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  1. im pretty sure alot of people would agree to that... I definitly would ;3 But if it really comes to an end, we sure had a blast all those years.
  2. wrong forum.... this is just for modifications, not balance suggestions go here
  3. as a sapphire player i really like the small buff on her ultimate, it really helps to counter people who just spamm pk and dissapear right after the ult ends Always wished it dealt a little dmg so it cancels pk spamming. ^-^ myrm change sounds very interesting, if you get good farm you can semi carry with him better. i really really like the staffed blacksmith nerf, him auto attacking and multicasting was way to powerful, also the mana cost has been increased,good! Aluna attack speed steal increased by 10 will make her a viable pick for mid lane again imo. ^-^ Im ve
  4. try the plinko ticket redemption or chests
  5. is there a way to increase HoNs grafics ? - apart from setting it to ultra in the options?
  6. self reflection is very important and most people seem to ignore that. best wishes on your road to soberty I dont know you but i liked your honesty.
  7. Some Account level only based rewards, to encourage people playing on one account for the exclusive rewards instead of playing on 10 sub accounts.- - It would also result in a more stable mmr environment on the long run. - Giving people an exclusive reward might encourage them to stick to one account value and reduce the amount of smurf/throw away accounts, since people will have a very good reason to stick to their "main account" thus leveling it. - Perks could be exclusive name colors or symbols, for every 25,50,75,100 account levels reached.
  8. That Sounds like a Great idea! maybe some one Could make a mod for that, try asking there :)
  9. exciting changes, i like the rampage one the most, big QoL ! one question tho, i bought the Abyss Draconis avatar but it seems like im missing the avatar symbol, i also cant find it in the shop.
  10. if i recall correctly, creep denies indeed count towards "most creep kills"
  11. usualy there is a new avatar per new patch, but i guess u'll have to wait for said patch
  12. I can only strongly suggest you play with friends, makes games alot more fun ^-^ But yeah, alot of people tend to get upset and are insultive... it's the internet afterall. - If that bothers you, just add them to the ignore list since argueing through the internet is very, very pointless, especially if there's just bad blood. Find yourself a group of people whom you enjoy playing with and... enjoy
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