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  1. It's ridiculous that his bash goes through magic immunity. He should not be stunning my spinning Swiftblade.
  2. You can't learn a hero in practice. Even bot matches will only teach you the very basics. The only way to get better is playing against actual competition. If you recognize a hero is strong and you want to learn to play it, go for it. Mid Wars being a no stat mode is exactly the place for players to learn how to play heroes they don't have much experience with.
  3. Those account names were purchased and the name belongs to the original customer.
  4. Can't get good at a hero without practice
  5. That's incorrect. If you let the whole animation play you won't receive the damage from the debuffs during the length of time in Take Cover, but you will still have the debuff applied to you. If you stop the animation early you will receive damage. It's semantics but again the only way to completely avoid damage/debuffs is manually avoiding the skills.
  6. Bear in mind that autocasting will only avoid the initial damage from the attack/skill. You will still have any modifiers applied to you. For example with pyro, you can autocast to avoid his phoenix wave damage, but you will still receive the debuffs from his fervor or a lightbrand. The only way to avoid it all is to manually take cover so it never initially hits you.
  7. Once upon a time you could kill pharaoh mummy walls for balph corpses or soul stealer souls at level one to speed things up. Alas, not anymore.
  8. Poseidon


    Play tremble
  9. I think this change would make him too strong imo. It would mean pk is less of a core on him to position silences and now he has an extra slot for another powerful item.
  10. Not sure if it's a bug but Pollywog Priest's ultimate Voodoo Wards can be controlled to destroy the Merrick's Rune. I believe the rune in Midwars was intended to be unkillable after this last patch.
  11. Can we get a 24 hr stream run for Christmas please, @ElementUser?
  12. Does it even matter if you get MVP? I honestly don't know if it is worth anything more than counting on your stat page. Does it even grant a few extra coins?
  13. They could make it so the tower automatically attacks the enemy hero in range with the lowest current hp %, regardless of aggro. If I was manning the tower I'd attack the weakest hero first to try and kill it.
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