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  1. I think its strong but it has to be.. or else it will NEVER be used. Whispering helm was a cheaper item that gave more, and built into one of the strongest late game items. So I would prefer elder being a little crazy when you use it, maybe nerf the passive stuff a bit but I love the item at the moment.
  2. I totally get it, patch looks great I'm excited to play as well
  3. It's just human nature, people can go weeks without playing, but once they CAN'T play, they feel a burning desire to do so
  4. I don't agree that ophelia really falls off.. you have the potential for 3 superior disables with skeletons, the ability to save heroes with W, especially if you have a stormspirit, and your Q lets your team blow up most heroes quite easily late game. Also many strong creeps exist the scale into late game.. Obviously most ophelias would prefer to end the game sooner than later but it is NOT useless late game by any means.
  5. I believe a revert to original WS would be best, a hero that was more flexible and useful without needing the ability to have inflated xpm and gpm
  6. Why would you guys ever make LAT teams play on EU? This was never the case before and resulted in at least 2 latin teams straight up leaving games.. why not let it be played on USE where both teams average similar pings?
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