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  1. 1) I believe this should be an exception if possible. It would fall under a QoL change for him. Doesn't make sense why chalice has this effect on him. 2) Should it be changed to be only the -50% healing is applied? Seems strange to me that buffs applied by the enemy go through with almost no trade off
  2. When Bubbles sets his Take Cover on Autocast, Bubbles casts Take Cover when using Blood Chalice due to his losing HP. I think that is a incorrect mechanic. He shouldn't autocast when chalice. Also, when Autocasting Take Cover on Lord Salforis's Mors Certissima, Bubbles gets the benefit of regaining the 40% of the cast damage. So Bubbles gets healed based on damage he hasn't received. He gets free healing from the enemy.
  3. If a hero gets hit in the front with Prisoners hook while it is retracting, is the source of the direction of of the damage the ball or Prisoner?
  4. Can I ask for you to unlock the Kurgan, please? That's one I have always wanted to play. I would very much appreciate it, man.
  5. How are they going to end the game without EVER porting Lycan?!
  6. Nerf Monarch. Juking 2 op https://youtu.be/Tj6JzTqgvRk
  7. I wish for the Kurgan. There can only be one (gift)!
  8. If I submit a report with 500 coins it should be guaranteed to get my report reviewed.
  9. Ridiculously dumb. He ended the game with 1600 max mana with just lightbrand for a mana item. Not to mention 9 mana passive regen. Why on earth would you worry about 50 mana when you already have so much and the regen makes up for it in 5.5 seconds?
  10. Here's a solution, why don't you just pick a hero instead of randoming?
  11. Any Honmas map cosmetic updates? Edit: Apologies I missed it. Please disregard
  12. Hi, would it be possible to get a splinter cell mod avatar for Grinex or Night Hound? I'd definitely use it. Thanks.
  13. Your post makes no sense. What are you trying to say?
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