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  1. In my experience (I've been playing MOBA games since 2010 HON, Dota2), and this change has a very positive impact and is not only anecdotal/emotional, it is good to implement improvements that have given a good results in other mobas (like dota2 which is the closest to hon) This change was implemented in mid 2019 and remains to this day.
  2. I had the same idea of free wards, but as I have experienced in another MOBA (I already edited the original post) in the long run the results are satisfactory. Let's see. Currently worth gold and people do it, the point is to encourage its correct use and to be more venerable with the players who play the role of support. Trolls will always exist. the advantage will be for both teams
  3. Lets say wards are suddenly free! Yes, that means they cost 0 gold! Let the supports rejoice! But what consequences does this present us? How does it affect Hon and is it a good or bad thing? Possible consequences: Ranked games are no longer are plagued by lack of vision. If wards are free most players will use them.(especially low mmr matches) Support heroes no longer need to worry about keeping gold stashed away for wards. Gold no longer affects the vision of the team. Now proper vision is dependent on the experience of the player placing the wards.
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