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  1. True! It would be easier to use in-game with your team mates, leaving an icon behind like the other pings. Maybe this one can stay for an extended period of time? Perhaps for mentors it would only be usable onscreen rather than from the minimap.
  2. I think that the pinging system helps just about anybody convey very quickly to the team what they are thinking, or if they need help (especially if they are unable to speak English). I think a ping requesting to ward/counterward would be a great addition to the HoN ping system. It would also be great potentially for mentors training someone new with ward pings to help teach spots and the like. Maybe this could be added to the ping wheel? Regards, Etans
  3. Maybe it's a graphics card issue. Did you use NVIDIA? (Assuming because of the video clip). Maybe try to change the graphics setting away from DX 9 / Open GL (and maybe other graphics options) Only solution I can think of. Also try to see your GFX performance graph with task manager.
  4. Good evening, If a player casts Super Taunt and deals damage at the same time as another player with normal taunt during a killing blow, the normal taunt will also be refreshed for the second player as well (not an owner of Super Taunt). How to replicate: 1) Cast Super Taunt on an enemy. 2) Ally and Super Taunt user damage an enemy at the same time of the kill. 3) Taunt is refreshed at the time of the kill for ally and Super Taunt user. 4) Ally is able to cast taunt again. If the Super Taunt is used again, taunt will be refreshed for ally again. This can be done inde
  5. Where is the bug report?
  6. I think many of us have had this happen to us, this is a very old one indeed. The way that this is replicated: 1). Send out an invite. 2). Start the queue. 3). If a player joins after you started the queue, the second player will never actually "connect" and stay at 0% indefinitely. Using the new interface, you are unable to leave the loading screen for 2-3 minutes unless you close HoN client and log-in again. With the old interface, you still have the log-out button. Using this, you are able to log out and back in, but then the friends-list will potentially get bugged (sh
  7. Getting a bad packet crash whenever I'm logging in and my hero dies while reconnecting. Match ID 158772274. A player in the game was purposefully feeding me. Every time I tried to log in, he would run my hero and kill me, causing my game to crash. Apparently, this is a known issue, but was enabling a griefing player to grief me even harder. Just wanted to make you aware of this issue. Thanks! Etans
  8. Enemy fayde unpauses the game at 14:46 within a few seconds despite the countdown timer. Match ID 158662148. This has also happened in a game I was in, can provide that Match ID as well. Thank-you, Etan
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