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  1. With one or two tank items he is practically unkillable, especially if he gets his blink off to initiate a team fight, the slow from his blink means you HAVE to fight back against him (unless ofcourse you have a blink hero and even then you can be run down while affected by the slow) and the magic damage mitigation means unless you have a heavy physical damage dealing hero, even if you have a lot magic damage output he will be able to blink back out after 6 seconds. I'm not sure what needs nerfing but the combination of buffs that he got mean that with very little effort the hero becomes
  2. It appears to be a bug with ward skins, just tested in practice mode. If I have Lookout Ward as my ward skin then ward placement is not credited. If i have the default ward then it works as intended.
  3. Ophelia's pact does not appear to work correctly, played a game yesterday where I placed 7 wards and the place ward condition did not complete. It did not seems to register how many wards I had placed (sight or rev) as the rev ward condition was only completed once I countered a ward. The only thing I can think of that may be causing this is the ward skin I am using (lookout ward) unless it is broken for everyone.
  4. I believe at least the fayde instance has to do with abilities cast while out of range, ie; parasite uses ult on fayde while not in range, fayde use E spell, parasite comes in range of fayde and ult triggers.
  5. You still gain mastery from midwars, at a much lower rate.
  6. I believe it was put into the game as an April fools joke and it was easier to leave it in than to remove it.
  7. I've you create a "public game" then you can select a bot match as one of the option which will allow you to select the bot heroes. I believe that also makes it less casual mode.
  8. Having tried Dota2 I found the shop incredibly unintuitive but that may be because I am used to playing HoN. If you want to know what a base component builds into, select it in the shop. Any base component item selected in the shop will show everything it can be built into. You had to find it in the shop at some point to start off with didn't you?
  9. There is an issue with topic size, if the tickets topic is too long (30 characters) it won't register. Special characters such as : ( ) etc sometimes translate into multiple characters.
  10. My ticket fell within those criteria but it might be because symbols, such as : and ` are interpreted as multiple characters by the back end.
  11. Is there a character limit in RAP tickets? I have tried to submit several different detailed tickets now and had the ticket just not work. Seems like I'm having an issue with my browser as I was just not able to submit a ticket at all but when I switched browsers I was able to.
  12. XoRt`

    xemplar in SD

    Xemplar can still show up as an option in single draft but will be unpickable resulting in 1 less option for whoever it appears as an option for.
  13. If you are teleporting with boots of travel and they get upgraded to pegasus boots (via courier delivering recipee) then the tp gets cancelled and your tp goes on cooldown.
  14. The area of effect indicators is not able to be enabled as cg_showaoeindicators does not exist in startup.cfg This can be fixed by manually editing startup.cfg but I think either that line of was removed from the startup.cfg at some point or the entire functionality was removed and it was just not removed from the interface>assistance menu. Been meaning to report this for a while, just kept forgetting.
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