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  1. No it doesn't. The reason he used his Q in the first place and manned up was because he saw me coming. If you look the replay at HB's perspective you can see I just wasn't invisible.
  2. Recently I played a geomancer game and I wondered how his e works. MATCH ID: 161406240 At 28:22 my e was activated, yet the enemies still could see me even though there was no enemy in 400 range or below. Is it a bug or am I just missing something on the ability ?
  3. Version 3.7.0 Webbed Shot Cooldown removed for early levels No longer considered an Attack Modifier and im 100% sure viper in Dota 1 had also one. You are right though, in Dota 2 right now Viper also has a 0 cooldown on it, but its a whole different meta with the additional skill tree and Heroes having generally more hp and less burst. [e. g. mirana(aka. valk) can leap 3 times in a row - this would be broken in hon] I agree that Arachna got nerfed, but imo the nerf was being in the wrong direction because that mentioned 0 cooldown was the broken part of
  4. Is there a reason why her orb-walking spell (Q) has 0 cooldown in lvl 1 and 2 ? This mechanic seems to be broken and in DotA (Viper) and even in HoN back in the days I believe the spell used to have 2 seconds cooldown at the first 2 levels.
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