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  1. Once I pick my character and I have gone in/out of full screen mode, I actually have to exit the entire game and open again in full screen mode only, because as soon as I switch between full screen and windowed mode, it always 100% will eventually crash. Hope this makes sense
  2. The issue is small but yes, when it is in windowed mode, the resolution stays the same, it would be ideal if it changed to the size and frame of the windowed mode so that I could still do things while having it in windowed mode. It's not a huge deal but everytime I want to do something I have to go back into full screen which eventually for some reason, when I go back and forth between full screen and windowed mode - crashes the game. Which sucks if Im at character pick (this is usual)
  3. I'm on OSX, when I disengage full screen it becomes a larger resolution for some reason so I can only take a picture of what you see. 1. Will I ever be able to disengage full screen while it staying the same resolution? Also while I am at it, it ALWAYS crashes whenever I disengage (within a matter of minutes)2. Can you fix the white part?Thank you!Also I tried to upload a screenshot but it doesn't seem to be working so I uploaded it via imgur - https://imgur.com/WED5ahC
  4. Hi there Can you please unlock Songkran Benzi (EN), and can you switch all of the Songkran avatars that are available to EN versions? And If I purchase all the EN versions - Will that be sufficient to unlock the TP effect? Or do I have to buy the non EN versions as well? The reason I ask is because the heroes listed in the requirements needed to unlock the Songkran TP effect, aren’t EN versions. Thank you Dylan
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