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  1. Having tried Dota2 I found the shop incredibly unintuitive but that may be because I am used to playing HoN. If you want to know what a base component builds into, select it in the shop. Any base component item selected in the shop will show everything it can be built into. You had to find it in the shop at some point to start off with didn't you?
  2. There is an issue with topic size, if the tickets topic is too long (30 characters) it won't register. Special characters such as : ( ) etc sometimes translate into multiple characters.
  3. My ticket fell within those criteria but it might be because symbols, such as : and ` are interpreted as multiple characters by the back end.
  4. Is there a character limit in RAP tickets? I have tried to submit several different detailed tickets now and had the ticket just not work. Seems like I'm having an issue with my browser as I was just not able to submit a ticket at all but when I switched browsers I was able to.
  5. XoRt`

    xemplar in SD

    Xemplar can still show up as an option in single draft but will be unpickable resulting in 1 less option for whoever it appears as an option for.
  6. If you are teleporting with boots of travel and they get upgraded to pegasus boots (via courier delivering recipee) then the tp gets cancelled and your tp goes on cooldown.
  7. The area of effect indicators is not able to be enabled as cg_showaoeindicators does not exist in startup.cfg This can be fixed by manually editing startup.cfg but I think either that line of was removed from the startup.cfg at some point or the entire functionality was removed and it was just not removed from the interface>assistance menu. Been meaning to report this for a while, just kept forgetting.
  8. I was having the same issue last night, decided not to update and was still able to play. Despite a banner along the top saying "A newer version of HoN is available, you must update to play online" Updater will get approx 1/3 of the way through applying update when it freezes.
  9. I'm curious at what point sitting one one or 2 items with a huge gold hoard becomes refusal to participate? or if it falls under a different category? Got to experience 2 separate midwars games today where team mates had one or 2 items and were sitting on well over 6k gold
  10. A tier list is always very subjective but I definitely think you are over valuing a couple of heroes and undervaluing several others. Thunderbringer while having strong nuking potential early has a very finite scaling dependent on his abilities, and abilities fall of in late game in favour of pure right clicking damage potential. Meanwhile. Heroes such as armadon, deadlift (hello staff), warchief and even salomon are being grossly under valued. I understand your reasoning for many of your rankings but i feel some choices may have been made out of a lack of understanding of the play s
  11. Looks like an ability queuing thing, dev cast his ult and moved into range and the animation started just as you leapt away. And as the leap sub ability is a disjoint and not an invulnerability state it was cancelled by dev's ult
  12. I have experienced some issues with key ghosting (which i believe this could be related to), is there a maximum amount of inputs that hon will handle at a time? So if someone is talking/using direct pathing and inputs several other commands at the same time will some commands (direct pathing/ptt) persist?
  13. I think this is related to the mic stuck on bug and could have to do with key ghosting? Is there a limit to the amount of inputs HON will receive/process? I could feasibly see if say you are using abilities and items while talking/direct pathing one of the commands will just stay activated?
  14. version 4.8.5 wac i686 [unicode] [secure crt] build date: Jul 28 2020
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