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  1. I am definitely bad, that is for sure. =))
  2. Hey. May I suggest less QQ and more WW? :-)) ... son.
  4. Literally the system doesn't work all the time. Just had the guy, to whom this thread was meant for, and he managed to completely grief another game of mine=) Still not banned derpyherpderpprp
  5. bro, dude, I wasn't raging I just typed random letters because I was touching myself what don't you get.. gee
  6. If you think this is a rage post, you have not been on the internet long enough. And to reply to what you wrote. 1 - Right, so... because of general disagreements between people and the GMs you get a bad rating on the rap site and can't report alone. Also, last time I created a new non-sub account, I had low priority on my first solo report. So, like... just doesn't make sense. 2 - Yeah but I mean... 3 days? Usually the report I check up on are determined in a few hours.
  7. sorry for not getting back in a timely fashion you two. was touching myself to piss porn
  8. Here's a list of things that's not possible to do against griefers: - Report them as one person. - Get them banned even if you report as a group.1 - Beat them in Heroes of Newerth. - Reason with them. - Have GMs report them in-game. - Be allowed to post on the forums or discord with info on the person to have strangers report them. - Report them in-game. (Had to be done on the post-game match stats screen thing) - Kick them. (Neither in-game or in the nutz) - Get them globally banned. ThEy jUsT cReAt3 nUuu AcCcCcount. But then again this is HoN right, we just gave you endl
  9. XD Man, I LOVE that quote. I always think I am funnier than I am though. But to reply to you, I use VERY little name-calling etc. in-game. I might call someone from time to time. But never "retard" or anything personal. There's a fine line between being a forum troll and an idiot in-game. Usually I focus on farming dem cripz
  10. https://imgur.com/a/QHBoeKm Click the link to see the image. Really, just really, neat job here guys. This is an example of type of chat abuse I am being berated with. Can I report? Yes. Will he get banned? No. Why? Because 3 out of 4 of my team mates were abusive in chat, the fourth one didn't say a word for the entire game, so I can't communicate with him to get some reports through. Can I ask a question to the community? Why are you verbally abusive in a won game? What purpose does it serve? If you are in a game and basically winning from minute one. Why do you then use ch
  11. I like the general idea of being paired with others based on behavior. But how would it work? HoN is the eternal salt mine, unless you win by a really good team effort no one will give you credit for being a good guy. I assume the score would be based on other players' thoughts of you. So assuming you get mostly average feedback (let's say it's from 1-5 and 3 is the average unless you change it) then you will end up with negative feedback, because people are more inclined to be salt from a bad experience than slightly more positive from a good experience. That's what I've gathered from the mas
  12. Ok, just seemed like your first point was geared towards you not wanting to play with premade groups
  13. Check, have seen that one. Good call. The suggestion of splitting solo queue players and groups have been discussed since the invention of Viagra and ElementUser can't seem to make it work, so I guess it's a struggle we have to live with. Also have these games, where I play with two or three premade where they for some reason dislike me and they start to talk all this shit. Fourth guy is Russian, so I guess they get off scot free calling me names. Worst experience with someone name calling, was when someone called me Peter. (Might have been someone else in the team, but I felt like
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