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  1. Can we have the ability to lock items into item slots? It's so annoying that an upgraded item automatically moves into the higher priority slots. My most used slots are 1 and 4, not 1 & 2.
  2. The only way I know of to transfer gold is to give the other player revs and allow them to counter ward. In FoC it's too inefficient to leave the lane as a farmer
  3. Poseidon

    Valkyrie Arrow

  4. Klanx has free pathing and Wall of Mirrors does not have a restrain? What is the problem?
  5. It's nice that Frostburn expects HoN to still be around when your ban ends.
  6. I usually encourage people to play support. It gives you practice with having to know where everybody is at all times. Having map awareness and monitoring the minimap are keys to being successful
  7. I think a good staff effect would be when you drag an enemy with your ult, any enemies you come into contact with are rooted.
  8. Not feeling the inclusion of evasion with mock. If anything, mock should include lightbrand to add sear to aura.
  9. I love pairing shieldbreaker with Demented Shaman or Pestilence. The negative armor is nasty.
  10. Poseidon

    Damage Types

    There's a HoN wikia. It's a little outdated but the effects are listed. Pre-mitigation means amount of damage before the targets armor is accounted for. For example, 100 attack damage is 100 pre-mitigation physical damage. Post-mitigation is damage after armor is accounted for. So if amor lowered the above attack damage by 25%, the damage would be 75 post-mitigation physical damage. True damage ignores all armor and is applied directly to the targets hp pool. Superior magic bypasses magic immunity, although damage is still mitigated by magic armor. https://hon.gamepedi
  11. It's ridiculous that his bash goes through magic immunity. He should not be stunning my spinning Swiftblade.
  12. You can't learn a hero in practice. Even bot matches will only teach you the very basics. The only way to get better is playing against actual competition. If you recognize a hero is strong and you want to learn to play it, go for it. Mid Wars being a no stat mode is exactly the place for players to learn how to play heroes they don't have much experience with.
  13. Those account names were purchased and the name belongs to the original customer.
  14. Can't get good at a hero without practice
  15. That's incorrect. If you let the whole animation play you won't receive the damage from the debuffs during the length of time in Take Cover, but you will still have the debuff applied to you. If you stop the animation early you will receive damage. It's semantics but again the only way to completely avoid damage/debuffs is manually avoiding the skills.
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