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  1. as far as i know the stats do get recorded but if the game is bugged you wont win/lose mmr
  2. Invite your friends! Play with them, im sure you have friends, right? Makes games way more enjoyable!
  3. dragoniser

    EXO Behemoth

    hi, the avatar EXO Behemoth has no sound effects or voice lines I bought her but i cant select her in practice mode She's not listed in the learnatorium as an avatar
  4. oh my... I totally love the model and perhaps the Quickshield could be green aswell :] That is a beautiful model and i can(t) wait for it to be completed , waited over 2 years so i have time ^-^ Much aprechiated!
  5. Reaching out to @Whyzozerious, @RedBear Thanks in advance!
  6. you can find some artworks/wallpapers here: http://www.hon.in.th/artwork
  7. People would simply ban alot of strong(er) players, ofcourse also griefers, but it would get abused hard in ranked tmm.
  8. totally agreed. But, could you give some examples of wich cheaty mods are being used for advantage just so people know what to report? The only one i remember punishable with a ban was the "Zoom out" mod.
  9. well, that's very nice! Im still looking forward to the day he adds a nice, special Sapphire Mod But i guess it stays still
  10. you can actually get christmas carol for FREE if you go here! https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/honmas-2020/
  11. My best guess is when the new patch is live, also i think it will be like in the past where you yourself use gold to buy an avatar but choose to gift it to someone I also think it will only work with gold coins, not when purchased with silver.
  12. Merry HoNmas everyone! I cant believe we can gift again!! Will be eager to send my friends some love We got some big and fun looking changes! I love the visuals and new concept of frostwolf skull Sapphire Ult a little bit faster! ^-^ Puppet passive atk speed combined with elder parasite will be nice !
  13. Imo a glacious is always good to have in the team
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