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  1. Great to hear that, thanks for the clarification. The patch notes seem to indicate it inherited 10 charges cap from Power Supply.
  2. While I understand why power supply was reverted to mana battery, I'm not a fan of the Sacrificial Stone nerf: 25 gold price increase, number of charges capped at 10? (unclear from the patch notes). Previously it could heal up to 15 charges x 10 hp x 1.1 (10% healing increase) = 165 health. Now it's 138 health max :( For being a fairly expensive item (you don't buy it before steamboots - or another type of boots), the amount of healing done is too little by the time you pick it up.
  3. I just got this error 5 times in a row on different accounts, saying "The server could not authorize your account. Please try logging in again." I logged out and back in, then tried some other (sub-)accounts and I'm still getting this error (after waiting ~6 minutes to find a game each time). Just curious if anyone else is getting the same error, or if it's just me.
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