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  1. Good stuff. Makes the community better. Thank you for your reports.
  2. Honestly? The Removal of the game mode entirely so its forces players back into FoC, the way the game was ment to be played. Dying repeatedly gets reptitive, idk how some people can main that kind of gameplay. With the community already being as small as it is, the majority probably are in midwars, which is probably why it seems to take forever to get a game in ranked even alone where as midwars is consistently instant half the time, in my case at least.
  3. As a support main and off-time carry. For support. I go voodoo everytime. Like you said it pretty much keeps people under control, that hero is absolute fear to be against and discourages any attempt at trying to try something in the lane, especially if u pair it with a bursty carry, prefer ravenor, gemini. Voodoo alone with any other burst hero that can make cursed ground a threat in its self is alrdy hard to deal with and usually requires the help of a third party to balance out her lane presence. Slither is.. meh, I mean she works.. But lots of con's, iffy attack animation, short range. Its only good to have her in the enemy carry lane with another cc hero like prisoner if you plan on feeding on the support or carry. Martyr is martyr. In short, if I had to chose a hero who has to be the most aggressive, good animation, long range and absolutely discourages fighting in a lane, go with my bae voodoo.
  4. Long as I dont gotta see them on flints anymore, game is already ruined enough.
  5. Well... I would tell you if I knew any other flag than my own... but i guess its a mix between carry and holding own depending on the circumstance. Also... why does it have to be a guy? Women play too...
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