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  1. Apprently the following are legal actions in-game: - Spamming "noob", "report" etc. until the entire team is fed up with that person that the team spirit is at an all time low. - Using eastern european slurs to talk down to other people. - Not reporting people for calling others retard or other names such as. - Purposely attacking a team mate verbally when that team mate, say, loses their lane. Or dies several times. And please don't come with the usual arrogant attitude and say "rUsSiAn SlUrss R bEiNG RipOOrted aNd Ban," because it's untrue, really. Depends on the severity appa
  2. Sure. It's more a figure of speech. Just a guy farming the woods with his jungle hero for 15 minutes without helping the team when we are losing hard and we need a fifth player. Obviously it's not banable (hasn't been the last 1 million times I reported it at least) and EVERY GAME this happens at least someone shouts "REPORT AFK JUNGLE" and I'm like... what ever my priority is in the shitter any way... and every time the person doesn't get the hammer. I just fail to see how farming woods for 15 minutes then being in 1 or 2 lost team fights and conceding at 20 is constructive, fair or al
  3. Even thought I don't play much anymore I still followed the patch and everything looks good, no bugs, no 48 hour server connection fails etc. But that being said... new patch but still no fix for griefers picking like the worst heroes possible for the situation as a last pick? Can we implement a 5v5 map that's something between casual mode and blitz mode so people can play and feel the strength of their favorite hero without messing up TMM? (as an answer to the first person typing "people have the right to play any hero/role they want) Since you can't get banned for picking Parasite ins
  4. How am I trolling, dude? Posting a legit suggestions to make the game more tolerable. EDIT: Hope you miss me on Discord. Mr. "I can talk to girls" still has me on blockdown.
  5. Wanted to take the, now, archived thread and keep the discussion going. A shame Elementuser had to close it because some people couldn't behave. On to the important stuff: As OP mentioned Russians are a super problem in HoN. Actually just basically anyone not from OP's country is a problem. Suggestion: To give OP back his will to live I suggest creating servers to segregate the playerbase into countries. ex. Swedish server, Botswanian server, Belgian server etc. so that OP can only play with people whom he share a language with. Obviously this will require a lot more rules enforceme
  6. Duke Nukem I would assume? Also, do you even know that CIS servers have nothing to do with Russians? CIS is the COLOMBIAN server. That's, obviously, why Russians don't queue there. COLOMBIAN SERVER
  7. Press left mouse key to drag a square around your hero at 1 second into the game. Let go of mouse key and press ctrl+5 Press random tower then the key "5" on your keyboard to check that you have successfully bound and chosen your hero. Profit? This helps with illusions, slither wards, polly wards and a lot of other things.
  8. I don't need to link ANYTHING. I am pretty sure the Swedish embassy would be the right place considering ElementUser is Swedish and he pretty much controls not only HoN but the entire Garena company (hard hitting facts) There are no swiss players, just fyi. Or... Are you blind? The servers are EU (Switzerland not in EU), BR (Switzerland not in Brazil) and then the US servers and last time I checked (ding dong SWITZERLAND NOT IN AMERICA) God, if you are going to be stupid when you reply me can you AT LEAST get your geography straight? Like how hard can it be
  9. Ugh remember back in the day where (I think ElementUser) talked about either an all random mode or a safety net where it would be impossible to pick 5 carries? Oh boy do i miss that. Every game is littered with bad players, and because of the "no new season-bullspit" it goes for almost every single rank below legendary. It's actually quite impressive how a guy can spam the same hero every game, play it SO poorly yet still GAIN rank because he gets carried or enemies troll themselves somehow. HoN is much faster paced than, say, Dota. How on earth are you able to play a fast paced game if yo
  10. bkb still allowed near HoN? wHaT a tImE tO bE aLiVe
  11. Reporting someone from a sub-account. You don't get the exclamation point, at least I didn't when I tried. I also tried on an accounts I made that wasn't a sub-account and it also didn't work there.
  12. Well... yes and no. I tried looking up chat logs for 2-3 games so far on that site and it doesn't work. If they fixed it, it's great. And then replays are immediately up and I assume that goes for the site too? So, I have to note down the incident, go do something else or play a new game, and then report later on, if we both have time... Hmmm, no.
  13. Right and I don't feel like I am above my rank in any way. Maybe on sub accounts that didn't get good placements... I am also trying to have fun, trying to interact more with the players, laugh during laning phase and have fun but ultimately my goal is to gain rank. On sub accounts I've had plenty of fun because I don't expect anything of myself and my team mates. Usually I just play different heroes and build fun items. But I do agree, you should definitely TRY to have fun. Doesn't always work due to the competitive nature of the game. You have fun until you are losing
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