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  1. I really hope HoN will reach some (or all?!) donation goals! im looking forward to this! -> Solving some of the game's core issues, such as: The lack of apparent account value Help HoN bring up new content! I will keep buying goldcoins. -> Does buying goldcoins help?
  2. i see. Well maybe i'll have luck next time when ur event might be highest account level >.< Good luck to all participants!
  3. hm.... Idk how much games it is in total, but i have a level 114 account, DragoniseR P.S. Very nice idea, W !
  4. Hi, im seeing alot of new avatar mods coming to HoN, wich is very great! I'd like to request a Mod for the default sapphire avatar, use your imagination what/who would fit her best! (can be wc3reforged or anime mod, etc.) - only criteria is that the attack animation is not bugged and/or feels sloppy, abrupt. I hope i can reach some one with this thread! Thanks in advance! ^-^ P.S. the request is not restritced to one Mod submission, i am welcoming any one with their skill and talent to help me out!
  5. There is an bug when using the adventure gladiator avatar, the hero literally is a walking sword, you just see a little sword in the ground running around, all other avatars work fine but Adventure Gladiator is critical error, you cant see the hero.
  6. dragoniser


    Have you tried leaving and re-starting HoN? Are you able to join a new clan or does it tell you "you're already in a clan"?
  7. while that is an option, you still could just get a sticky note and cover your midwars mmr during picking it's a fun mode and you - i cant stress it enough - have fun, lol! Rating shouldnt affect you in any way.
  8. dragoniser

    Rage Kid Taunt

    i just checked, u need gunblade, bubbles and puppet, devourer, gravekeeper and rhapsody for the ragekid taunt. they are the first 6 avatars.
  9. dragoniser

    Rage Kid Taunt

    Own the 8-bit avatars to unlock it for free
  10. dragoniser

    Store glitched

    hm... try contacting customer support That greedy goblin just wants your gold...
  11. Playing Jeraziah as a support seperates the men from the boys
  12. Do you mean Bosozoku-nitro? Quite some time ago, i remember that there was a Female Behemoth when you spawned all behemoth avatars in practice, i'd really love to see her
  13. Heroes of Newerth means ALOT to me, since it's "Not your little brothers MobA" I love the friendships that developed over the years and the fun we have/had together up to this day! HoN has helped me cope with the struggles of reality, the option to just dive into Newerth was very pleasing.
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