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  1. I found this out the hard way when laning against him as a suicide grinex, with him surviving on 1hp after diving me, where the result would be the opposite if his spells gave battery charges. Just something I observed which I assume is not intentional.
  2. Note: it appears to be a server issue as I can't even reconnect on a different account to spectate my friends if they're still in that game. Same result: no response from server
  3. This is a weird bug I have never encountered before. Sometimes, my game will show a DC sign in the left and freeze. I will either manually disconnect at this point or it will time me out. In either case, I am given no option to reconnect to the game, even after relogging or closing hon. Attempts to use CTRL+F8 to manually reconnect result in the loading assets screen and then "no response from server" There is no way back into the game. I have no idea what is happening here, and it's not an internet connection issue as I have discord, spotify etc. running smoothly througho
  4. I honestly believe it could be something as simple as: - Rescale Silver Bullet damage from 650/750/850 to 600/750/900 - Implement the movement speed/turn rate improvements and the minor buff to INT - Add the suggested tether effect when Power Drain is at level 4 He could still kill most heroes 1v1 mid at level 6, he just actually needs to take a point in miniturisation and chain his stuns. It ever so slightly improves his mid-lategame damage, gives his E some actual utility, and it fixes his weak laning phase when played as a support.
  5. No, I say you're not contributing because you barely speak English and are struggling to comprehend what I'm actually suggesting, resulting in a tiresome discussion which consists entirely of me correcting your misunderstandings.
  6. Again, I appreciate that English isn't your first language, and it might be hard to follow the tone/flow of a native speaker, so I'm going to add a single word so that you can understand my point and where you're going wrong:
  7. I literally never suggested increasing his skill damage. I literally never suggested reducing the mana cost of his abilities, in fact I state the exact opposite IN THE QUOTE YOU USED. I'm starting to think you literally just can't read. You aren't contributing, so kindly leave this thread. I appreciate that English probably isn't your first language, so don't try to debate in English. I can't state anything more plainly than I already have. You keep quoting things, thinking you're making a point, but the exact things you're quoting run contrary to your point, so I have nothing
  8. I think the heroes have different utility, and Witch Slayer doesn't necessarily need to do as much ability damage as Pyro, given that he has two disables which are both better than Pyro's stun. I think in the mid-late game they fill different niches, with Pyro scaling more with both ability damage and autoattack DPS, and Witch Slayer building more utility. My suggested change to Power Drain would differentiate them even further in terms of damage vs utility, and then they both fall into different niches moreso than they do at present. In the early and midgame, assuming both are bei
  9. So not only did you not read the post, you didn't read my reply to your reply. Lol. I did not suggest reducing the mana costs of his spells. I cannot stress this enough. Maybe you'll understand this by reading it for the THIRD TIME.
  10. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it massively increases his early game relevance and viability as a mid, which I love because I love playing the hero mid. However, it feels a little overwhelming against many heroes. 650 magic damage is absolutely huge. A level 6 bubbles with, say, boots, bottle and a soul trap (which gives +3 STR) has 650 HP, and dies to a stun+ult combo, with no autoattacks required. Not only is the stun easy to hit in general, but it becomes impossible to miss with a level in minimise. I actually tested this on a number of heroes after reading your reply, a
  11. Sounds like you barely read what I wrote, since I did not suggest a decrease in mana cost for any of his skills. Perhaps you should actually read a topic before replying to it?
  12. I honestly think it's just the meta. 2-1-2 has replaced jungle/suicide to a large extent, and magebane is weak in most 2v2 lanes. This is compensated for massively by his late game effectiveness, and his incredible farming speed with a runed cleaver due to his blink. He's just not a very "meta" pick at present, but he can still be very effective once he gets rolling. You just can't pick him against deathball lineups because he won't be able to contribute much to early fights. A great example of when he is actually viable is when the enemy team picks up a legionnaire jungle (wh
  13. I think the only thing needed to make Qi viable is to have his ult deal a flat amount of damage, and then add a % of the enemy attack damage (rescale down a bit) This means it won't be completely useless against everyone but farmed carries. That's it, that's all he needs.
  14. Hi all, I was glad to see Witch Slayer seeing at least a little bit of love in the most recent patch, but I still feel that the core problems with this hero haven't been addressed. I suggested these changes years and years ago when I was in SBT, and a few people (including EU as I recall) liked them, but they were never tested or implemented as far as I'm aware. In the current meta, Witch Slayer simply feels underwhelming in both of his roles, laning support and solo mid. His problems are as follows: As a laning support, he is unnecessarily slow (290) when compared
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