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  1. Poseidon


    Chronos Ultimate
  2. What about ion stone with illusions?
  3. Before the match? No, I don't think so. The post game match stats will show. If you want to see your mastery progress go to the learnatorium and go to the mastery tab. You can sort by mastery level and the progress bar will show you how close you are to the next level.
  4. Poseidon

    Spike Bola

    Null and geometer's bane
  5. You can level up hero mastery's and save the tickets. IIRC level 6 mastery gives 30 tickets and level 9 mastery gives 60 tickets
  6. Gib me inadvertant heals from CD when I have more health after CD was applied pls
  7. Not true, Cursed Ground damage used to be calculated based on amount of damage taken since cursed was applied, not amount of health lost. Subtle difference but the counters you mention are stronger now because they also lower damage taken.
  8. Is there a way to see the rosters of each participating team? I don't see it on the tournament website. Edit: nevermind found it.
  9. Maybe. It doesn't make sense to change a key component of his play that's been around for 11 years. But still a fun thought exercise
  10. Pharaoh is well rounded to me, and doesn't need another buff. But for the fun of discussion, it would be fun to see the mummies be able to absorb abilities. I know they are considered gadgets and aren't targetable, but hear me out. It would make Pharaoh a really strong counter to a hero like an enemy Moon Queen, where the mummies are soaking up moon beams and glaive bounces. Offensively, pairing him with a Demented Shaman to chain heal bombs off mummies would be super fun (but probably OP). Balancing it would be tricky, but enemies can already auto attack the mummies, so if you give the mummies something like 150 health enemy heroes can use aoe spells to clear the wall quickly. It would really complicate games he is in but still a fun exercise to think about.
  11. IIRC the original implementation of grimoire had spell damage lifesteal. I used to get it on Deadwood for the lifesteal from his ult (I believe the cooldown reduction was on spellshards at that time). It was a pretty fun build.
  12. Poseidon

    Rampage Buff

    I've been playing him in a follow-up initiation role with portal key, especially if there's an insta stun on the enemy team (Witch, Polly etc) He does tremendous damage and this way serves a similar role to Deadwood jumping on the stunner or carry. I've had decent success with it, although like most physical burst heroes he fades late game. I do think his charge should be reworked to give him the ability to use items during it's channel. That way crowd control items become more relevant for his play style, rather than focusing on a burst ganker/anti-carry.
  13. Poseidon

    Battle Pass

    For what? We aren't getting new avatars or cosmetics anytime soon.
  14. Would it be possible to implement purchasing Plinko tickets with silver coins? Not sure what the conversion rate would be maybe 1000 silver for 102 Plinko tickets? That way 1000 silver gets you at least 1 chest or 2 Plinko rolls, as the worst prize is 30 tickets and would get you the 2nd roll. This might be my personal experience but I'm more interested in the possible Plinko avatars than the avatars I can purchase with silver since I've played so much for so long. Thanks
  15. Hi again. How long will the stream be down?
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