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  1. first episode kinda looked like Darling in the Franxx, but in 2nd episode onward it turned into "GGO kind" of anime but yes, it looks pretty good
  2. you should have "took it" and reported him after the match if you dont report anyone, then no one will be banned. You can see it in your case, he obviously reported you and you got banned. Using chat abuse as an answer to chat abuse is not tolerated as you now know
  3. just a litle advice, during picking phase stay in spectator PoV until game launches, dont switch to any specific player and also dont slide the replay bar. If you stay in PoV of specific player during picking phase, then only unit reactions from that player will load.
  4. the report system after the game works as intended, but if your RAP reputation is low, then as Shattered sayd you need also someone else to vouch for you that your report is valid and is "worthy to be looked at". and if you realy want to see players banned if they broke RAP rules, then you should realy care about your RAP reputation. Because if your RAP reputation is too low, it may happen that no one will ever look on any of your reports
  5. I think that the reason why he sayd that to you is because if you make RAP report using RAP site, then it does not affect your RAP reputation (in positive or negative way) (at least I think) and that is why if the report is only about one single match, you should always use ingame report system so that your RAP reputation can rise so that you will be able to solo report someone. Creating reports on RAP site is for special cases which needs for example examining player behavior in several matches (which you can do by ingame report system).
  6. the system for midwars works exactly the same as for Caldavar, if your RAP reputation is low - it means if you successfully reported too little players, or if you are known for sending false reports - then you will need to report that guy from at least 2 accounts (reports must be made in 1-2 hours windows from each other). If your RAP reputation is high enough, you can report players yourself (one one report will be needed). I kinda fail to see why you are calling out Shattered in this thread when he sayd exactly what you need to do. And yes, this system was implemented to ease the work of GMs to automatically weed out potentialy false reports.
  7. this means that your "RAP reputation" is not good enough for system to let you report players by yourself you need to ask someone to report that sayd player with you, the player doesnt need to be from the same game, it can even be your other account and you both need to make those reports in like 2 hours window from the first report
  8. super taunt is not an actual taunt, it is ability to use taunt immediately after you successfully smackdown someone
  9. it looks like you should read this thread also if you dont understand something, you can always ask here https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/33-report-a-player-feedback/
  10. the length of ban is determined by the number of times you were already banned before, not by the "severity" of the action you did and also if you break RAP rules repeatedly on more accounts, then all your accounts may be banned
  11. the new season has started, so here is my watchlist for it: Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of the Underworld (2nd season) Re: Zero (2nd season) En En no Shouboutai (2nd season) No Guns Life (2nd season) Maou Gakuin no Futegigousha The God of High School Deca-Dence Gibiate
  12. the punishment is there so that the banned guy "have time" to think about what he did and if he does not like not being able to play or buy items in store, then he surely will never ever do that again since as you sayd in your other thread, that you are banned for 1 month, then it clearly says that you doesnt care about the consequences also discussing suspensions or recreating closed threads may lead to your suspension being extended even more (even to permanent)
  13. just to clarify, you need to have the avatar you want the effect from and all the avatars below him for bonus to work so you will need both Gauntlet and Flux avatars for 1.2x bonus to work you cant just get MoA and have 2x bonus active the last 3 (Valkyrie, Kane and Artillery) are part of the URSA set, but they dont have any effects on the multiplier
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