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  1. Hi all, This is just a thought I've had for a while and was wondering if anyone else thinks there is something to it. In MidWars, what if every player begins the game with a Power Supply by default? I play MidWars exclusively, and I cant think of a single time I didn't immediately purchase a Power Supply (or at least a Mana Battery) at the start of the game, and it sure seems that damn near everyone else does too since its a great MidWars item. Since its quite universally bought anyway, why not give it to everyone at start by default and allow the players to use that starting go
  2. Might just be me, but I have been kicked out of games a few times using this mod, with a message saying that files don't match the server. I can say that it seemed to distinctly happen when Flux uses his W and the Benzington uses his Q.
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