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  1. What the actual f@%k! I can't play HoN if I've got Hyper-V installed on my machine? I use virtualization for so many things, not to mention that Docker and my anti-virus actually REQUIRE it! Are you actually suggesting I enable/disable virtualization on my machine every single time I want to play? Who the hell came up with this brilliant idea?
  2. Updated with the latest Pokemon skin mods. Order by "Date Modified" if you want just those, since, apart from the addition of the new mods, some already-existing mods have been updated with newer models as well.
  3. This one is just ridiculously good, you're spoiling us, man, thank you so much!
  4. With @Whyzozerious's permission, I'm sharing this link of all the skin mods he's uploaded to the forums so far, renamed and ordered by hero name so they don't clash. The reasons for sharing this are: 1) it's nice to just be able to download all of them in one click, and 2) you can only load one skin per hero, since all of them use the default skin, so if you load more than one they will overlap, however, having the hero name in the name of the file will make it clear which mods are incompatible with each other. https://mega.nz/folder/wlgmED6A#U1U1bTnkoRTiZXvU2PbuIw Many thanks and big p
  5. Both this one and the Ryu one seem to be not downloadable for me. Is it just on my end?
  6. I would really like the "Buy One Gift One" thing to make a comeback so I can gift my clan members some avatars.
  7. WOWEE! Can't wait to give this bad boy a spin. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us these juicy news and I can't wait for the other stuff (multithreading, new rendering pipeline, etc.).
  8. Yeah, +1 on the account value. Playing against diamond/legendary players in every single tier is seriously not cool. EDIT: Would be nice to also have a rank reset to support the new changes, I know many gold players that have dropped seveal sub-tiers due to constantly playing against diamond/legendary smurfs. Like seriously, even high profile streamers smurf on stream which is absolutely ridiculous.
  9. Thank you very much! Works like a charm.
  10. Heya @Whyzozerious! Any rough estimation on when this might be available for download again?
  11. Heya! I can't wait to give this one a try. Do you know when you might find the time to generate a new URL ?
  12. Hey, not sure what's going on with this one but it keeps trying to generate a download key.
  13. GOPO

    Homepage makeover?

    That makes sense, and it' good to hear there are other projects in the pipeline.
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