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  1. were you realy banned by RAP - you cant even log into the game client, or were you banned by matchmaking - you cant join matchmaking, but you can log into the game client That is prety important information. But they will probably explain the difference to you at RAP portal if this was the case.
  2. I think in the past there was some kind of problem if you started a report in the game, then that report wasnt saved. I dont know if this is the same case. If you started a report after you left the game, everything was alright.
  3. It shouldnt matter what category you choose (I think apart from "chat abuse"), as long as you give accurate description, it should get handled. The categories are there prety much only for statistical reasons.
  4. it works as intended, as the main reason for this system (as I think) is to lessen the number of false tickets mady by "griefing reporters"
  5. It should have something to do with "game is absolutely lost, most of the towers are down, enemy team knocking on your barracks, your team cant even leave base, just spamming concede, yet there is that one guy hiding in the trees in the corner of the map" But maybe this situation can also be clasified as illogical refusal to participate or avoiding afk detection And I dont realy know if the "category" of "refusing to concede" is still valid, since now you dont realy know who is the one not conceding
  6. and it is already bannable by current RAP rules not conceding is not bannable, everyone is free to vote as they want, but as with everything, there are cases where not conceding is bannable (but you need to be sure who is the one not conceding)
  7. the "right click following a hero" case you mentioned could be clasified as "avoiding AFK detection" and thus it could get you banned the second case you mentioned is also already bannable with current RAP rules but all cases needs to be reviewed as case by case depending on what the sayd player did during whole game. You cant just say "player A did this and was banned, so every single player who do the same thing will also be banned" (well, in some cases yes, but most of the time no). That is not how RAP works.
  8. you broke RAP rules and you got punished for it - you should not call out positions of teammates to enemy team warning is something like "you broke the RAP rules, but you were in grey area", but the outcome is the same as if you receive "normal" ban If you think the ban is unjustified, you can appeal it on RAP portal, but your "I was griefed so I griefed the player back" is not a good idea to state in your appeal
  9. doesnt every account (even subaccount) have separate (its own) RAP reputation?
  10. you can kinda determine you "RAP reputation" by yourself, go to RAP portal, log in and look at your most recent report (if that report was made kinda recently ). What priority does that report have determine your RAP reputation - if it is not "highest" (or whatever the highest RAP "rank" is named), you still need 2 reports per one offense
  11. If your report end up as "not corroborated", then it does not affect your rap reputation at all so no it will not lower your rap reputation also you can use your own subaccount / other account to make the second report if you have any
  12. it says in that orange banner here on forum that customer support is under maintenance now
  13. the "ready check system" was already implemented in HoN, but the system was scrapped after a few hours because players had no idea how that system worked (and players had no intention on learning that) - too many "I join queue and go to afk facebook/youtube" guys so that there was only a very small number of games actualy played the punishment for leaving a game is already implemented, it is automatic ban for a few hours depending on how often you leave games
  14. that is called "giving enemies position of allies" and yes, it is bannable offense so as expected, you were "rewarded" for it
  15. Ceriss

    Hon Legacy

    Legacy account symbol was claimable for free soon after the game went f2p. You needed to claim that symbol yourself, it was not added to your account automaticaly. Only players who bought their accounts was able to claim that symbol. You cant get that symbol now.
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