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  1. I must have expressed myself wrong because you are right on this one. What you gave as examples are exactly what I meant. The players in both your scenarios could be suspended after a few instances of this (threshold was like 7 minutes back in the days). They are the obvious cases in my opinion. Clearly intentional, malicious and impactful. The only situation I can think of where I would ignore such behavior is if his team already has two terminated or otherwise griefing players. The kind of situation I was referring to when I wrote that there could be reasonable doubt of them 'securing t
  2. What the player says has no impact on the actual decision (unless the report is filed for verbal abuse). The actions alone matter and unless the player is blatantly AFK for a bit then moves to reset the AFK detection timer, reports of avoiding AFK detection are rarely ruled as guilty. There can frequently be a reasonable doubt that the player is farming to secure the late game and if you manage to win without him then his actions will be deemed as unimpactful and hence will not warrant any punishment. Perhaps you need to be more lenient regarding what actions you report and want puni
  3. Hey JustPlayNub, if you have several accounts linked to one another, the reason probably appears on one of the subs. It's a bit tedious but looking through the linked accounts should provide an answer.
  4. While the frustration is understandable, you should avoid posting on the forums while emotional. Speaking from experience, Frostburn Studios don't respond well to threats and you may very well end up with a longer suspension than what you already have if you keep arguying your case publicly after they told you two times to stop doing so. Unless you have proofs to back up your claims regarding the other player, you should simply accept that Newerth can be unfair at times and that it is a place built to fight physically with your hero and not verbally with your insults.
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