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  1. Jackpot name color, punk taunt, punk announcer, punk TP Beam me up taunt Unfinished Skeleton Looking Behe Avatar Yeniceri Rally
  2. On another note... The website is really messy. This is the second time I visit the site and both times I go to the top and press hero counters even though the link takes me directly there. It's like that video is the main page for your link, it's so confusing. Also agreeing with the guy above me. This was very generic and you could probably have these three for Pyromancer as well. You don't have to have every hero listed, you could have a section for spellcasters, a section for junglers etc. Which would offer more general advice as well.
  3. He said on discord earlier that he was experiencing problems with his computer so it won't be for another week!
  4. Yes, I agree. You typically see three wolves in Northern Europe. Especially red ones. Good eye there. Also, you telling me, if I call woods I am also mid? I will appreciate referring to your thread whenever I call jungle and secretly want mid
  5. My suggestion would be to create an in-game platform on which you could trade any sort of avatar or vanity. I suggest that it's open for anyone whose account is at least a year old and that it would have a one-time fee of $50 dollars (as a compensation for some lost gold that might be had from this). Even though I do feel that mostly unavailable things would be traded. I imagine it would work something like this: Player A has Hired Gun Flint (900 GC) and wants Azure Dragon Sapphire (400 GC) from player B. Then player B could freely choose items worth 500 GC from Player A's available
  6. `_support

    Single Draft

    Wait, what? Single Draft was on HonTour? With prizes and stuff?
  7. Was casually chasing an Empath into the wooded area nearest to the top rune on the legion side of the map in the mid lane. Then my screen went pitch black (except for mini map). I did F8, reconnect, then it said no response from server. Can't get in now.
  8. `_support

    HoN future

    You can't smurf from a sub-account I made a sub-account on a 1700 account and I would gain MMR every time I lost, so one win and one loss I was already 1600 I also bet you could create your own thumbnails for Rhapsody and Empath, send them to ElementUser and if they're nice they could be added. Have you tried?
  9. Every time I exit I am never asked to reconnect to a game (the small bar in the middle with a countdown) Never. I had this problem earlier, but way more servere. Back then it would lose all recollection of my graphics settings, server settings etc. Now it's only the reconnection thing.
  10. `_support

    GSL Ravenor

    Couldn't pick the skin when choosing a skin in picking phase after I picked a hero.
  11. `_support


    Yesterday you trapped me a few times with the ulti I played Salomon. Was kinda funny. i think we all are still learning the hero honestly
  12. @Saphirez How about the flash sales; when will they start?
  13. What does the third one mean? PC Clock to match with HoN clock? And also, will the flash sales start today and were you going to increase the value of the Gold Packages? (Even though it's less important!)
  14. Подождите несколько часов
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