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  1. I cant see it in the store... Would i still get it if i purchased the 50$ pack right now? Or should i wait until further announcements?
  2. Heroes of Newerth means ALOT to me, since it's "Not your little brothers MobA" I love the friendships that developed over the years and the fun we have/had together up to this day! HoN has helped me cope with the struggles of reality, the option to just dive into Newerth was very pleasing.
  4. Very nice and great quality! P.S. there is a little, but imo hilarious bug with the hellbourne catapult! If you own and use the punk-creeps, the projectile of the catapult is VERY HUGE and purple
  5. My advice would be to stay calm no matter what, yes, the ignore function is your friend when the player obviously is not! Speaking of friends, friendship is magic and makes magic happen! If you want to reduce the risks of getting a bad behaved keyboardwarrior in your team, try not to solo Queue and team up with people you trust enjoy playing with! Perhaps join a Guild where you're certain about that the clan is a troll free one! Personally ive had and have such great experiences with my old buddies, always good fun and i am very glad to have met them, treasure your friends! Good luck! ^-^
  6. 10 Years, wow! I miss the extra picking sounds when ever a new Hero has been released! Always gave me goosebumps or a good laugh! Alot of friends have left in the past and at this point i would like to thank those who have stayed and still enjoy this gem of a game! Take these balloons, Falk1 I wish you all the best, fellow Newerthians!
  7. Very nice quality! Insta download keep it up!
  8. Gemini - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. Does that Penalty only regard the spell damage or also auto attacks...? Was it too overpowered...?
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