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  1. Overall I like that are you confident enough to change attack ranges on ranged heroes. I just wanted to point out that you had some misses, 500 attack range on heroes such as pyromancer and bombadier that have passives that scale with their auto attacks will suffer hard from this. These heroes need a high attack range to stay relevant in the game.
  2. There is no reason monkey king should have 5/7.5/10 passive mana regeneration on the Nimbus ultimate. It is way too strong in a deathball heavy meta. The hero can deal 1000 damage in 2 seconds without losing mana. Pls remove the passive mana regen or nerf it to 0/2.5/5 so you can crush the hero in the early game
  3. Hello The immobilize on Berzerker's Chain Spike is considered a magical effect. Is this intended? It can be countered by shrunken head, which seems unlogical. I would like to see it changed into a physical restrain, it would fit the concept of the hero better, and opens for more counterplay of mobile heroes building shrunken head, e.g. Monkey King. I think it can be reasonably justified that Berzerker deservers a few small buffs, the hero is not regarded is strong in most higher games. Thanks for reading Chain Spike [ Q ] Cast T
  4. There's a tooltip bug about Kraken's ultimate. It says you are restrained while in the center of Release the Kraken!, but the restrain applies even if you are not in the center
  5. Actually a funny joke for April's fools. +1
  6. @AgentZero and @GiveUpBra I agree with your conclusions. The armor debuff from shieldbreaker is not very attractive on its own in the current meta, being gated behind 5600 gold for -6 armor. You will probably not aquire this amount of gold before the 25-30 minute mark, in which case the enemy team have probably already picked up some armor items/auras et cetera. Shieldbreaker however also gives some damage, but nothing that stands out in comparison to other damage items. Shieldbreaker is definitely a niche item which I would only pick up if I have a pestilence/demented shaman in my team.
  7. Hey @GiveUpBra TL;DR: Personally I think shieldbreaker is better than other damage items if the enemy has below 10 armor (or your team can put the enemy below 10 armor) Armor in hon follows the formula This can also be reexpressed according to the below function When we plot this, we see that damage reduction from armor follows a hyperbolic function. Let's zoom further in around origo to have an actual informative graph: Now this is much easier to interpret. On this graph, the amount of armour you have is on the x-axis and the y-axis your damage
  8. Jetddos


    In my opinion, the old adrenaline was fine overall. It is true that "% True Damage based on Max HP" is hard to balance, however, I think this provided a valuable tool against unkillable heroes such as Oogie or Wild Soul that can easily crush teamfights 1v5 when farmed (maybe these kind of heroes like these are the real issue?). Regarding the argument that any item build works on adrenaline, I think this a misconception. The way I see it, the reason why Adrenaline could build make most items work was because of the high passive mana regen, essentially requiring no mana item buildup before
  9. The only thing Adrenaline needs is a penalty to his passive mana regen, if he doesn't hit his spells. Right now you can basically just spam your skills mindlessly with infinite mana. I don't know if it can be coded, but maybe let ALL the mana regen go on a 3 seconds cooldown after missing a spell.
  10. I like suggestion a lot. This + a lowered cooldown on Q upon getting staff, maybe from 14 -> 10 seconds, would be great.
  11. Voodoo Jester is honestly pretty well balanced. It has advantages in the early game, but definitely also weaknesses as the game progresses. I feel like if we start messing around with the curse too much, the hero will just drop into dumpster tier, and will never be picked. Definitely needs strong buffs to its other spells in that case. The hero is quite effective for how difficult (easy) it is to play however, but that's another discussion.
  12. Hi Elementuser, and thanks for you feedback! I greatly appreciate that you take time to take a look at my post. I do agree with you, Pharaoh is just fine in it's current state, this was just something that was on my mind for a long time. So I just give it a shot and made a forum post. Would you consider if the mana burn effect was 25/50/75/100? So half of the magic damage from the mummy walls. In this way, the mana burn could still allow for an escape in rare cases in the suicide lane or if you're getting ganked as a (solo) midlaner in the earlygame - and given the enemy is already a
  13. Pretty please. Title is self-explanatory; it would be nice to have pharaoh's mummies burn mana from heroes hit by the wall again. I remember some really fun shenanigans tableting enemies into my mummies, burning their mana, and I miss it. A bit of background: Historically, Pharaoh's walls were always able to burn mana from targets hit by mummies. Pharaoh got hugely buffed in patch 4.3, after which he received some nerfs in the following patches 4.3.3 and 4.3.5. I have copy pasted the changelog for Pharaoh from https://hon.gamepedia.com/Pharaoh#Changelog from patch 4.3 to 4.5.2 (where he
  14. Hello Elementuser Title is self-explanatory. I just played a moraxus game, in which Kinesis was free to use Telekinetic Control while my Arcane Shield was up, without any effect. Stasis Smash (Kinesis ult) might potentially not proc the Arcane Shield as well, but I cannot confirm, as there was no interaction in this game. Match ID: 159656978, at the time point 17:13 the lack interaction can be seen. BR
  15. Thank you very much for your reply! It is always nice when the developers take time to respond to the community. It's greatly appreciated Elementuser. You are correct about Predator only being a pub-hero for basically the entirity of hon's lifespan. I understand that you don't want to roll back the hero's success after just 1 patch. Maybe I was a bit too pessimistic in my argumentation before - I am actually happy that Predator restrains on leap, it fits the concept/lore of a 'predator' very well, and makes the hero viable in the meta. Looking forward to see what the predator change is.
  16. Patch looks solid overall, can't wait to see the jungle changes in action. I think the jungle change is healthy for the game, since a lot of junglers rely a lot of on having a medium camp available (such as legio, war beast, kotf). I can't really tell if the safelane will be even more unplayable, when the medium pull-camp is made more accessible to the offlane, but time will tell. I only have 2 negative comments off the top of my head: - Seems like you butchered Hellbringer for no good reason. The change may in large part be influenced by garena map/casual mode. I don't think the her
  17. I think it would be a good addition with an ancients camp for each team. The first 5 minutes of a midwars game is usually spend sitting on your own hill, with both teams are waiting for the other to overextend. With this change, you could accelerate this dead-period.
  18. I think Zephyr is in a good spot. I honestly don't see much reason to change him at the moment. I've had mostly enjoyable games with or against Zephyr.
  19. Sand Wraith is one of the strongest heroes in the game at the moment. Free geometer's bane, global map presence, thunderclaw proccing from illusions, you name it. The hero does it all - can kill people alone, can farm, cancels out PK's with its ultimate etc. The hero also has a strength gain of +2.5 per level, which is the highest for any (carry) agility hero, making it fairly tanky in later stages of the game. If anything, Sand Wraith should be nerfed.
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