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  1. I'm not sure why my copy & paste formatted that way, sorry about that ^^
  2. I've tried a few times, including rebooting system. Have Windows 10 & Bitdefender active. Here is the error text toward where the download stalled: [Updater] Download already complete on hon.exe [Updater] Starting download on k2.dll Failed to open file: c:/Program Files (x86)/Heroes of Newerth/Update/k2.dll.zip CFileManager::GetFile() [c:/Program Files (x86)/Heroes of Newerth/Update/k2.dll.zip] - Could not open file [Updater] Error opening k2.dll.zip for writing! [Updater] Retrying request, attempt 1 Can not delete :/Update/k2.dll.zip (permission denied) [Updater]
  3. My update has error at 69% in the download...every time. Not trolling, always at 69%.
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