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  1. Lucky SEA client not follow the update. Still can play magebane as agility carry
  2. Move on is only way boys. We can't do anything for make the game raise up anymore
  3. Nbidjr

    Arcane bomb

    illusions hero not have chance for push or kill without bkb if enemy have arcane bomb. With one click and bams! illussions gone
  4. Why when i use old interface its some have bug/issue : 1. when people invite me i not have get the notif inviting to group so cant join the queing group 2. When people add me i not have get the notif adding friend I do all for host in group and add ppl.
  5. Insanitarius no need buff. Item just fine until now. I like the item when i play str hero or some intiator.
  6. Nerf convert creep gold to 165 but price item still 1900. Need adjust for that. Some buff covert gold or nerf the price of item
  7. I dont understand why fb got nerf in ultimate skill without increase the damage or decrease cast skill time maybe? Im agree if his 2nd skill got nerf but nerf for increase cd on ultimate skill its really bad i guess
  8. Hahaha sorais is midwar player so he can say like that because he hate the hero when he meet at midwar. So many counter the hero so no need reworks or something. The hero just fine for now
  9. this one called bug or just no more staff effect? And why jade shapire for artilery in rank mode not actived like in pict? and also i want ask about predator venomous leap. this skill now change effect ? why when enemy bkb then preda cant use leap to them? i remember if that can leap but no give damage and slow. remind me please which patch notes when skill preda change effect cant against 1st skill when enemy use bkb
  10. Nbidjr

    Current Meta

    Anyway arcane bomb also become imba item now. Its not let chance illusion playing on game. From item (geomater) skills (sand stalker, ultimate skill sillu and ultimate skill xemplar) and illusion rune.
  11. I agree with this. Some hero got reworks and make them so less being used by player. For me reworks adrenaline is a very useless and bad with the anyreason
  12. Sea want have new map also like NAEU. Vote for new map or old map before its suck. I prefer play with new map than old map.
  13. Bad patch. Lord salforis nerf without buff attack damage. Lord salforis already weak since reworks staff effect. Hero like panda and deadwood already owning lord in midlane now the hero got nerf on 2nd skill
  14. my friend thailand can use that macro chat. i will ask him later. thanks for advice
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