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  1. Conseguiu resolver o problema de crash??? To com esse problema quando jogo com o Warchief e uso as skills rapidamente, o  jogo me da uma mensagem de erro "hon bad packet from server error" e fecha. Consegue me ajudar?

    1. Dampeer9


      I'm playing warchief a lot these days, since the last update as soon as i go in a team fight and use spirit walk my game crashes with this message "CHost::Execute() - CHost::Frame() - Bad packet from server". I have 3 different internet connections and its happening on all of those. You facing the same issue?

  2. UI is User Interface. There's a check box for it in the settings
  3. If you want to set a custom account icon, you have to purchase it on the shop and upload it on the website, following the guidelines, of course (128x128 pixels and maximum of 50Kb size)
  4. Responding to your topic question, we had to increase the number of servers due to COVID isolation and increase of player number, so I would say our state is pretty good right now. Midwarswise (in my little experience on the last few days), if you solo queue it takes from 30s to 5 minutes, depending on the time, if you 5 queue it varies from 2 to 15 minutes
  5. There are troll players in any servers and in any location, it's not restricted to BR and LA players. Buying frostburn in midwars is considered a good choice in many heroes, because you can upgrade to dawnbringer, a very common choice in that mode If you're having problems with brs and LAs, you're probably not being very friendly. 90% of all toxic players are too embarassed to be toxic if you just treat them well and apologize even though you did nothing wrong. But if you see someone buying an item and say "wtf are you doing???" of course they are going to be toxic back
  6. This looks awesome! Will take a while to get used to it though, after all these years
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