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  1. Who care with this thread right now? Anyone? 555555555
  2. Actually i use mods for play in sea region because its not display mmr. But after patch 4.8.5 got error like this (when use mods and old interface) error be like : some hero gone when banning/picking and select region gone. In patch 4.8.2 - 4.8.4 when i use mods its work and fine. So DONT USE MODS or TRY DISABLING MODS its not solve the problem.
  3. No need nerf sw anyway. Mb full item vs sw full item still win mb. Kill sw in early game so easy also just use hero combo stuner
  4. Maliken nerf? Its so bad nerf. The hero was weak from armor and now got nerf in skill 2nd heal sword and 3rd skill. Thanks fb
  5. i love smurfing 55555555555555
  6. i help u for dc match/leaver but i love vs smurfing its fun i dont have wish for them but if someone want give them punishment then just go
  7. Its just a bit problem from game. Not always that step dc the server is working properly.
  8. now "hard login" issue back. i need spam ctrl f8 login until 6-8 times not like before only 1-2 times.
  9. Its long time ago and if someone here not process that smurf i also dont care anymore LOL u also know SEA dont have rap system and why u keep posting with tittle stats manipulation 1 and 2? U just envy with them and always lose against them thats why u report them. Ur moto is "if u cant beat them in game then report them"
  10. i didnt see "its against the rules". i just see u look envy with smurf player because u cant do like them or u just lose game against them buT thanks for ur effort
  11. i was see in here. so many normal player posting at subform hon SEA. so for me if casual maybe can improve for map. i prefer like new map like hon NAEU than old MAP and from exp, gold etc its was so so balance right now no need nerf/buff at all. maybe old map look less about ganking but for farming that good too
  12. wait. i dont understand why so many people envy when got player drop rank? this game also dont have good thing in future. can u just let them play? or imagine u can go drop rank too and how ur feeling if someone report u like this? happy? sure i can guess u will mad. let them with their bussiness and u can up rank if u want avoid smurf player.
  13. I know that. And now server fixed for a while. And my case about hard login my main id its fixed for now but i dont know after patch what will happend.
  14. Lol haste rune so easy counter. Pearl skill, parasite ss and try become pro in fog on trees its will make haste waste 555555
  15. Nbidjr


    hello. i play hon with old interface and when time picking i see some hero gone like maliken, kane u cant find at there. can u fix that in next patch?
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