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  1. Oh indeed, the antivirus. I've been searching on the web for sulutions, nobody mentions this. ty.
  2. Following, for this has happend to me for the 2nd time last week. I did not crash. Just played a few games, then when I turned on the computer the shortcut does not work anymore and hon.exe is nowhere to be found. Reinstalled the game and the problem was gone, but now it happend again. Total clueless...
  3. The option to kick a player. People just go afk or feed because things don't go their way and ruins it for the people who still want to play that game. Best to get rid of those.
  4. What must we say then? You can expect these kind of responds. It's a typical HoN game descriped, totaly 2020 playingstyle. OP: Try (yes, try) to find some friends that do play seriously. Maybe it helps a little for you. Didn't work for me. ?
  5. I'm playing mw games, if ur up to it, feel free to add me ^^ Xaphane Also EU and anti-rage
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