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  1. https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/163-starting-queue-after-player-joins-causes-load-to-get-stuck/ Already reported and confirmed
  2. Item picks are highly dependent on opposing item and hero picks. Personally I usually favour armour over HP as it scales a lot better (armour gives damage reduction, hp gives straight hp) If for example a team is mostly magic damage and i have already got shrunken/headress/barrier then straight hp/str is a better choice than physical armour, however sometimes the best way of mitigating/preventing damage is preventing the opponent from outputting it, in which case crowd control items are extremely effective and often under estimated. A good way to work on your item choices is to look at what people who are successful against you have picked up and thinking about why they chose those items. If all else fails you can just choose to pick carry every game and pick hyper carry items, won't make you popular but will take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.
  3. Actually took the time to have a quick look at your past games and I have to say I'm not particularly surprised that you experienced this losing streak. I would suggest taking some time to work on your basic game skills and awareness. This is a game that requires some amount of unit control and reaction speed and it appears that for a decent portion of the time you just rightclick once and sit back and watch the show.
  4. The single mixed camp had not occurred to me but i would agree this could be a solid solution, it would however make early jungling impossible. I also strongly feel that making the camp impossible to stack would be a positive move. As for the suggestions from "high mmr midwars and eu discords", these suggestions seem to be centred around 5 man queues and coordinated teams, the vast majority of people who play midwars are solo or small queue with average at best team coordination. I feel that if those suggestions were implemented the game mode would get a lot more passive, most of the suggestions seem to incentivise turtling.
  5. I think making the ancient and neutral camp unstackable would alleviate some of the issues discussed. Midwars is about being in the mid lane. As it stands now the single neutral camp is plenty strong as one hero farming it can still gain a level advantage over the people in lane. I would not want to see any increase in the amount of farmable neutral creeps as this would necessitate the pick of a jungling hero (or a hero capable of clearing jungle camps) in order for teams to stay balanced/viable. By making the single neutral and ancient camps unstackable we are limiting the amount of resources to be gained by jungling but also giving parasite and ophelia viable mid/late game staff utility.
  6. Including an ancient camp would definitely give ophelia and parasite more viability in midwars. If it were to be implemented I would very much lean towards only one camp which is easily accessible to both teams making it something you can really contest.
  7. XoRt`

    1000 MMR

    Not entirely sure how this works, but if a player is able to tank their MMR to 1000 (intentionally or not) then they will not be able to gain MMR from 1000 regardless of wins. Unsure if this is an issue in FOC as well but it I have become aware of quite a few people who have 1000 midwars MMR. There are some players who appear to abuse this to queue into opponents of a much lower skill level.
  8. I have encountered this a couple of times, there is one notable player who I am aware of who has been abusing this to get his account down to very low mmr in order to queue into very low skilled games. His account has been at 59 disconnects the entire time despite having accumulated 40+ disconnects in the most recent stat cycle. I believe it may have to do with queuing and getting placed in a new game before the game you are in is over as this is a common theme with this particular account.
  9. To clarify, if madman dies with his ult active and a staff of the master (proccing insanity) then all of his cooldowns reset at level 2 and 3 of his ultimate, while at level 1 ultimate just his q and w reset. If madman dies with ult active and staff then he is able to immediately ult again on respawn/buyback.
  10. It did have a cd, can't remember when it was removed but it was quite a while ago now.
  11. You fail to take into account the fact that bounty rune also refills a bottle, denying it like a regular rune is a legitimate strategy against a strong zoning team (who are using bottles to supplement regen). The main function of the bounty rune is the regen, the bonus gold is just that, a bonus. As for bans, right now it is not ALWAYS 20, the first 10 bans are open, the second 10 are blind. This means that regardless of who's ban it is you will be able to see the first 10 banned heroes, the second 10 bans will not be visible until the timer expires and double bans can occur, personally I have seen instances of 5 bans used on the same hero. Now for people who play in 5 locks that's not as big a problem as they will most likely be communicating their bans however in a random pub game it is not uncommon to see duplicate bans in most games.
  12. By going onto the RAP portal and checking my reports. I have had multiple instances of reporting players where the report does not go through to the RAP portal.
  13. I usually find if the report function is not available during the game then trying to report them post match doesn't register despite the in-game prompt saying "report submitted"
  14. This does not take into account gold and xp advantage gained. Yes, the net XP is the same but divided across 4 players instead of 5 that is ~5% more xp and gold for each of the remaining players allowing them to get their big ticket items 5% faster and get their big levels earlier. Yes the later in the game this happens the less advantage a team will gain but if they have a player leave immediately and they able to stall for ~15 minutes then they will have on average a 2 level and ~1000 gold (per player) advantage. In this game, the number of units is only a small part of a much larger equation. Even if a team is behind and turtle they can recoup their deficit and win on pure xp gain difference. By no means does this happen every game but if players have a decent understanding of the game mechanics then they will be able to turn a 4 v 5 into an advantage for themselves.
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