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  1. You cant do anything. Just let them and stop play the game i suggest
  2. Why no need show in-game name? Rule? That also break the rule queing with low rank, make the game not cozy for play in normal tier. Im griefing for the rule and these sub form
  3. Yah i dont care about how system matchmaking work but in this case im gonna never use new id, reset statistic or wanna be bad i dont want play matchmaking anymore because after the id immortal sure he/she gonna use others id and help someone who help her/him for reach immortal rank
  4. i online this game and i see this actually i curious how the id can get 101 win streak on the game. maybe he/she too powerfull in game and owning all player there. but when i press some win game there i see this its just a few game of 101 win streak. i cant posting all here because i believe all 101 win game actually playing with 3/4 bronze rank. you can see there also some enemy leave the game because they not have good feeling or feel bad because meet everlynn team. so i know how sorais feeling about manipulating stats, play with bronze, etc. im not ask for st
  5. Hehehe why still play the game if you know scout doing it?
  6. Garena dont have solution about this that's why they leave. Just have a some member of their teams for follow up patch and some little event. And they dont know how to solve the problem like manipulation stats,etc because main team of them already leave the game. Suggest from me go leave the game also
  7. They have 2 reason for make bronze rank : 1. Play statistic like kdr and win rate 2. Help to high rank for get a game so you need be kind to bronze rank so you guys can play with them and get a game so fast because normaly gold I-diamond II q solo need 10 min average time in garena thats suck u know =D
  8. Bruh really? 555555555 they from ur country like u also. You do this because you keep losing against them? Thats funny btw. So many people drop rank to bronze and play nm with legendary like everlynn_ and some legendary rank in cm. Its normal for drop rank on garena situation because this game dying already. Make this game comeback alive then GMs will back too on game
  9. Why when i use old interface its some have bug/issue : 1. when people invite me i not have get the notif inviting to group so cant join the queing group 2. When people add me i not have get the notif adding friend I do all for host in group and add ppl.
  10. You go to thailand and ask garena for follow-up the game again
  11. Insanitarius no need buff. Item just fine until now. I like the item when i play str hero or some intiator.
  12. Nerf convert creep gold to 165 but price item still 1900. Need adjust for that. Some buff covert gold or nerf the price of item
  13. i know. i mean are u gonna foward the issue to garena? so they can fix next week when patch coming
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