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  1. Ya me too bro. My main id now like new id no have nothing at all
  2. Someone talk about sand wraith. So i like to join the conversation. I prefer like old sand wraith than new sand wraith but if new sand wraith got buff too in next patch its also ok. In early game sand wraith really hard to kill since hero got reworks skill. Its like need more damage too for playing with the illusion. And hero now so soft from the base armor and base strength. When hero vs combo stuner like midas and magmus in lane it make hero fast die too. Actually u cant predict/guess when enemy use their skill for combo
  3. I only want announcer ancesion but i cant request like hon NAEU
  4. Klanx permanent flying with staff effect too op?
  5. Kane sotm. Have max get damage? 99? If kane lvl 16 with sotm. Steal damage /12. So if kane use ss and target die in 9 times it will get 108 attack damage?
  6. Nbidjr


    Hello, i want tell something about nickname. Player have a good/special IGN and someday they will change IGN and oneday they want use back to old IGN. So i have problem here with that. Now im in situasion want use back old IGN but i cant have that because someone shit use my old IGN in new id and make it stuck forever in new id. For a godshake please help me for solve this P.s = i dont like use icon like '_ on IGN
  7. Need bring back option "kick player" not kick afk i guess for deal with troller/throwers
  8. Same like me. So vpn only bait for open th server and after connect need to disconnect vpn and wait id auto reconnect back in lobby 555. Anyway thanks for that. If i got time i will give tips for sea player can see mmr with mod
  9. 190ms its make delay and spiky in game
  10. U need line internet too because asian region play hon international sure lag ping 250+
  11. Nbidjr

    Casual mode

    I wish that too. So no more casual rank or player in garena SEA. Its will interesting if garena SEA have only normal mode in rank mode
  12. Nbidjr

    Remove Nitro

    No need think. Because no more new hero, maybe nitro will get a bit buff next patch
  13. Lol waytocool 555555 use hon mod manager. Install and running that. And open youtube for see tutorial how to use hon manager
  14. Nbidjr

    Homepage makeover?

    Oh man this new make me confused
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