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  1. Anyway arcane bomb also become imba item now. Its not let chance illusion playing on game. From item (geomater) skills (sand stalker, ultimate skill sillu and ultimate skill xemplar) and illusion rune.
  2. I agree with this. Some hero got reworks and make them so less being used by player. For me reworks adrenaline is a very useless and bad with the anyreason
  3. Sea want have new map also like NAEU. Vote for new map or old map before its suck. I prefer play with new map than old map.
  4. Bad patch. Lord salforis nerf without buff attack damage. Lord salforis already weak since reworks staff effect. Hero like panda and deadwood already owning lord in midlane now the hero got nerf on 2nd skill
  5. my friend thailand can use that macro chat. i will ask him later. thanks for advice
  6. what u mean about nums lock? its normal la no broke and i was enable all mods in setting. iam play hon garena sea so i need that mods because mmr in hon sea not display right now. so what should i do ah?
  7. man u need see this. i dunno why when i press num1-num2 its not display in game. did i wrong put command? Which one step i wrong put the command? tell me pls
  8. Update mod? My step like this. I open hon mod manager > set the link file hon > open mod file > i copy macro assit file into file hon mod manager > press F5 > and macro assist was available in hon mod manager then i enable that then i apply mods and i open hon. Its work for setting mods for macro chat but not work when i use ingame even i was click enable and set hotkey ingame
  9. How do that? I still not work when i use chat macro. What file u need in hon mod manager? Actually u need macroassist file. And what else file?
  10. I was do that too man. Click enable and change hotkey to num1 and num4 for 4 macro chat but the macro chat not displayed when i press num1 until num4. I was sure following the steps from youtube. Use hon mod manager 1st and download macro assist file. I do with old interface and new interface but both same
  11. excusme. macro chat now disable in game? i was follow the step in youtube but cant use when i was ingame.
  12. Yes sub form but dunno now like dead subform in here. No one care since someone make topic about stats manipulation or any topic.
  13. Lol. This is forum actually for hon international. If u talk like that u need chat to garena hon thailand. They manage hon sea not staff in here. But i dont know why garena still follow update patch from hon inter since garena was drop hon game in their list game garena
  14. Why pebbles got nerf? The hero fine just now and not overpowered too. I dont understand now the game only update for nerf and reworks? If u want nerf peb give the balance too on his damage skill.
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