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  1. As title describes. Both gold and silver method doesnt work Can buy other avatars except this specific Ascension Parasite https://imgur.com/a/Gr1krPr
  2. Naxxxx

    Store Bug

    UPDATE: Tried to purchase with gold, didnt work
  3. Naxxxx

    Store Bug

    I mean ok but why put a price tag of silver on it. 4500 silver is quite a bit. So it took me a while to save. You can imagine my feelings after not being able to get it. I almost have all the parasite skins left the nuclear and throwback one.
  4. Naxxxx

    Store Bug

    Hello, so I tried purchasing the parasite ascension avatar from both the store and in game avatar selection and I keep getting error messages. I tried to purchase the avatar with Silver https://imgur.com/9dBmSH4
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