farm for another item when instead you could already be securing your victory. the reason helm was picked up in tournaments, was initially ebcause of the mic
  3. If you can jungle freely and have an active support, actually going e-w-e-e-w-e-r-q-w-w etc is in my oppinion superior. the reduced cooldown on 2 from getting it up allows you to contest trippled stacked hardcamps more frequently. This is expecting you know your rotation and dont get needless shit like whispering (sorry but the item is just not really worth it if you can instead get an 8 min pk and farm kills and just simply escalate from there on so your carry has space) and your support wards. if your carry is solo and gets dominated id even consider getting q on 3 and help him out after sta
  4. After Upgrading to Pegasus Boots, the Minimap Teleportation Target Selection still follows the Logic of Post-Haste which follows the Logic of Teleportation Stone. It Targets the next Building instead of the next allied hero OR creep/minion.
  5. plus he becomes even stronger on midlanes or 1v1 scenarios since he does not have to take any risk anymore to silence opponents.
  6. the fact that you continue to dc is already telling on its own lol. but ceriss is correct. you do not get queuelocked when you dc for the first time, nor the second. i believe the third one or maybe only even the fourth is when you get locked from queue for x minutes.
  7. iirc there have been alot of requests in the past to even show the rank of sub accounts but if i also remember correctly those were shut down each time with the explanation that this would require additional server-client communication as in it's current iteration the client only has to remember the nicks which i believe it can pull from a local file (hence why you should relog to find it in said list), whereas it would have to constantly ping for the accounts rank too. something like that idk
  8. english only my friend
  9. I updated my initial post as I came up with another pretty neat idea (or so I would like to think atleast) to make the heroes ultimate more interesting and also reliable when initiating from afar or comboing up.
  10. yep but the iteration i am suggesting also increases its aoe as it grows which the old one didnt
  11. As the title states, Geo himself is in a bit of a weird state where he rarely sees play due to his ult being too obnoxious to setup for it's "little" reward. I would like to suggest a Solstice Treatment of sorts to push him back into the pool of viable heroes. This would include the ultimate being "buffed" in total but also requiring longer duration to build up for it's maximum effect. Simultaneously also allowing to quickly break it if you just need it focused somewhere to interrupt an ongoing teamfight to give your allies a short breather, or to stop an opponents retreat or regroup.
  12. wasnt aware those specs qualify as "powerful" o_O
  13. Match ID: 160579050 Server: EU82 Time of the Attack: 14:53 CET (2:53 PM) Local timezone: CET (UTC+1) / Germany
  14. happened a moment ago in EU, sadly only have inconclusive details on the match as it crashed me straight into the main menu. i have a screenshot of what little info i could get from the console but since it included a cookie and ip i did not want to publicly share it. dm me please so i can respond with it or let me know if i should upload it anywhere else. PS: one thing i did notice is that ALOT of "skipped cached shaders" and "skipped duplicate pixels" were practically spammed in the console regularly, aswell as the red error message you can see below. this
  15. someone is more than a month late, i just hope you are not just trying to generate posts xD
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