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  1. I think this system counts all games you left in last 10 days (or something like this) - the more games you left, the longer is the ban
  2. but the temporal ban only kicks in if you DC several matches, not just after one and the more matches you are leaving, the longer will the ban last
  3. have you tried logging in on RAP page with every single account you have? One of your other accounts could get banned and ban of this account is just a consequence.
  4. length of the ban depends on how many times were you banned before, it doesnt matter for what you were banned this time
  5. Just to let you know, just before the end of the current season, they started releasing Attack on Titan The Final Season
  6. so all jungle heroes should be called "wooders" now instead of "junglers"?
  7. I also wonder how can someone "hack" with GPM mod. To my knowledge only punishable mod so far was "zoom out". If you have some "potentialy exploitable" list of mods and dont want to post them on forum, then why dont you send a PM to FB member or mod and they would direct you to correct place to let it sorted out.
  8. It doesnt matter "who started the discussion", YOU used curse words and YOU got reported. And thus YOU are banned. Being griefed doesnt give you right to grief back. Have you reported the "player who griefed you"? If yes, then he is most likely already banned. If no, then he will never be banned. Also you are not allowed to discuss any RAP decisions here on forum, or your ban might get prolonged.
  9. You need to own paragon avatar on which you want to have a kill counter. I dont know if it is still buyable, but every paragon avatar has their own kill counter in store among the paragon skill upgrades. You dont need to have any specific number of them. Also this kill counter counts only kills you do when playing with that specific paragon skin and it only counts kills you do after you purchase the upgrade.
  10. Well, right now, there is no reason to steal HoN accounts because apart from playing HoN, you cant do anything else with them. But with your system the HoN accounts wiould gain great value for hackers / scammers because you would be able to transfer alt avatars between accounts. So hackers gain access to HoN accounts because of a phishing site, then they check those accounts for what avatars are there and they just create sites with something like "I am selling avatar X for 200$". Then when buyer appears then they will just log into that account and send the alt avatar (or maybe neve
  11. That would introduce just the "scamming and phishing sites" because finally there would be a reason to start stealing HoN accounts and for example selling alt avatars for real money. No, thank you, I dont think anyone wants that.
  12. you can think of it as "avatars are 50% cheaper in store when bought with gold coins" event
  13. When you buy avatar with gold coins, you can also gift that avatar to other player. That player will get that avatar for free since you payd for it instead of him. That is how it works. You cant just send any of your already owned avatars to someone else.
  14. maybe because it is reward for owning whole set of 8bit avatars? If you want the annoncer, then get the whole set
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