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  1. The real request is go make it free if you have all the skins
  2. Just fyi (old post and stuff I know) but the distance from Bangkok to Moscow is shorter than the distance from Bangkok to Sidney
  3. Just checked your losses for a week or so and couldn't find anyone going 0-15. If you provide some match-id it may be easier to understand your problem. Those people might realistically be stat manipulating and should be pushed for it. EDIT: And to be fair, you are silver 5. Some people just enjoy the game, they might be really, really bad at it especially if they are still, after thousands of games, silver rank. So try and have patience. Also, I suggest learning common sentences in Russian to try and communicate if you feel it gets really hard. It's not that hard and a lot of Russian play
  4. Wow, okay, that's crazy I did not know! Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. I believe you can't leave before two other allies have left. It says so on the screen. Something like "Your team mates have abandoned you. You can now leave the game without increasing your leave percent." I think 3 makes sense. I like the idea of "forcing" 4 people to play the game or suffer the consequences as many 4v5s are winnable. I would feel really bad if I knew I could carry the game and then 2 other people disagree and leave because it's free if one other leaves. 3v5 is definitely not usually winnable.
  6. Thank you for griefing less. Look forward to seeing you all in-game in the new year and if anyone wants to join at midnight I will be praying for covid-19 to disappear and also for the love of my life to stay safe during said times. Thanks in advance. Happy new year.
  7. I'm being a little bit sarcastic, when I express that I expect people to change I am, however, hoping that people will try and look inwards. Yesterday I had a game where someone was trash talking me a lot on the voice chat, because I was doing something he disagreed with and because I have a Russian flag as the symbol on my account, he naturally assumed I was Russian and then his mind quickly went to... you know, the usual suspects. I then meet him in our mid lane, steal his farm as some kind of payback and leave after one creep and shrug it off. But because I did that he shouted really
  8. I can imagine. I recently got a chance to help even further. I will suggest that you keep playing, it's hopefully going to get better in the new year! If you want to play some games feel free to add me!
  9. I get it. I had almost 1000 views on my last post so at least some people are seeing it. I did, however just see that I received a very heart warming message on Discord. Faith restored for now! Again, happy holidays everyone. Hope to see you in game!
  10. Recently I made a post, where I told you all to be ashamed. I had hoped that some people would take that as a sign, look inwards and maybe change their ways or personality in-game. How is it getting worse? Five games in a row now I have had zero chance to impact my game what so ever. They might not have been winnable regardless, but I had no impact. How is this going on so strong? The odds of me being unlucky here should be astronomically small. Right? The recent news should make us closer, make us appreciate the remaining time. Right? Why aren't we? Just imagine someone in my family gets
  11. I don't think you understood. I don't want anything, man. I knew I couldn't get the taunt
  12. As soon as you tell someone where you're from they will find something. There's always some insult bad enough to be yelled in written form
  13. I wish for the Beam me up Scotty taunt! Thanks a bunch! :-))))
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