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  1. is there anyoption how to make my coursor size normal at 4k?
  2. so i found out if i reconnect serval times in start of the game ,the ping gets to normal.
  3. When i put the game on 4k resolution my coursor size gets small ,there is no option or command to make it regular sized ,sometimes in teamfights with alot of characters i lose it because of the small size which accures on 4k.
  4. i found out that eu 88 server works fine but eu 98 eu 109 have big ping this is wierd.
  5. Hello Im from croatia and i play onlz eu servers on most servers in rnaked games i have 200 ping and in most od mw servers are normal ping,i dont know why this is happening. My connection is good and works fine its some servers issue or the tunelling for my region.please help
  6. why do i get 200 ping in eu servers if im from croatia and my connection iis good. your servers have some propblems i guess so try to fix that...
  7. __ivan

    high ping

    why do i have 200plus ping in eu serverrs after server updates when im from croatia . i checked my connection and everyting is fine in everyother game dota,pubg,cod wz,but only in hon i have that problem.
  8. __ivan

    sscreen freez

    my screen is freezing everygame and the only thing i can do is sing out or restart my pc,i have tried hon repair and all drivers instaled and updated the system what is next step?
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