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  1. return SD please!! its ok to have 3 mods
  2. for about 1 year (may be more) i cant watch matches via HON LIVE. when you going fix it? tryed on ~5 pc with different providers
  3. where i can download 64 bit client for linux?
  4. hello! im using linux and i need add cyrillic support with mod. so i'v downloaded your resources999.s2z. but i cant add mod with cyrillic suport without modman. can you help me?
  5. do you have mod manager for linux?
  6. hon64 is great job! you guys worked a lot!! thanks! im dreaming of hon64 for linux :)))) hope it could fix some problems: 1) in NEW UI selecting one region (now it marks or unmarks all) 2) in NEW UI selecting pop-up nitifications (marks all or none), cant select some of them 3) cant launch Hon in big display, its still going on laptop 15.6 inch and cant be switched ps donated for hon64 mac. hope to see hon64 for linux
  7. now i switched to Windows 10. HON64 running at 24" display as primary, and there no option with display (master or slave).
  8. hello everyone! I have laptop HP Pavilion Gaming 15 with 2 SSD (1 with windows 10 and 1 with Linux Mint 20). Also i have 24 inch BENQ display as primary connected via HDMI. But i cant switch it in options. I can choose Automatic or TV-0, and nothing happens. HON running in small display on the laptop. Please fix this problem. here photo here second photo
  9. i tried to change startup.cfg SetSave "vid_refreshRate" "60" "0" to SetSave "vid_refreshRate" "120" "0" but it didnt help. btw in dota2 i can disable vsync and have about 100fps
  10. i'm playing on Linux Mint and its ok, no graphics bugs. but i cant turn off VSYNC and have always 60 fps on my amd rx 570
  11. UI in HON i mean try to clean registry after uninstall game, i dunno
  12. windows? other games works well? try to use old UI
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