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  1. Loli`pot

    Bonus set

    The one that give you and the ninja announcer the shroud I believe
  2. Loli`pot

    Bonus set

    Is there any other set other then ursa that give you silver bonus ? I remember ninja set had bonus does it still works?
  3. Can you make arctos avaible in silver like the others
  4. Santa I accidentally spended all my gold on plinko and still don’t have pacu devouer (I got 2 trophy heroes XD really disappointing) can you make my day better
  5. @`Shattered here he is the santa of hon
  6. who will be my santa to gift me samuel l jackson announcer to me I wish all the best to all hon players
  7. I had liek 5 k silver and bought ursa flux . I had 30% off with the cupon but it didnt work and i bought the flux for 4.5k when i should have bought it for 3150 silver I think. Is there anything I can do?
  8. I only have played one game in new patch and the healing speed in the hellburne well seems slow.
  9. if you leave the item on the ground before you die you will not lose charges idk if that is suppose but its rly op
  10. The name color its available for 9k silver coins in store but you cant purchase it https://imgur.com/7JNZycc
  11. I want the same thing you have smoked when you came up with this idea. Only a drug that strong can remove mine depression and anxiety for some hours
  12. yeah i heard so too 50 euro for 12k gold
  13. Who won The Paint Scout #2 and Dream Meme #2?
  14. if you have all ursa set you can have silver multiplier
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