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  1. I think this change would make him too strong imo. It would mean pk is less of a core on him to position silences and now he has an extra slot for another powerful item.
  2. Not sure if it's a bug but Pollywog Priest's ultimate Voodoo Wards can be controlled to destroy the Merrick's Rune. I believe the rune in Midwars was intended to be unkillable after this last patch.
  3. Can we get a 24 hr stream run for Christmas please, @ElementUser?
  4. Does it even matter if you get MVP? I honestly don't know if it is worth anything more than counting on your stat page. Does it even grant a few extra coins?
  5. They could make it so the tower automatically attacks the enemy hero in range with the lowest current hp %, regardless of aggro. If I was manning the tower I'd attack the weakest hero first to try and kill it.
  6. Better cough up cash for dem gold coins buddy
  7. This is the exact reason League of Legends flew past HoN
  8. I tried starting a practice game following the instructions on the original thread but it is giving me an error saying the host started the game without me being on a roster. Any ideas for a workaround for this?
  9. Doubt enough people would use the medium to justify the listing costs.
  10. You'd basically lock players into their closest region, essentially limiting the player base to US or EU players only. Not only is that bad business but you'd be further limiting an already small player pool.
  11. Poseidon


    I often get the momentary freeze with the aoe indicators. I have found it a helpful reminder.
  12. It's a nice project. I would also suggest including item counters to heroes. For example, nullfire counters Armadon hard because most of his damager is spellbase (spines). He has no auto attack damage without being able to spam snot or spines.
  13. I feel like Wingbow is often bought for the evasion properties or increased ranged/unitwalking. I feel it is rarely purchased solely for increased agility damage or attack speed. If you want to switch a defensive item over to combative I feel like Barbed is more appropriate because people often purchase it for the intended reflective damage output. Regardless, please don't switch items over because I have their shop locations memorized and it would inconvenience me.
  14. You should've storm spirited yourself to avoid damage. There's no way to stop ignite other than killing Ra before it goes off
  15. Poseidon


    Dunno the whole list but plinko tickets are lvl 6, 9, & 14
  16. Poseidon


    Chronos Ultimate
  17. What about ion stone with illusions?
  18. Before the match? No, I don't think so. The post game match stats will show. If you want to see your mastery progress go to the learnatorium and go to the mastery tab. You can sort by mastery level and the progress bar will show you how close you are to the next level.
  19. Poseidon

    Spike Bola

    Null and geometer's bane
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